Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Akhir Tahun, Tahun Baru..

I’m leaving for Kuching tomorrow for some work reason. Seems like I’m going to have my new year’s night in Kuching. Can’t think of what to do yet or what to buy yet in Kuching since I don’t plan to go for shopping yet. Just figured out that my camera cannot be used, so I’m looking for someone who can lend me the camera. Err, anyone out there?

Talking about New Year.. Last year I made so many plan, hope etc etc. Most of them were carried from the previous years. Nampaknya masih banyak lagi yang tak terbuat, atau sebenarnya hampir tiada yang selesai dibuat. Setiap tahun mesti bertanya kepada diri, “Apakah perancangan sepanjang tahun, apakah yang saya nak capai tahun ini?”. Since setiap tahun perancangan asyik terpilih yang tidak dapat diselesaikan, tahun ini kena buat pilihan yang betul..

Lalu-lalang di office lobby, nampaklah karakter kartun-kartun berdiri. Salah satu karakter tu tulis : Tahun Baru, Azam Baru.

Apakah Azam Tahun Baru Anda?
Azam Saya Pada Tahun Baru Ini Ialah Mencari Azam Baru..

Boleh kan? :p

Friday, December 23, 2005

Imagine a Tortoise

The chemistry existed between 2 persons years ago.
But never being said between them.
And then, they lost contact.

Few years later, somehow the met.
They remain friends.
Year comes, year end..
Finished studying life, and start working life.
They still contacting each other.
Talking to each other.
Meeting each other.

One day they had a conversation.
Only to realize they did like each other years ago.
But he's taken.

He said, " Laa..apasal ko tak cakap dulu?"
She said, "Laa.. ko lah apesal tak tanye dulu. Aku kan perempuan, takkan aku nak cakap dulu kot. Lagipun, manalah aku tahu yg ko ada rasa apa2 kat aku"
He said, "Laa.. isk, betul jugak.. la.. kalau ko ckp dulu, mesti cerita dah lain"
She said, "Haah lah.. Jadi cerita lain kan.. "
They were laughing.

Lastly, they agreed they will be friends only. Good friends.

One day, she received SMS from him.
"I'm getting married", he said.
She smiled and replied, "Congratulation".
Later at night, she can't sleep.

Cerite di atas tiada kena mengena dengan orang lain samada yang masih hidup atau telah tiada.

1. Abg Nazri, i guess you were rite. I'm too slow, slower than a kura-kura (tortoise).

2. Aida, how i wish i have the gutts like you sometimes. Byk sgt dlm kepala aku yg difikirkan. :p

Terlepas lagi.. hahahahahahhahahah

Monday, December 19, 2005

It's December 2005

It has been a week away from the office. I was on MC last week due to illness: food poisoning and gastric. Al-Hamdulillah feeling better now.

Seems like this year i made a record for myself. Met 9 doctors in total including 1 specialist to seek medical treatment, advice and check up; plus all the MCs i had, it's a new record. Last week alone i met 4 doctors and almost warded, but since i felt better i requested to stay at home (upon signed the surat mengingkari arahan doktor..hehe). There is something i learnt from the illness: stomachache. But i will share it later when i have time to do so.

It has been a year..
I remembered last year, at this moment @ period of time i was unable to open blogs (esp. those few blogs including mine) as i will cry infront of the PC. Watching my name to be among the first typed on her blog triggered my heart. Listening to Sami Yusof's song al-Muallim also made me felt something. Even until now, i still miss her. Apatah lagi keluarga dia kan.

DariNya kita datang, kepadaNya kita kembali. Moga dia tenang di sana.

Added to this December, one of my close junior was married yesterday. I just can't believe that this girl who used to come to my room every nite at 1.00 am in the morning just to disturb me which usually ended up i pretended fall asleep already was getting married yesterday with a guy from Belgium. Ntah manalah dia jumpa mamat peghancis ni.

She put my friend and I in a very special place - among her husband's friends. Indeed we felt proud for such an honor, but the problem is met these france speaking people i was so shocked that i forget how to speak a proper english. The foreigners asked us a lot of question, one of the question was about Menepung Tawar. How do i explain this thing in English?

In the end i have to apologize to them for unable to explain because (i said) nobody asked me before. Well, nevermind i'm not the only one having difficulties to explain the custom and culture. The person sat next to me said "I'm from Germany and has been talking France for such a long time. I have to convert the words from France to Germany to English and I have forgotten my English" when i asked the person about the wedding custom in their place and the replied of some words were in France. But of all, we were having good time and yes some of them are handsomes too :p.

Anyway, congratulation to my dear Samira & husband Hadrien@Nasir for their wedding. May your marriage be blessed.

Time's up. Have to check up a lot of emails. Insha-Allah see ya all around later.

Monday, December 05, 2005


The news is spreading all over.
Shocking, but expected.

After all, it just a matter of time.

I am feeling annoyed now.
And Disturbance.

May I not burst as what I used to be when it comes to the interview day.

Cry? No.. That was not me.
But being sarcastic and argumentative.

They said,
Think positive.

I say, Isk.. I am trying!

p/s: Aida, sorry.. for letting you feel stress again with my posting.

Di PaGi iNi

Headache ....

Is that due to :
1. Ate too much chocolates ?
2. Drank too little water ?
3. The weather was too hot ?
4. The weather was too cold ?
5. Rain dropped on your head ?
6. Slept too much during the weekends ?

Sakit penghapus dosa....

Friday, December 02, 2005

Think about it

Someone said that my blog seems to be so ‘personal’, guess I will have to reserve some.

Another friend said that she feel stressed reading my blog because I was always in a rush telling people I’m busy with work, too busy in fact. Err, is that so?

Another people asked me if I am married. They told me I *do* look like a married someone. Gosh! No wonder.. hahahah..
NVM, I realize it is all right not to get married yet since I myself for the last few weeks seem to be in unable to manage-myself-well situation.

Everyone seems to do this blogthingy quizzes; saw the ‘how-your-mind-look’ quiz results in their blogs. Those who are closed to me knew which one I will choose, aren’t you people. (siti, hany, mudin.. you are the first in the list to guess which pattern will I choose? : )) )

I tried one quiz, which-heart-color-you-belongs-to (search it for yourself, will ya). Guess what the answer? It’s PINK! (again, those who knew me well should know the hidden message here). Is that the reason why I am actually quite allergy to certain level of pinkness?

Think about it…
A friend of mine shared this with me the last few months but only have the chance to post it now. I don’t know whether it can work or not since I remembered Aida tagged that “kalau dekat Malaysia harga barang turun, kiamatlah kot” which indirectly says the drop in oil price in Malaysia will give bad impacts on our future.

Points to ponder…

Probably doesn’t quite work here since prices are controlled but still no harm trying. At least mess with their logistics.

Read it! The theory is quite rational even though might be messy a bit.
Subject: Think about it .........

This is a rather lengthy story but if the concept is applied to the petroleum industry en masse, it just may work.

A man eats two eggs each morning for breakfast. When he goes to the grocery store he pays 60 cents a dozen. Since a dozen eggs won't last a week he normally buys two dozens at a time. One day while buying eggs he notices that the price has risen to 72 cents. The next time he buys groceries, eggs are 76 cents a dozen.

When asked to explain the price of eggs the storeowner says, "The price has gone up and I have to raise my price accordingly".

This store buys 100 dozen eggs a day. He checked around for a better price and all the distributors have raised their prices.

The distributors have begun to buy from the huge egg farms. The small egg farms have been driven out of business. The huge egg farms sell 100,000 dozen eggs a day to distributors. With no competition, they can set the price as they see fit. The distributors then have to raise their prices to the grocery stores. And on and on and on.

As the man kept buying eggs the price kept going up. He saw the big egg trucks delivering 100 dozen eggs each day. Nothing changed there. He checked out the huge egg farms and found they were selling 100,000 dozen eggs to the distributors daily. Nothing had changed but the price of eggs.

Then week before Thanksgiving the price of eggs shot up to $1.00 a dozen. Again he asked the grocery owner why and was told, "Cakes and baking for the holiday". The huge egg farmers know there will be a lot of baking going on and more eggs will be used. Hence, the price of eggs goes up. Expect the same thing at Christmas and other times when family cooking, baking, etc. happen.

This pattern continues until the price of eggs is 2.00 a dozen. The man says, " There must be something we can do about the price of eggs".

He starts talking to all the people in his town and they decide to stop buying eggs. This didn't work because everyone needed eggs. Finally, the man suggested only buying what you need. He ate 2 eggs a day. On the way home from work he would stop at the grocery and buy two eggs. Everyone in town started buying 2 or 3 eggs a day.

The grocery store owner began complaining that he had too many eggs in his cooler. He told the distributor that he didn't need any eggs. Maybe wouldn't need any all week.

The distributor had eggs piling up at his warehouse. He told the huge egg farms that he didn't have any room for eggs would not need any for at least two weeks.

At the egg farm, the chickens just kept on laying eggs. To relieve the pressure, the huge egg farm told the distributor that they could buy the eggs at a lower price.

The distributor said, " I don't have the room for the %$&^*&% eggs even if they were free". The distributor told the grocery store owner that he would lower the price of the eggs if the store would start buying again.

The grocery store owner said, "I don't have room for more eggs. The customers are only buying 2 or 3 eggs at a time. Now if you were to drop the price of eggs back down to the original price, the customers would start buying by the dozen again".

The distributors sent that proposal to the huge egg farmers but the egg farmers liked the price they were getting for their eggs but, those chickens just kept on laying. Finally, the egg farmers lowered the price of their eggs. But only a few cents.

The customers still bought 2 or 3 eggs at a time. They said, "When the price of eggs gets down to where it was before, we will start buying by the dozen."

Slowly the price of eggs started dropping. The distributors had to slash their prices to make room for the eggs coming from the egg farmers.

The egg farmers cut their prices because the distributors wouldn't buy at a higher price than they were selling eggs for. Anyway, they had full warehouses and wouldn't need eggs for quite a while.

And those chickens kept on laying.

Eventually, the egg farmers cut their prices because they were throwing away eggs they couldn't sell.

The distributors started buying again because the eggs were priced to where the stores could afford to sell them at the lower price.And the customers starting buying by the dozen again.

Now, transpose this analogy to the gasoline industry.

What if everyone only bought $10.00 worth of gas each time they pulled to the pump? The dealer's tanks would stay semi full all the time. The dealers wouldn't have room for the gas coming from the huge tank farms. The tank farms wouldn’t have room for the gas coming from the refining plants. And the refining plants wouldn't have room for the oil being off loaded from the huge tankers coming from the oil fiends.

Just $10.00 each time you buy gas. Don't fill it up. You may have to stop for gas twice a week but, the price should come down.

Think about it.

As an added note...When I buy $10.00 worth of gas that leaves my tank a little under quarter full. The way prices are jumping around, you can buy gas for $2.65 a gallon and then the next morning it can be $2.15. If you have your tank full of $2.65 gas you don't have room for the $2.15 gas. You might not understand the economics of only buying two eggs at a time but, you can't buy cheaper gas if your tank is full of the high priced stuff.

Also, don't buy anything else at the gas station; don't give them any more of your hard earned money than what you spend on gas, until the prices come down..."

.............please pass this concept around.... reaching out to the mass.. The world ...the universe

P/s: Senangnyalah hidup kalau cerita sara hidup yang makin meninggi ni macam cerita telur ayam tu kan..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Kajang Pak Malau kajang berlipat
Kajang hamba mengkuang layu
Dagang Pak Malau dagang bertempat
Dagang hamba musafir lalu

Kalau ada jarum yang patah
Jangan disimpan di dalam peti
Kalau ada silap & salah
Jangan disimpan di dalam hati

Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah
Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
Hancur badan dikandung tanah
Budi yang baik dikenang jua

Tuai padi antara masak
Esok jangan layu-layuan
Intai saya antara nampak
Esok jangan rindu-rinduan

Musafir lalu pulang ke permastautinan…

Buah cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan
Saya budak (orang) baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan……………


Friday, November 18, 2005


It's already 8.48 pm..

Still in the office doing some work. (arrgh)
Al-Hamdulillah coz my stomach is full right now, have no worry about dinner already as our company just had our open day.

Dr Fadzillah Kamsah was here yesterday to give talk to my divison.
Gonna share with you people later about some of his ideas.
I've tried some, it seems to work-out. Not bad.

OMG.. i might need to come to the office tomorrow to do some work..
How am i going to go to all the open houses? uhuks....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tulisan Lama

Cerite ditulis sewaktu tgh bercuti..tapi tak sempat nak upload..
Bacalah yer spekulasi serong saya, tapi jgn percaya sgt... :))

Sunday, Oct 30th
Alor Gajah, Melaka

It has been four days I came back to my hometown. But I felt like I just came back yesterday. Uh, uh.. the plan did not went well. Lain yg dirancang, lain plak yg jadi. For sure, I slept a lot as if recharging my body during a long holidays, hope that I will have enough energy when I come back to office in 2 weeks time..

I type these words while waiting for the break-fasting on Sunday evening, and listening to the radio and pleasant sounds of birds chirping at the nearest tree .. aha, forget about the green leaves and colourful flowers from my mother’s small garden.. a pleasant evening..

Unfortunately, I seems to not having any ideas to talk about this time. Surprisingly, I seems to loose ideas and forget how to think and talk. I guess no wonder recently my boss asked me to think, and not to stop thinking.

Now I have to admit that I am a bit jealousy t Mr Rollie as I figured out he wrote a lot nowadays with a lot of topics, but I can’t find one that suits my thoughts now..

Hmmm hmmm..let see..

k. I found one suddenly. May I talk about one of the issues that is currently still a big interest in our society..? About Oil Price (Minyak)

Siti and I went to help Pn Hany at her home last Sunday by taxi where the taxi driver was so friendly talking and sharing his experiences and ideas with us. As he told siti not to look people with one eye only, he was a frequent traveler to few big foreign cities and countries such as Germany, UK, Italy etc. I did not underestimate people.

Part of our discussion was about the standard of living for Malaysian, This Uncle said that he brought a Germanian, who told him how lucky a Malaysian is as we are able to have more than two cars a home while he who people perceived as ‘rich’ even still using public transport back to his mother country. He said the price of oil there is much higher, thus it is cheaper to travel by public transport. For Malaysians, this Uncle said that whenever we have higher paid, we will opt for own transport resulting in severe traffic jams (we was stuck in a traffic jam at the Mid Valley when he said this). He then compared Malaysians with other citizens in Indonesian and India who have to pay higher amount for oil. Still, Malaysians are complaining for the hike price of oil, and traffic jams.

Maybe, maybe.. I have another view. But, not to argue a lot with people I just shut-up my mouth. Sometimes, silence is better. Sometimes, I may learn to listen instead of talk. Sometimes, I knew that I might learn something by just listening instead of talking. But, I still managed to split in the middle of the conversation by saying “sometimes, our public transport is not that reliable though”. Well, as usual it was just like angin lalu…

By the way, I am not trying to talk about the public transport matters, nor did I want to talk about comparison of oil prices between countries.. I believed a lot of people have been discussing these in their writings.

Seems like I am the only one believing that the oil price is going to decrease within 6-12 months. I have one theory here, but not sure whether it is reliable or not. As I mentioned, when everyone around me thinks that the oil price will still climbing I seems to think the other way around. Unless, if the people behind the speculation of oil price think otherwise. However, this is just MY speculation. MY thought. Perhaps it is logical, but it may not be true too…

Why I said such thing?
The Speculation Country is not the main Producer Country.

The speculation mostly came from Western (specifically from US), even about Pinatubo and Karakatoa which have not yet meletup can be the reason for speculation to increase the oil price. A natural disaster.

I talked about this with a friend of mine who is working in one of the oil company. We believed that part of the reason for the speculations is to retard the economic development in developing and 3rd countries- in which most of these countries are Muslim Countries. By increase the price of oil, small and medium industries will face difficulties to stay in the market for a long-term thus have to move out or close down. When these industries close down, the workers which are Muslims will be terminated. The living standard will be increased too and the people ability to buy things will decrease (declining of Consumer Price Index). In the end, the Muslims countries will stay as a poor country..

Now, the speculation country is facing with Beautiful-Names-Hurricanes; Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Alpha etc. And the effect was terrible. For the speculation country to be able to build up back the country, they need to circulate back the resources, money and generate back the economy. Since most industries still using petrol and gas to operate, the high price of oil will limits the production. So, for that needs the price of oil and gas need to be lowered.

I believed if the price of oil in the future is really declining (even though it may not been the same as before), the Producing Countries also play their part by increasing the supply. I believed that the cooperation from Asians Countries (which are being affected the most) will think on how to manage this increase.

Err.. did any of us pray to Allah SWT in Ramadhan hoping that the price of oil will decline? Why did only in the last day of Ramadhan that I thought about this other idea…? Errr….

(this posting was completed on Wednesday, 2nd Nov 05 in Lanchang, Pahang)


I made a vow to myself before not to lie anymore.

But yesterday, i broke my vow. I was bluffing to someone, for it was the easiest way to stop things from becoming worse.

God, please forgive me.

But, because of that i feel relieve.. Erks it is not supposed to be like that, isn't it?:p

Monday, November 14, 2005


Apart of the nice wedding, beautiful bride & bridegroom, small alumni.. someone asked me why I looked sad, as it was obviously seen even from far. Hopefully, nobody’s misunderstood it. I am happy for my friends’ wedding. I’m happy to meet all of you. But something happen in the middle of the event. I’ve lost something put under my responsibility by the pengantin under my own nose. It is truly sad. I apologize for that. Nasib baik pengantin cool. I am not sure whether they found the thing back or not. I hope and pray may they find it back.

Sorry ek kawan..

P/s: to all my readers, sorry ek. Tetibe 2-3 posting cam sedih jer bunyinyer..

Friday, November 11, 2005

Secret Recipes

Agaknya my previous posting secara tak langsung/sedar mempunyai unsur2 kesedihan berlebihan? : ) Apa2 pun, thanx all friends for your Doas for all the singles out there.. he he he.. sabar ek kenkwn, Quwatul Intizhor (Kekuatan Menunggu) ;)

OK. Since taknak menghampakan beberapa org pengunjung, di sini kite nak kongsi resipi mudah dan sedap melibatkan ikan.. hohohoho

Jenis Ikan yg Sesuai utk Masakan2 ini: Ikan Siakap, Ikan Kerapu

Ikan Berasa-Rasa (ubahsuai dr 3-Rasa)
Resipi ni gabungan 2-3 resipi ikan 3-rasa..

Bawang Besar
– dihiris bulat

Bawang putih
- dimayang halus

4-5 batang cili padi
- dipotong2

Sos Cili (dlm 3-4 sudu)
Sos Tomato (dlm 2 sudu)
Sos Tiram (dlm 3-4 sudu)
Sos Cili Thai (dlm 3 senduk)
Minyak Bijan 1-2 sudu (optional)

Cendawan Butang
-dibelah dua
Hirisan Nenas (Optional)

Garam secukup rasa
(but tak perlu garam sgt pun, sbb sos tiram dah memasinkannya)

1. Ikan dibersihkan dan digoreng dengan kunyit dan sedikit garam dlm minyak sampai garing. Abgkat, toskan dlm pinggan
2. Tumis bawang besar, bawang putih dan halia sekejap. Masukkan semua sos2 tu, kalau terlalu pekat tambah sedikit air.
3. Masukkan cili padi, cendawan butang dan nenas. Biar sehingga masak/mendidih.
4. Tuangkan kuah atas ikan.
5. Siap utk dimakan dengan nasi panas.. yum yum yum..

Ikan Kukus Special
(Ni secret recipe family ni tau.. usually kalau nak buat kena dtg rumah belajar, tapi takpeler kongsi ngan korang:p )

Bahan A:
Bawang Merah
Bawang Putih
- semua di atas ditumbuk halus

Serbuk Lada Putih/Lada Hitam
Sos Tiram
Bunga Kobis (Cauliflower) – potong kecil
Broccoli – potong kecil
Cendawan Butang – belah dua
Batang Saleri – potong serong

1. Campurkan bahan A dengan serbuk lada putih (atau gantikan dengan serbuk lada hitam. Guna salah satu atau sedikit lada hitam dlm lada putih sbb takut nanti ‘pedas’ sgt). Agak2 laa dlm 3-4-5 sudu..
2. Campurkan sos tiram. Kalau ikan siakap besar kat pasaraya dlm 300-400g tu, campurkan dlm 3 senduk sos tiram.
3. Lumurkan bahan semua tu ke atas/dalam ikan
4. Masukkan ikan dlm bekas untuk dikukus. Atau boleh juga guna aluminium foil letak di sekeliling pengukus buat macam bentuk mangkuk.
5. Masukkan sayur2 di atas ikan
6. Tuang sos tiram di sekeliling sayur2 dlm bekas.
7. Tutup pengukus. Masak dlm api sederhana dlm ½ jam. Lepas tu boleh dimakan. Usually mmg confirmlah dah masak time tu.

1. Usually sos tiram yg akan saya gunakan dlm ½ - ¾ botol
2. Jgn letak garam atau air sbb sos tiram akan memberi perasa kepada ikan, dan air akan terbentuk melalui pengewapan & dari ikan (mcm kelas sains plak)
3. Kalau suka rasa manis (mcm letak gula sikit), masukkan sebiji asam boi masa mengukus.

OK selamat mencuba dan menjamu selera!:D

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mix Feeling

I went to Along (Azreen) and Cheng (Hasry) ‘s wedding at Tangkak last Sunday. I brought my parents too; apart of the reason nak ajak mereka makan nasi minyak kawan, it was because I do not know how to reach there via public transport.. But I guess it was not a wise decision. Not now.

I left my parents to eat first while I went inside to meet Along- the Bride. I met Bush- the-Bride-mate and almost-8-months-pregnant-Gina. When Cheng arrived, I saw Tapai-the-Best-man, Ayil (the payung holder?), Rumeg-the-photographer, Rodek-the-actor and few other familiar faces.. Sorry guys, I dun really remember ur real names. I thought Ecah might be around since her husband came too, but I didn’t catch any sight of her. Along and Cheng looked beautiful and nice. Mcm tak percaya pula mereka berdua. Kalau dah jodoh kan. Apa2 pun congratulation to both of them.

So back to the story. I was standing in front of the main door looking at the newly wedded couple and then turned to look for my parents when I saw my father stood nearby. I went to my mom just to find out she seems to cry, surprised with her reaction I asked why she was crying. And she said, it was because of my father. My father told my Mom that most of my friends are married, and I look older now but still didn’t get married.

Pening jap kepala aku.

But after awhile, she was OK. I told her I am not the only one yg tak kawin lagi. Pengapit dua-2 single lagi. I told her too nak buat macamana, jodoh belum sampai. But my father said ‘ awak tu yg memilih sgt’. I kept quite.

Maybe next time I shouldn’t bring them around or I should look for my own car. Korang (kwn2 yg tak kawin lagi), if in the future I didn’t manage to come to your wedding(s) for unspeakable reason..sorrylah yer.

They worry either nobody wants me or I didn’t want to get married. Keep on questioning me who is my boyfriend and what kind of man I want. Nobody perfect, said them. I said yes. I am not perfect myself. Terlepas juga kadang2, nak cari yg boleh beri ‘cooling effect’.. he he he

Not really. But a little bit guilty for make them worries about me too much. A mix feeling between guilty and not guilty. Last sekali cuma boleh ckp Sabarlah mak, abah. Insha-Allah sampai jodoh nanti. My mom is the third in the family. My first auntie’s daughter have three children, my last auntie’s daughters who are younger than me have 3 children altogether. My father is the 2nd, my sister is married and now pregnant. My cousin the same age with me also pregnant now, and my older-sister-cousin is going to get married by earlier next year. I? Still like that, seems don’t bother about that.

I have passed the ‘test’.

I made target last time to get married earlier by the age of 24, or latest by 25. Since I am already passed my age of 25 (although it’s 25 years-and-1-month old) but still have not found the One, I feel a little bit relax now. Maybe because I dun have to push myself anymore to achieve the target. Life must go on, isn’t it. I put my wish to The Almighty Allah because He knew better than me. If it is good for me to get married, then marry me with someone who is good. If it is better for me not to get married, then make me a good someone and make my heart strong. Amiin. Insha-Allah apa pun keputusanNya, saya redha.

I remembered what Rasulullah S.A.W said to Abu Bakar when they were hiding themselves from Arab Quraisyh in a cave. La Tahzan! (Don’t be sad)- because Abu Bakar was sad if Rasulullah was found and killed, Islam will be demolished. But the Prophet also knew that Islam will win and rise up in the future. Similar case, I knew that now or later I will meet the one created for me because Allah already told us that He created things in pair. If not in this current world, it will be in the next ‘world’.

To my unmarried friends, don’t be sad. You all are not alone. Insha-Allah your time will come. Sooner or later. Insha-Allah. There are lots of thing for you to do and to occupy your mind. :)

Maybe I should ask my Mom to read La Tahzan (Jangan Bersedih)’s book that I bought last time, but have no time to read accept the first 20 pages… he he he

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Working Again..

First day masuk semula bekerja setelah bercuti lama…

Bila teringat dah pagi, semangat je nak bangun.. tapi bile ingat hari ni dah mula bekerja tiba2 terasa berat nak bangun… Isk.. Isk..

Agak sibuk sepanjang raya. Raya ke 2 & 3 paling sibuk, akhirnya pagi raya ke-5 saya demam. AlHamdulillah tgh hari dah ok balik. Dptlah berkemas balik ke KL ptg harinyer.. Itupun byk lagi rumah sedara-mara tak terpergi kerana most of the time hanya berada di rumah.. Byk juga SMS tak terjawab/lewat sgt jawab, panggilan tak berangkat.. Ada org ‘merungut’ nak bercakap waktu biasa sibuk bekerja, hari bercuti pun sibuk ‘bekerja’ juga.. hehehe insha-Allah time lepas ni takdeler sesibuk seminggu yg lepas:D

Ramai juga yg bertanya “Macamana raya? Happy? Seronok?” Jawapan standard sudah diberikan.. “Sejak saya kena kasi duit raya, dah tak seronok.. Mungkin seronok balik bile dpt ‘kutip’ duit2 raya tu..” hehe yeaa yea.. thanx for those who wished me luck for my ‘investment return planning’.. :P

Ok friends. Need to stop a while to read all the emails, and start working….

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Balik Kampung

Home, here I come..
Today is my last working day before go back for (good) long-hari-raya-leaves… Within few hours more, I’m gonna depart in a train (yes, it is a Keretapi Tanah Melayu) at KL Sentral. If you wonder why I am using train to go back this time, the answer is ‘saje je suka-suka’. Boleh tak? Hahahah I never went back hometown in Alor Gajah, Melaka by train. Suddenly tergerak hati nak cuba. Well, for those who didn’t know.. Alor Gajah and Tampin are just nearby. From the railway station in Tampin to my house is just about 15 minutes drive.

I was SMS-ed the father to Amiir Husaini asking about Amiir when he wished me Selamat Ari Raya.. and told me not to forget to give ‘present’ to Amiir’s mother. Seems time flies so fast, it is almost one year already. But I believed to them, it is not that fast.

The SMS reminds me of a conversation held long ago while I was still studying in my 2nd Year and she was in her final 3rd Year.. I went to her room, talked about this and that when we touched about death time. Perbualan yg lebih kurang begini..

Dia : Kalau akak pergi dulu, tiap2 hari ika kena baca yasin utk akak.
Saya : Err.. saya tak janjilah tiap2 hari, tapi insha-Allah kalau saya ingat kat akak at least dptlah al-Fatihah…
Dia : *senyum *
Saya : Tapi kalau saya pergi dulu plak, akak pun kenalah buat yg sama kat saya.
Dia : Insha-Allah…

Dan perbualan ini amat selalu saya ingat. At least once a week... sometimes a number of time a day.. esp when i am not that busy..

Hmm, seems like she already made someone to fulfill the ‘promise’. I guess I should find few friends who can be trusted too to do the same promise, with hope that it is not me who in the end have to fulfill the promise to them..

I am sorry if this posting somehow touched someone so much… My pray, may those who were left behind be strong always..

Time’s up.. still a lot of work to do. Insha-Allah if I have spare time + not lazy to go to the nearest cybercaf√©, I’ll update blog from my hometown.

If I didn’t turn up back, I would like to wish all my muslim friends
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Minta ampun maaf atas segala silap salah terkasar bahasa. Halalkan ek makan minum terlebih terambil guna. Kalau ada hutang, mintalah pada saya. Buat yg sampai ke Alor Gajah on 3rd Syawal onwards, jemput2lah singgah ke teratak keluarga saya.

For my Hindu’s friends, wishing you Happy Deepavali. To others, wishing you a nice happy holidays.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Losing Weight..

There are Pros and Cons in losing weight...

1. You have proved that your diet plan is a successful
2. You feel great
3. You feel healthy

1. Losing weight means your clothers become loose too
2. When current clothers, dress, baju kurung, shirts, skirts, pants, track suits are bigger than your size, you need to alter them (time consuming)..
3. Else, you need to buy new clothes (There goes all my salary !!)

p/s: someone asked me to share my diet plan since i told her that her diet plan *not delicious* ahhaha.. nantiler Pn Aida, if sempat nak share:)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Korban Siakap

One of my colleague was so generous enough to present me a big Siakap for my birthday present (kelako kan?) . I did invited few old friends for break fast (berbuka puasa) at one of the friend’s house but seems like everyone is so busy.. so in the very last minute, we really make it for let say 2 families and 2 singles (total of 6 adults and 2 boys) .

Laili and I went to Jie’s new house in Kajang Perdana. Nice home. Supposed we arrived there earlier since we decided to cook the fish but something turned out in the middle of our way so we arrived quite late. Sampai2 je terus masak sbb dah nak dekat waktu berbuka. Kitorang masak bersama2 ikan siakap kukus. Jie cooked Ayam Goreng (which reminds me of Siti ) and Buffalo Black Pepper.

While waiting for Farah and the fish to cook, we sat in front of the TV when Fahim Naufal woke up. He gave me one sweet smile. Hehehe mcm kenal je ek Fahim.. Well, well, looks like I am going to have a handsome and friendly future son-in-law.. hahaha (ade beberapa org je faham macamana Fahim boleh dilabelkan jadi future SIL).. Ops, btw I did say future SIL, in that case if I will be having a daughter(s).. For the time being, the future is still *blank* as I have to wait for whom will be Fahim’s future Father-in-Law.. (Siti, I still remember your advice to look for the father first before the children..ekkeke)

Farah Wahidah came with her husband and handsome son-Muadz after azan Maghrib. (:D) They were lost somewhere on the road. She arrived with Sambal Udang and Puding Roti yummy yummy..

So, inilah hasil masakan ikan siakap kukus kami:

(And the picture of Ikan 3 Rasa, part of the big siakap where I cooked it yesterday for break fast:P)

And the pictures of future SIL -Fahim with err.. handsome boy Muadz :p

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



Suku abad sudah menikmati nikmat dari-Nya
Moga detik-detik yang masih tinggal masih terus berada dalam kebaikan..

thanx dearest friends for the wishes..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7 Ramadhan 1426H

Tahniah buat rakan sekolah rendahku Mizie yg akan melangsungkan perkahwinan dengan tunang die la sape lagi bulan raya nanti.. Hehhe baru ckp tahniah sbb baru dpt kad jemputan.. Akhirnyer tercapai juga hasrat ko kan:p Insha-Allah takde aral mendatang sampailer daku ke sana..

TQ kepada Tn Rumah yg berikan saya jemputan khas berbuka puasa di rumahnya Ahad lepas. Walaupun merentas satu kuala lumpur, dr hulu ke hilir dan pulang semula ke hulu..tapi sbb jemputan khas kan dtgler juga walaupun segan2 in the 1st place.. Apa2 hal pun, mmg bestlah dgn makanan yg byk dan juadah istimewa dr Pn Rumah, sampai balik berbekal.. :)
Tahniah juga sbb dah 6 minggu yer .. :D

p/s: Seronok sgt jumpa Pn Hany sampai husben die minta Tn Rumah tego kami bising sgt di dapur..heheh

Duh, kalau tak kerana Pn Hany ahad lepas..saya mmg terlupe langsung DCBA sudah masuk ulangthn ke-4. :) Sudah 4 tahun berlalu yer..

Selamat Ulang Tahun ke-4 DCBA..

Selalunya saya ingat.. tapi bile dah suku abad umurnya byk plak yg saya lupe (wahhh bile gune abad terdengar TUA amatt.. tapi apesal rasa cam muda lagi ek..ekekke)


Dah 2 hari dok terpk2 ttg 7-things ni.. Nak buat ke taknak.. Nak reveal ke taknak..
Tiba2 pagi tadi terserempak Pn Limau masa nak naik lif ke ofis.. erks
Bukak blog Cik Zunnurain, laaa 7 things lagi..

Saiko saiko rasanyer..


Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Hany

actually want to type more, but unable to do it.

Wanna wish you a very happy birthday.
You have been a wonderful friend, and a tough lady..
Aja Aja Fighting.

I know you are strong, friend. :)

selamat bercuti di hari minggu.. bye all..

Thursday, September 29, 2005

In work again

Looks like i am currently doing the HR job.. I mean a real HR job.. even though i am supposed to be the support for operation.

I am currently busying calling people for a pre-interview.. in the other word, i am conducting a phone interview.. since what we are looking for are people who can communicate in English (and other languages , if any) and most of the candidates are unable to speak in English. It is not because we are not being patriotic, but this is for business.

Well, some of them were even received free advice and consultation from me (:D) since they cann't understand english at all, or unable to communicate at all in English. But they are Diploma Holder. which is, in past years they shouldn't be at that level...

Last time i said i will share some tips on interview. But seems like i am unable to do it. The list of tips was here before, but now i can;t find it. Maybe later in time maybe (hopefully i can fulfil this) i can share tips on how to face phone interview.

Duh, my throat is drying.. i need to drink a lot of water.. glup glup *cari air sambil tenggelam:P*

Friday, September 23, 2005

To share

Mungkin takde ape2 sgt.. Tapi saya terpikat dengan tulisan ini.
Mcm ada satu semangat yg pernah membara. Hmm.. darah susur galur pahlawan lama mungkin:). Copy & paste for all to read and share.

p/s: Aida, insha-Allah i will try to do your "List to do" tu when time allows me to do. Sekarang tak sempat nak jengukler:)


Berdebatlah mengenai fakta-fakta sejarah secara terbuka!

Ilmu sentiasa berkembang melalui perdebatan yang memakan tahunan masa. Salah satu disiplin ilmu yang mendasari segala ilmu adalah sejarah. Oleh itu, fakta-fakta sejarah masih ada ruang untuk diperdebatkan agar ilmu sentiasa berkembang. Ia akan sentiasa dicabar oleh para cendekiawan, para pemikir muda atau para 'mujaddid' dalam pembaharuan masyarakat kita.

Misalnya, fakta kedatangan Islam di Malaysia yang dipercayai pada mulanya berasal dari India dan lainnya, akhirnya disangkal Buya Hamka dan Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas. Alasannya, mazhab fekah as-Shafie yang diamalkan oleh masyarakat Melayu menunjukkan bahawa Islam di rantau ini dikembangkan oleh para muballigh Arab (Jeddah dan Hadramaut). Sedangkan, amalan feqah di India dan lainnya bukan bermazhab Syafie.

Demikian juga penelitian al-Attas ke atas Batu Bersurat Terengganu yang membuktikan tarikh yang tepat mengenai kedatangan Islam di Tanah Melayu. Kajian rasional, saintifik dan konkrit itu tidak mudah disangkal oleh generasi selepasnya. Ringkasnya, penjelajahan ilmu di lautan fakta amat mengasyikkan dan mengghairahkan minda generasi muda.

Tiada apa yang perlu ditakutkan. Apatah lagi dengan kedewasaan usia negara mencecah 48 tahun merdeka, generasi muda kini dan masa depan sudah tentu perlu disedarkan mengenai hakikat sebenar mengenai asal-usul perkembangan konsep 'kontrak sosial', 'ketuanan Melayu, dan lain-lain.

Insan yang takut berdebat mengenai fakta sejarah tidak sepatutnya memimpin sesebuah organisasi. Apatah lagi organisasi yang besar. Ini kerana, pemimpin perlu menghadam sirah dan mengunyah fakta-fakta peristiwa untuk diambil iktibar agar hal buruk yang lalu tidak diulangi. Pemimpin yang buta sejarah amat mudah terjebak dalam kesilapan yang sama. Ini sudah tentu merugikan agama dan bangsa. Al-Qur'an contohnya mengisahkan pelbagai ragam insan di sepanjang peradaban.

Boleh dikatakan rakaman peristiwa perjuangan Nabi dan beberapa siri penentangan antara kebenaran dan kepalsuan itu akan berulang-ulang sehingga kini. Kisah pembunuhan pertama melibatkan Habil dan Qabil dinisbahkan kepada jenayah pembunuhan kini.

Kisah Nabi Daud a.s yang masih kecil saat membunuh Jalut dengan batu dinisbahkan kepada ulangan kisah kanak-kanak Palestin yang berjuang dengan batu kerikil melawan juak-juak Israel kini. Sejarah ini adalah ulangan peristiwa lalu tetapi dilakonkan oleh watak lain dan mungkin dengan sedikit pertukaran watak. Demikian nasihat Buya Hamka. Itu baru cerita falsafah sejarah.

Ketepikan cerita falsafah. Pertamanya, bersediakah umat menelan semua fakta walaupun pahit? Jika bersabar, ia tetap manis untuk dikenang. Kedua, menurut al-Attas, budaya ilmu hanya tercetus apabila setiap anggota masyarakat itu mempunyai sikap 'berani menyoal'. Yang lebih mencabar, siapa pula orang yang 'berani menjawab' tanpa emosi melainkan rasional semata-mata? Islam Hadhari amat mengagungkan penguasaan ilmu. Ilmu terbina melalui siri perdebatan secara terbuka 'free-market of ideas'. Tepuklah dada tanyalah keikhlasan jiwa.

Tidak semua perkataan 'musuh' itu palsu. Tidak semua nasihat 'kawan' itu benar. Sebabnya, dalam banyak sokongan, falsafah Melayu selalu mengasah ingatan; berhati-hatilah kerana ada 'sokong bawa rebah' seperti ampuan, bodekan dan lain-lain. Oleh itu, Kalau 'musuh' mempertikai siapa pejuang merdeka, rasanya betul juga. Kerana para pejuang merdeka bukan seorang dua. Yang menentang Portugis, Belanda, Jepun, Siam dan lain-lainnya mustahil ditangani oleh seorang sahaja melainkan dengan angkatan besar pejuang Melayu terdahulu.

Umpama sirah perjuangan para anbiya memerangi kekufuran sehingga kemerdekaan 'aqidah mengatasi syirik. Ia bermula dari zaman Nabi Adam. Kemudian, Nabi Ibrahim yang berulang-ulang memperjuang aqidah tauhid - millah hanif yang bukan syirik sehinggalah kepada Nabi Muhammad yang dibangkitkan untuk menyempurnakan akhlak sebagai pelengkap kepada Insan Kamil. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w sebagai Rasul terakhir tidak menafikan jasa, sumbangan dan perjuangan para Rasul sebelumnya melalui ikatan sabdanya.

Syahadan, jika tiada saranan tarikh 31 Ogos daripada ulama seperti Haji Abdullah Fahim kepada Almarhum Tunku, masakan kita merdeka? Di mana fakta-fakta mengenai perjuangan ulama' menjelang merdeka seperti Dr. Burhanuddin al-Helmy, Abu Bakar al-Baqir, Hassan Adli dengan ketuanan Melayunya dan lain-lain? Hal ini tidak boleh didiamkan daripada generasi muda hadhari di era Islam Hadhari.

Rumah tidak terbina hanya melalui tiang seri. Ada batu-bata dan lain-lain sistem sokongan yang utuh juga. Rumah merdeka telah pun siap dibina, namun paku-paku berkarat telah tertanggal kesemuanya dan pahat-pahat muda telah berbunyi. Serulah jurutera yang faqih sirah di pondok universiti untuk kembali membinanya semula. Apabila selesai, jangan pula diulang derita Taj Mahal; tangan arkiteknya ditanggalkan seusai pembinaannya.

Hormatlah kepada cendekiawan universiti yang ingin membantu. Apabila bantuan ilmiah dihulur, mereka ini jangan 'dipinggirkan' dari suaka ilmu jika mereka terkasar sedikit dalam ucapan kata-kata. Marahnya seorang pendeta bangsa adalah nasihat untuk merawat keangkuhan untuk memimpin bangsa merdeka!

Ibnuamir al-Pendangi,
Sekolah Pemikiran Tunjungan,

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Still Breathing

Hello again to all.

Is this enough to indicate that i am still alive.. still breathing.. and still actually able to type something here on my blog?:D

yeah, the time frame for each posting seems to be longer.. i tried hard to do this..but instead i found out i did it half-way.. maybe my colleague was right, we don't have much time for ourselves because we don't give much time to God..

Aida & family, Siti and I went to Ainul's wedding ceremony on Saturday noon. That was the first time we met each other. Yeah, Siti and Aida had posted about this too. I am happy to hear that she is happily married to her other half. Al-Hamdulillah. :)

& yes, someone asked me if i have child to send to her nursery.. (err, do i looks like a married lady?).. i told her i am not married yet, and guess what she said.. ****** (biar aida and siti tolong isikan..kekekke). She said i can do good with children and proposed me to open my own nursery.. heheheh nantilah kot nak fikir pasla biznes, bounded lagi ni ngan kompeni.

I went back to Malacca last Sunday. Took leave for two-days since my mother kept on asking when i will be coming back.. And on Monday morning i saw almost 20 misscalls on my silent-mode-cell-phone.. hehhehe semua pun terlupe yg saya bercuti, termasuk saya pun hampir lupe yg saya bercuti...

My hometown in Malacca is always hotter than KL. I always feel dizzy the first day there, i think a normal body reaction to adapt to new wheater.. Nothing much happen, just that my mother was suprised to see that i lost some weight. Her normal reaction whenever she sees me loss weight is to ask me to eat a lot.. And usually my months-of-tight-diet will die just like that.. Maybe she used to see me as a chubby girl, and she worries much if i dun get enough food. Huhuhu

Ayah Pin.
Kenapa? Tak percaya ke ayah pin pun ada dlm entry? ehhehe
I know I was a little bit late when talking about this. But I just recently discovered that Ayah Pin youngest wife, also the youngest among them as she is not yet 25-years-old was happened to be my junior in my secondary school; she was my sister and brother’s schoolmate. And she was also a junior in my previous U. No wonder when I read her name on the newspaper, I felt like knowing her.

It is quite surprised to find out such a good student, nice person, pretty model and ambitious lady can be trapped in such a situation. Quite sad to say, as she successfully graduated with good grades.

My brother told me that her mother asked her to married that old guy. And she seems to be under spell (my brother said "die tu dah kena Mandrem" hehe). Pitty her, now she does not going out anymore, balik kerja terus masuk rumah. keluar rumah, terus pergi kerja. tak jumpa dengan kwn2 dah sbb malu. I hope that her friends will be supportive enough to her and help her raise up herself back.

Remember another man who claimed to be the Prophet of the Malays? Actually, i knew about him for quite some years already. He is the father of my sister's friend. His daugther pun ikut his path. My mother asked me to go and see him to talk about this, but unfortunately i do not have the chance to see him until he was on TV. My brother went to see him, one of those who likes to putar-belit .. But he didn't finished the conversation because he said this man was pushing here and there on whatever he asked or argued. So in the end i think it will be no use for me seeing him.

Oh, this man actually is an intelligent person. He read al-Quran and Bible from cover-to-cover, in which many of us didn't even able to do it. And that was the reasons why org2 yg bijak pandai pun boleh terjerat. But, bila akal dibiarkan meneroka jauh dan hati dibiarkan beraja, tanpa kembali pada yang Haq maka yg bersama mengajar ilmu itu bukankah dia yg berjanji menyesatkan anak2 Adam. dia yang sentiasa membisikkan pada hati org2 yg punya ilmu bhw org2 itulah yg hebat kerana menemui ilmu itu. dia yang tidak putus2 berusaha tanpa penat lelah mencucuk2 hati manusia bahawa perlunya jadi org yg terhebat berbanding org lain.. dia yang bukan mudah utk dikenal kerana usia sudah berjuta tahun dan ilmu menipu sudah berjuta eksperimen. dia yg kite tak sedar sentiasa di sekeliling, dan kita terlupe sering mengajak kepada keburukan. dia yang kita berlindung kepada Allah SWT dari dia yang direjam.

Kesimpulannya (terpanjang plak catatan pagi ni); kembalilah kepada org2 yg lebih mengetahui. Kembalilah kepada mereka2 yg berilmu, berbincang menerima dan memberi pendapat. Kembali berpegang kepada al-Quran dan AsSunnah. Kembali kepada merendahkan diri dan hati. Kembali kepada diri yg hina dan fana. Allahu'alam.

Of all, i realized that i am not a knowledgeable person; not an expert in this field; and maybe actually i know nothing at all. Will still appreciate to learn more and people to teach me more. :)

Insha-Allah sampai bertemu lagi.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Aku bosan..

Bosan sgt. Tak tahulah.. Everything's too routine..
Rasa nak membebaskan diri yg tiba2 terasa pd jiwa ketidakselesaan..
Gosh! Feel like dragging the time from one second to another second is soo tiring..

I thought i wrote a number of articles/opinions already.
Then, i found out i did wrote it somewhere else in my mind..
Not something ppl can see yet.. ehhehe

takkan nak suh org tunggu lagi kan?
takpelah.. kalau selalu dah sabar menanti, takkan kali ni tak boleh kan..

errr.. ada makna lagi ke?
takda makna nyer.. hehe (tiru Marsha AF3 :P, walaupun saya bkn peminat setia AF ek:D)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bantuan Kemanusiaan

Salam buat semua.

Have not much to say today except that memanjangkan shj email dan msg terdahulu dr teman2 mengenai one MMU junior that is currently in HUKM Neurology ward; Brother Ekram who went for operation on brain tumor last friday.

This brother comes from keluarga yg susah and need RM15,000 for the treament and post-treatment. Appreciate whosoever feel want to help him and his family, to contact Ms Siti Zurina. Please refer her posting regarding Bro Ekram's situation.

May Allah bless you for your kindness.

Thank you & regards.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Backdated Posting

It’s already past 1.00 o clock in the morning of Sunday, 28 August.. And I still did not sleep. Still here I am typing all these words for unknown reason I guess.. ?

Well, early this morning (or is it yesterday’s morning?) things went smooth.. My sister cousin is now officially engaged.. Yes, as expected there is a number of different format of questions thrown on me such as the common :When is ur turn now? (Awak bila lagi) to the tricky question: Beritahulah org mana, senang nak kumpul duit nak pergi nanti.. And I think I am a little bit grateful since I have indicated earlier to my parents before reached the village about Berkahwin bila sampai jodoh and Bila sudah diizinkan Allah; plus the same answers given to all the questions, yet my grandmother just smiled and told that she agreed with me.. I still believe whether u want to agree with it or not, I dun care:P that I am still young..;)

Tonite, I met two of my middle school’s best friends. We were discussing about our holiday trip next month (yesss, saya pergi laut lagi la…) while covering other aspects of life.. one of them is in the same organization, Ms Wee while the other one is a doctor, Dr Mas.. It was quite interesting when we talked about each other life and exchange knowledge of stories happened in a hospital. I believed Wee and I learnt a lot as well from Dr Mas on the medication part.. It was funny seeing us trying hard to spell out and pronouns the correct medication terms and she was smiling ‘that doctor’s way of smiling’… yeah yeah yeah, we were wondering how she could remember all those jargons.. I even saw jarum suntikan, picagari and alcohol pad inside her car. When asked why she brought with her that things, she said she want to take her mother’s blood for check-up as her mother is having fever. Untung ada kwn jadi doctor, risau2 tak paham bleh tanya.. I think in the future if I have children, I wish one of them will be a doctor.. at least one of their aunties is a doctor who they can refer to in the future..hehehe (panjang plak angannya..takpe siti, I still remember what u said..apa2 pun mmg kena cari bapa kepada mereka dulu:D)

Actually during the meeting I found out I have difficulties to say words whether in English or Malay. I am not sure what is currently happening to me..either it is a sign of aging, or is it that my mind has been fully occupied or is it that due to the painkiller I took for the last 5 months that has turned me to be so forgetfulness. I can not to remember where I put something the past 1 minutes and I can not to recall what a person says to me the last 5 minutes.. terribly terrible.. friends, remember next time u have to reconfirm with me if u need to tell me something or to decide something with me.. (whether it is serious or not, hopefully it is not trying to indicate symptoms of disease ,,). OR..is it because I have not write as much and discuss valuable matters with people? Hmm..looks like that can be a good reason why I should not stop pushing myself to regularly update this blog…

Apa rasanya bila tiada perkataan yg boleh diluahkan, Cuma rasa sahaja yg tinggal? That is what I am feeling, I can’t see the words but I can picture inside me what is that… wonder if one day I stop to talk not because I do not want to talk or something bother me, but just because I can’t describe the words and can’t use the correct vocabulary anymore… Allahualam…

Time’s up. Already almost 2 am.. I need to sleep. Tomorrow has a lot to do.. Nite…

Friday, August 26, 2005

Peribahasa Baru

Lama tak update blog.. Lama tak berkongsi idea.. Ntahlah ke mana menghilang, bintang beribu, di malam itu, tiada satupun yg kelihatan kecuali kelam.. (cheh, sudah sudahh!)

hehe.. beberapa hari yg lalu masih sibuk dengan Biznes Plan.. Hari ini 1/2 day masih menyiapkan sebahagian yg tertangguh. al-Hamdulillah looks like at last it comes to the end of the road (hopefully, still keep on praying it is TRUE!!) Now, it is lunch hour time.. nak turun cari makanan tapi malas nak berebut dengan org lelaki yg nak pergi solat jumaat... so drop by to update this while i can do it. Malam ni perlu bergegas pulang ke kampung di Pahang kerana esok pagi sepupu bertunang (guess the sky has no limit..hope so with my patience and emotion stability tomorrow when i meet my aunties and uncles and grandmother and all other relatives sedara-mara sekampung seketurunan...dush!)

I read Bro Rollie's blog on new peribahasa.. well, time sibuk2 dgn Biznes Plan ni i guess i have another peribahasa to add-on. Hopefully in the future if it is not registered inside DBP Dictionary, maybe it will somehow appears in Hi-Tech Magazine..ahhaha.. Oh, the peribahasa goes like this:

Dah dapat USB Driver, Floppy-A dilupakan..
(Modified from: Dah dapat gading bertuah, tanduk dilupakan).

1. Everyone else asking for ur USB/Thumb Drive to transfer this file and that file. Some Laptop, they have no more driver for Floppy-A (Disket).
2. Have not use Floopy-A for quite sometimes. Suddenly, can't located where i put my Thumb Drive..so have to use the Disket that has been kept for quite sometimes. I can save the docs, but my PC can't read them back..hahahha

P/S: Oh, peribahasa tu mungkin sesuai utk my PC. :P

such a psycho/saiko??
yes, i am..


I read a book wrote by Saleha Hussin- nama sebenar, bukan saliha MAWI.. :D (well well well, the book is still not in the market yet.. so lucky to get it first, signed by the author lagi..:P) . THe tittle of the book is Pemburu Mimpi. I believe Hany will love that book since menceritakan kemampuan org perempuan yg diperkecil2kan untuk memburu mimpi2 mereka.. (err..i am not trying to sound so feminist..). Actually, a lot to say since this book is thick like my Econometrics book (or other comparison is Add-Math text book when we were in High School)... Adalah few hundreds pages, thicker than Tunggu Teduh Dulu.. :D

Adoi, tak sempat nak review... tengoklah yer nanti2 bile rajin, sementara menunggu hujan teduh dahulu.. :)

alohai.. until then..

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Three Bears Song

~~ hahaha sorry, can't help it out.. I dreamt twice already went to Korea.. Thehehe

Gom semari ga , han jibe itso
[three bears are in one house]

Appa gom, umma gom, ehgi gom
[father bear, mother bear, baby bear]

Appa gom eun tungtung heh[the father bear is fat]

Umma gom eun nalshin heh[the mother bear is thin]

Ehgi gom eun nuhmu giyowuh[the baby bear is really cute~]

wu suk wu suk jal han da~
[*wu suk word is like when u move ur shoulders up and down]jalhanda- very good
Full House: The 3 Bears

Dload the songs here:
By Han Ji Eun (The Heroin)
By Lee Young Jae (The Hero)

Pst: Aida, how are your children? Hope they are fine... Aini, hope you're fine as well. Semah, congrates on ur new born baby girl.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

'Kabus' @ Asap @ Jerebu

Uhuk..uhuk.. (kali ni bukan batuk2 kecil sbb berhabuk, tapi batuk2 besar kerana jerebu..). Guess what, berita terkini diperolehi.. My place the IPU dah reach over 400.. Looks like the asap is already inside the office (i'm at level 22).. i already feel pening2 lalat and pedih dekat muka-tanda kehadiran bhn kimia/gas memberhaya di sekeliling.. and currently i am wearing a disposable face mask.. huhuuh buat keje kat ofis mcm buat keje kat dlm makmal.. sib baik takde pisau dan parang, kalau tak dah boleh jadi pakar bedah temberang: pembedah.. hehehe

Cannot help to talk about jerebu juga.. as what Mr Rollie said Malaysians are turning into Britains.. But actually not focusing on the jerebu.. As what Ms Lecturer Are-Are also mentioned; we already faced with the terrible haze in 1997 ..but i wasn't 'out' to see the impact since i stayed in hostel. Few days back, what terrible me the most is that i suddenly cannot stop thinking about Dukhan-smoke..asap yg keluar dr muka bumi.. salah satu petanda kiamat kan.. adalah beberapa perkara bermain apa yg akan dibuat if something bad happened and i am not ready..

Ertinya: Daripada Huzaifah bin Asid Al-Ghifari ra. berkata: "Datang kepada kami Rasulullah saw. dan kami pada waktu itu sedang berbincang-bincang. Lalu beliau bersabda: "Apa yang kamu perbincangkan?". Kami menjawab: "Kami sedang berbincang tentang hari qiamat". Lalu Nabi saw. bersabda: "Tidak akan terjadi hari qiamat sehingga kamu melihat sebelumnya sepuluh macam tanda-tandanya". Kemudian beliau menyebutkannya: "Asap, Dajjal, binatang, terbit matahari dari tempat tenggelamnya, turunnya Isa bin Maryam alaihissalam, Ya juj dan Ma'juj, tiga kali gempa bumi, sekali di timur, sekali di barat dan yang ketiga di Semenanjung Arab yang akhir sekali adalah api yang keluar dari arah negeri Yaman yang akan menghalau manusia kepada Padang Mahsyar mereka". Hadis Riwayat Muslim

Kalau ikut hadis ni, Asap/Dukhan/Smoke is the first big sign that will be followed by others.. Dukhan (asap) yang akan keluar dan mengakibatkan penyakit yang seperti selsema di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman dan akan mematikan semua orang kafir. (Source: Msg Board Bluehyppo)

Takut? takut juga.. tapi masih ingat macamana pun kita mesti teruskan hidup juga. I dun remember, but is there any hadis stating this: Jika kita tahu esok kiamat sekalipun, hendaklah kita meneruskan kerja pada hari ini.?

Allahu akbar.. Astagfirullahal 'Azim..
Let's pray together, memperbanyakkan solat malam dan taubat istigfar.. Moga2 hujan akan turun segera membersihkan muka bumi dr segala kekotoran.. Teringat ttg ayat2 al-Quran yg mengatakan tentang org2 yg bertaubat dan kemudian diturunkan hujan kepada mereka.. Allahu'alam.

p/s: Dlm pada tu sempat bergurau dgn kwn. Samada byk jin yg sudah mati kerana adanya lebihan asap yg byk, atau byk jin dari serata pelusuk dunia tgh duduk di celah2 manusia sekarang kerana byknya asap.. Asap busuk makanan jin, mana ada asap kat situ pun jadi tumpuan jin.. :)

BTW, Are2..congrates for your success to be a blogger..semoga terus istiqamah menulis;). And Mdm Aishah, thanx for dropping by the other day. Thank you for your supportive msg as well. Nvm, if org2 ramai kat sini tak suka panggil Zue pun takpe, u may continuing using it:P

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Full Time

i am currently addicted to Full House; aired every night on 8TV from 8.30 pm to 9.30pm; Mon - Fri..... and when it comes to Tuesday 9.00 pm - 9.30 pm, i feel like not having enough fingers (or is it actually not having enuff tv?:P) to switch between TV3: Mencari Cinta and 8TV: Full House..

Ni lah pelakon2 utama dia..

Yg ni sepatutnyer jadi pelakon lelaki utama laa..

Tapi mcm selalu, saya mesti tersuka kat sebaliknya...

Yg paling saya suka? hmm..tentulah rumahnya.. boleh jadi rumah idaman saya juga..waaa.. bila ntah nak dpt...

Best kan...?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Demam ke tidak?

I was on MC for two-days...

Dah risau dah. mlm tadi nampak gaya mcm tak brape ok lagi. Al-Hamdulillah pagi ni dah mampu datang kerja semula.

Last time (about a month ago) i felt like having fever, went to the clinic but then the doctor said that my body temperature was normal (confused). Padahal, the nite before rasa mcm terbakar je muka and tak selesa.. tapi rupanyer temperature still 36.5 C. The doctor said i actually facing Fever Virus and gave me the medicine...

The day before yesterday, at around 9.00 am in the office, suddenly i felt like almost 'blackout'. Tibe2 terasa kepala berpusing, and everytime berdiri rasa nak pitam, tapi takde la plak sakit kepala... Dalam hati kata, "sudah, apekehal plak pepagi isnin ni". I thought i was having low blood preasure, ate few pieces of sweets. Dah kurang sket, tapi masih rasa nak jatuh2 tu.. And after about 1 hr felt the dizziness (betul ka ejaan ni?:P), i went to see the doctor. Seems like my account is active this year since i met doctors for almost every month now..isk..

The doctor asked me "Ni demam ke?". I said, "Saya rasa saya tak demam doktor". She put something on my head, and the result- unbelievable, it was 38C.. hehe demam aku ni. So i received my MC...

Macam mana ni, bila saya rasa saya demam, doktor kate tak demam. Bila saya rasa saya tak demam, doktor kata saya demam plak.. he he he.. Pening plak ngan diri sendiri... Apa2 pun puas jugaklah merenung siling semalam and tido tak henti2 (ubat doktor tu power sgt, makan je terus pengsan...)... So insha-Allah doakan hari ni dpt buat semua yg dirancang dgn baik.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

teratak terbiar

Uhuks.. uhuks.. (sambil batuk2 kecil)
Lama juga rupanya teratak buruk saya ni terbiar tak berkemas, nasib baik ade org sudi sapu2kan..takdeler tinggal menjadi sarang lelabah sahaja...

Oh, memang..sedang bz amat sekarang.. hampir tak cukup nafas nak bernafas..sesekali tu sempatlah juga menjeling2 sebaris dua tulisan di blog kenkwn.. tak sangka ade org tu kate die demam, byk assignments, sibuk reports tapi sekali tgk wahhh tak sempat nak baca updets die; not forgetten panjang lebar juga comments die di blog lenlain.. hahahaha (erm, mudin betul kot..mmg cacamarba kan:P takpe sis, colourful life tu...)

oh, cerite ringkas je ni yg sempat. Yesterday we had majlis doa selamat to the opening of new centers workplace in Cygal. I met other colleagues from different offices as well. Guess what the main topic there? Kisah Mencari Cinta!!.. about the girl, and the contestants..about the person being the 1st to be eliminated (oh, terkejut juga tgk Hasrul tu terkeluar.. cuma sempat tgk masa elimination process je, tak sempat nak tgk before that). Antara perbualan yg sempat 'dirakamkan' di majlis makan2 selepas majlis baca doa selamat itu :

Pn XXX : Eh, cerite tu kan. Ha rasanyakan mcm menjatuhkan maruah kite sebagai org timur shj. Akak tak suka tgk cerite tu la. Diorang tu macam nak ikut org barat aja..

Ms Xygcomel: Hmm.. terpulanglah pd perspektif memasing. Ntahlah, lagipun cerite tu kan mcm game show.. aritu pun saya dpt emel utk join, kalau menang diorang kasi RM20K.. tulah, RM20k.. (terbayangkan duit je ni..hehehe)

Pn XXX: Yelah, tapi dia (rancangan tu) dah jadi macam apa jer.. nak pilih buang org mcm tu.. akak tak suka lah tgk.. akak taknak tgk cerite macam tu...

Ms Xygcomel: (potong tgh jalan b4 Pn XXX abis ckp) Eh, akak..tau tak..diorang ni sibuk2 suruh saya masuk utk Musim ke 2 nanti..

Pn XXX: (sambung balik potongan tadi) Aaa, kalau Xygcomel masuk..Akak tgk.. ekkekekekek Ha, masuklah masuklah akak sokong awak...

Ms Xygcomel: Aiks..sudah tukar plak, tadi taknak tgk, sekarang kalau saya masuk nak tgk? :P
(Pelakon2 latar dan pelakon2 utama dlm sedutan ini gelak kuat2..)

Penulis Blog: Nak suruh masuk Mencari Cinta Musim ke-2? Ada ke patut? Taknaklah..
(diubahsuai dari iklan Pantene:Waheeda)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Have you read this?

Forwarded by a friend:

A Letter to the British People from a daughter of Iraq

I'm sending this letter to the British people and in particular to the residents of London. For a period of hours, you have lived through moments of desperate anxiety and horror. In those hours you lost a member of your family or a friend, and we wish to tell you in total honesty that we too grieve when human lives pass away. I cannot tell you how much we hurt when we see desperation and pain on the face of another person. For we have lived through this situation – and continue to live through it every day – since your country and the United States formed an alliance and laid plans to attack Iraq.

The Prime Minister of your country, Tony Blair, said that those who carried out the explosions did so in the name of Islam. The Secretary of State of the United States, Condaleezza Rice, described the bombings as an act of barbarism. The United Nations Security Council met and unanimously condemned the event.

I would like to ask you, the free British people, to allow me to inquire: in whose name was our country blockaded for 12 years? In whose name were our cities bombed using internationally prohibited weapons? In whose name did the British army kill Iraqis and torture them? Was that in your name? Or in the name of religion? Or humanity? Or freedom? Or democracy?

What do you call the killing of more than two million children? What do you call the pollution of the soil and the water with depleted uranium and other lethal substances?

What do you call what happened in the prisons in Iraq – in Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and the many other prison camps? What do you call the torture of men, women, and children? What do you call tying bombs to the bodies of prisoners and blowing them apart? What do you call the refinement of methods of torture for use on Iraqi prisoners – such as pulling off limbs, gouging out eyes, putting out cigarettes on their skin, and using cigarette lighters to set fire to the hair on their heads? Does the word "barbaric" adequately describe the behavior of your troops in Iraq?

May we ask why the Security Council did not condemn the massacre in al-Amiriyah and what happened in al-Fallujah, Tal`afar, Sadr City, and an-Najaf? Why does the world watch as our people are killed and tortured and not condemn the crimes being committed against us? Are you human beings and we something less? Do you think that only you can feel pain and we can't? In fact it is we who are most aware of how intense is the pain of the mother who has lost her child, or the father who has lost his family. We know very well how painful it is to lose those you love.

You don't know our martyrs, but we know them. You don't remember them, but we remember them. You don't cry over them, but we cry over them.

Have you heard the name of the little girl Hannan Salih Matrud? Or of the boy Ahmad Jabir Karim? Or Sa`id Shabram?

Yes, our dead have names too. They have faces and stories and memories. There was a time when they were among us, laughing and playing. They had dreams, just as you have. They had a tomorrow awaiting them. But today they sleep among us with no tomorrow on which to wake.
We don't hate the British people or the peoples of the world. This war was imposed upon us, but we are now fighting it in defense of our selves. Because we want to live in our homeland – the free land of Iraq – and to live as we want to live, not as your government or the American government wish.

Let the families of those killed know that responsibility for the Thursday morning London bombings lies with Tony Blair and his policies. Stop your war against our people! Stop the daily killing that your troops commit! End your occupation of our homeland!

Iman al-Saadun, Friday, 8 July 2005

See, i told you..

Dah beberapa hari tertangguh menghantar posting ini kerana terikat dgn tugas dan tanggungjawab.. I received this email from somebody.. They post messages and news which are different from what most of the people knew.. sometimes i wonder where they received the source.. but somehow i believe them because a lot of time the news we received has been distorted even though it was said to be taken from well-known sources... Allahu'alam.

I just say something about this.. Kan dah kate aritu.. Mcm terpakai je teori saya.. atau teori kwn saya bhw mungkin dengan melakukan serangan begini akan menurunkan saham mereka (saham UK sedang jatuh sekarang), dan kemudian boleh beli dgn harga murah. Bila sampai Olimpik 2007 nanti, harga saham meningkat - jual dan dpt keuntungan? Hmmm logik juga kan.. :P

So, just want to share with all of you...
Have a nice weekends! :)

Siapa di sebalik pengeboman di London?
Oleh: Khadija Abdul Qahaar, JUS

Bagi sesiapa yang mengikuti perkembangan dunia, maka boleh dikatakan bahawa hanya masa sahaja yang akan menentukan bila serangan di United Kingdom akan berlaku, terutamanya kerana peranan yang telah dimainkan oleh Britain dalam pembunuhan kejam di Afghans dan Iraq dan sokongan membutanya terhadap apa yang Bush namakan sebagai Memerangi Keganasan. Walau bagaimanapun, ia kelihatan bahawa kejadian tersebut mungkin bukan dilakukan oleh al-Qaeda.

Di saat al-Qaeda terus dipersalahkan di atas kejadian yang membunuh 45 orang dan mencederakan seramai 300 yang lain, apabila tiga bom meletup pada rangkaian keretapi bawah tanah London dan yang keempat meletup dalam sebuah bas dua tingkat pada pagi hari Khamis yang sibuk, terdapat banyak keraguan dan kecacatan dalam apa yang dinamakan sebagai laporan rasmi yang dikatakan telah dikeluarkan oleh "Pertubuhan Sulit al-Qaeda di Eropah".

Sebelum ini sebuah kumpulan yang tidak dikenali telah mengedarkan dakwaan bahawa mereka bertanggungjawab di atas kejadian tersebut sebaik sahaja kejadian tersebut berlaku, satu salinan telah diterima oleh JUS. Walau bagaimanapun kenyataan tersebut terdapat kesilapan di dalamnya yang menunjukkan kepada kita bahawa bahan tersebut bukannya dari kumpulan al-Qaeda. Selama ini, JUS telah menterjemahkenyataan al-Qaeda setiap hari untuk menceritakan kepada pembaca kisah yang sebenar berlaku dalam Memerangi Keganasan dan kami dapati banyak masalah dengan apa yang dinamakan sebagai kenyataan rasmi ini.

Pertamanya, kenyataan al-Qaeda akan dihantarkan dulu kepada wartawanArab dan bukannya dari BBC atau Reuters. Kenyataan ini mula ditimbulkan dalam media utama dan selepas itu baru diambil oleh media Arab di mana ia amat bercanggah dengan apa yang pernah dilakukan oleh al-Qaeda sebelum ini. Fakta ini sahaja telahmenyebabkan kesahihan kenyataan tersebut diragui.

Kedua, Bahasa Arab yang digunakan dalam dakwaan tersebut adalah salah dari segi nahunya. Kenyataan al-Qaeda kebiasaannya menggunakan bahasa Arab yang biasanya menurut bahasa ibunda mereka. Mungkin yang paling penting ialah penggunaan ayat al-Quran yang salah dan tidak lengkap dalam kenyataan dakwaan tersebut. Mungkin kesilapan nahu boleh dimaafkan tetapi bagi saudara Tauhid atau pejuang mjahiddin yang hidup dan mati mereka demi kerana ayat-ayat Allah SWT akan pasti mengetahui ayat Allah dengan tepat dan tidak akan melakukan kesilapan yang dianggap besar ini.

Lebih kurang empat bulan yang lalu, khabar angin tentang serangan di UK mula ditimbulkan apabila pemimpin kumpulan muhajirun yang telah diharamkan, Omar Bakri Muhammad mengisytiharkan Britain sebagai Daral-Harb (Bumi yang dihalalkan perang) yang menimbulkan keresahan di seluruh Britain termasuk umat Islam. Malah ada yang membuat rumusan bahawa Bakri dan beberapa pengikutnya telah terlibat samada secara langsung atau tidak langsung dengan serangan yang berlaku pada pagi tersebut. Tetapi agak mustahil bagi beliau yang selama ini mendapat segala kemudahan hidup di London sanggup melakukan serangan tersebut.

Mungkin dalam masa akan datang al-Qaeda akan dipersalahkan melakukan serangan tersebut tetapi mereka tidak boleh mengaitkannya dengan dakwaan bertanggungjawab yang telah tersebar dengan meluas sekarang ini. Walau apapun yang dapat didedahkan melalui hasil penyiasatan yang mereka lakukan, mereka masih tidak akan mendapat sokongan dari rakyat dalam menyerang Iraq.


Thursday, July 07, 2005


(**da da da**)
Kecoh kejap ttg isu nama panggilan saya. Tak sangka, boleh jadi Havoc juga yer Cik Rina.. hehe oklah oklah.. tak kisahlah nak panggil apa, asalkan nama yg baik..

Al-Hamdulillah, i have my line back already. But unfortunately, i lost all of your phone number(s). :(

Appreciate my friends to sms me your no and name. Currently baru je ade beberapa no. balik. So, pls update me back ok.

Kepada yg dah buat, tq. Insha-Allah, semoga tak lost contact:).

Psst: Demi menyahut seruan seorang adik ni... ;)

Byk sgt email yg tidak tersemak. I was postponing reading them, reading one in a time until i came across this email from m_mjj@yahoo.com. Terfikir, with the current speed and advancement of technology we might received tones and tones of mislead info, distorted news and lie-statements but the truth, the real situation whether remain silence or unnoticed?

Terbaca pula Berita Utama pagi ini di akhbar2 Malaysia tentang pengeboman di London. Simpati utk mereka. Rakyat biasa, tiada bersenjata.. Itu yg jadi mangsa.. Tapi, tiba2 hati berdetak.. Byk juga persoalan2 yg ada dlm fikiran...
- Kenapa London? Kenapa tak Amerika sahaja? Sbb yg paling jahatnyer Amerika. Relevan kalau Amerika yg kena, tentulah pihak2 lain akan ckp sibuk jaga org lain die sendiri tak terjaga negera dia. kan? Jadi possibilities utk bawa keluar tentera bukan lagi besar ke?
- Betul ke Kumpulan Jihad Senyap Al-Qaeda is part of the movement? atau sebenarnyer movement pihak lain?
- Is America is so powerful sehingga takde org boleh buat cenggitu kat tempat mereka? (OK fine..terlupa ttg fakta 11/9 tapi fakta 11/9 juga menunjukkan konspirasi terancang oleh org2 tertentu yg cuba memburukkan imej umat slam. Dlm ertikata lain, org lain buat org lain kena.)

oh, terlupa pula. Amerika dah byk kali kena 'serangan' cuma tidak dihebohkan sahaja.. Dunia dunia..ape nak jadi yer... Kalaulah ade kelas belajar gune senjata, saya rasa saya nak daftar sama.. Manalah tau esok lusa sudah perlu benar2 berjihad angkat senjata di Malaysia ni..

Sedang belajar utk menyelidiki sebelum membuat keputusan..

Amerika mahu mengadakan rundingan dengan al-Qa'im; Mujahiddin menetapkan syarat
Sat, 16 Apr 2005 04:30:16 -0000

Selepas kegagalan Amerika menawan kembali bandar al-Qa'im secarapaksa pada hari Rabu dan diikuti peristiwa mereka dihalau dengancara yang memalukan, kini tentera AS memohon untuk mengadakan rundingan dengan pemimpin bandar dan mujahiddin telah menetapkan syarat-syarat untuk berunding.

Wartawan Mafkarat al-Islam melaporkan bahawa selepas kegagalantentera AS untuk menyerang bandar al-Qa'im dan menawannya dari empat penjuru, mereka telah menggunakan pembesar suara pada hari Khamis agar dapat mengadakan rundingan dengan pemimpin di bandar tersebut.

Wartawan di bandar melaporkan bahawa para mujahiddin telah memanggil kesemua pemimpin puak bertujuan untuk membincangkan mengenai permintaan Amerika itu.

Mujahiddin telah menetapkan syarat untuk berunding

Wartawan Mafkarat al-Islam melaporkan dari al-Qa'im bahawa tenteraAS telah mengaku bahawa mereka telah kalah pada hari Rabu untuk menyerang bandar al-Qa'im. Kekalahan tersebut berlaku setelahberlakunya pertempuran sengit sepanjang hari di mana sebahagian besar dari anggota mereka, 400 buah kereta kebal, artileri,helikopter dan pesawat telah menyerang bandar tersebut habis-habisandari empat arah. Pejuang mujahiddin masih dapat mempertahankan kedudukan mereka dan pada petangnya tentera AS terpaksa berundur keluar bandar.

Pada hari Khamis, wartawan Mafkarat al-Islam memetik seorang major tentera merin AS telah berkata bahawa mereka tidak berjaya menawanbandar tersebut akibat dari serangan hebat oleh pejuang mujahiddin, yang beliau rujuk sebagai 'lelaki bersenjata'. Mereka berkata bahawa mereka terpaksa berundur kerana memikirkan keselamatan orang awam,walaupun kita mengetahui bahawa perkara tersebut tidak pernah terbayang di kepala mereka kerana mereka telah meletupkan tangki simpanan air dan depo makanan dan juga mereka telah menembak ke arah wanita dan kanak-kanak yang cuba mendapatkan air dari sungai Furat.

Semalam, pejuang mujahiddin telah meletupkan kumpulan tentera AS di luar bandar dengan menggunakan 32 roket dari berbagai jenis termasukKatyusha, Grad, missile Tariq dan mortar. Serangan tersebut telah menyebabkan tentera AS terpaksa bertaburan lari ke utara dan timur bandar al-Qa'im.

Sementara itu, mesyuarat pejuang mujahiddin di bandar telah memutuskan bahawa bersetuju mengadakan runding dengan tenteraAmerika pada pagi esok dengan syarat tentera Amerika menerima syaratyang mereka tetapkan. Syarat-syaratnya adalah seperti berikut:

• Tentera AS mesti berundur enam kilometer dari sempadan al-Qa'imsemasa rundingan tersebut dijalankan.

• Pesawat tentera AS mestilah menghentikan penerbangannya di sekitarbandar.

• Tentera AS mestilah mendedahkan jumlah anggota mereka yang telahterbunuh dalam pertempuran pada hari Rabu an Selasa melalui stesenradio

Pertubuhan kemanusiaan mestilah dibenarkan membawa masuk bekalanmakanan dan perubatan kepada penduduk bandar tersebut.

Wartawan melaporkan bahawa tentera AS masih belum menjawab syarattersebut pada masa laporannya dikirimkan. Oleh itu kadaan di bandaral-Qa'im agak tenang sekarang ini.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Ok, hold on.. before u feel like Ewwwww..or Awww.. or *err* -spicy name.. Pls listen to me first, will ya?:P

When i was a little bit younger (i mean yeah, i'm still young when that younger age was most probably between the last 11-20 years :P ), people used to call me with my fullname: Zulaikha (or is it zulaika?:D). Among very2 close (limited) friends who oftenly called my name, they just make it shorter by calling me Zue. At house, i am kak long/along. Di kampung abah sebelah Pahang, people (cousins+pakcik+makcik+Arwah atuk+ wan [nenek]+sedara mara) panggil saya Zu. Thus in the early age of my life, most of people i met either called me Zulaikha or Zu, seldomly (very2 seldom.. 1 in 500 ppl i met i guess) called me ika.

So, when is it that this Ika came out? I was in form 3 when i sat infront of a girl named Suhaila whose shorter name is Sue. Both of us always confused whether ppl were calling my name or her name (Sue ke Zue?). So, when i entered boarding school, the person sat next to me was Surida which happened her shorter name is Sue. Thus in order to avoid confusion (remember, according to psychologist theory, human beings learn from history.. See the history?:P) , i changed my name to Ika. Mind you that this Surida and another friend, Baytee are friends from prev same school. And their reaction knowing that i changed my name? HAhahha mmg gelak abis2ler (Siti, i believe they felt the same you feel now). Tapi diorang takleh nak gelak sgt, because diorang berdua je yg tahu. All other person ckp kat diorang balik, ape yg salahnyer dengan nama ika? and they seems to unable to answer it. So, i win.

Then, masuk Unitele, i introduced myself as Zulaikha and asked ppl to 'choose-urself-whichever-convenience' shorter name: Zulaikha, Zu or Ika. It happened to be one of the friend who also called me Ika found me and shout my name:Ika. So bile org lain dengar ade org yg dah lama kenal panggil ika, jadiler nama saya Ika. Sampailaa ni.. Masa nak tukar tu, tertahu plak ade sorang kakak tu nama die pun Zulaikha and org panggil die Kak Zu. So sebab taknak confuse (so many confusion dlm my life kan.. ish.), saya pun stick with the name Ika.

Tapi jujurnya kan, kdg2 saya rasa Ika tu tak sesuai utk saya. Sbb mcm lembut sgt orgnyer (jiwanya?). Kdg2 bile selalu org panggil dgn nama Ika (panggilan tu kan satu doa) saya rasa berbeza masa jadi dgn nama Zu. Masa jadi nama Zu tu, saya seorg yg bijak memendam rasa dan rahsia. Tak ramai yg leh tahu apa dlm hati saya. Nama Zu tu juga mcm ade satu semangat yg kuat utk melakukan sesuatu. Nama Ika? Hmm..lebih kepada kekuatan berkomunikasi (tarik perhatian org?:P) tapi perangai/character dgn nama Ika kdg2 (mmg sgt sebenarnyer) mempengaruhi sensitiviti/cepat sensitif, prasangka ntahapa2 saya.. And realllyyyy byk ckp. (i don't know how to cut part of that). Cuma yg tak hilang rasanya, ckp cepat?:P

I do miss sometimes old friends who used to call me Zulaikha to call me the same name forever. But now they also started to call me Ika. I feel high (not to the extreme, but pleased) when sometimes they called me Zulaikha. Kenapa yer? Ntahlah..tapi herannya kalau Hany Fariza atau Siti Zurina memanggil..itu ada unsur2 'ugutan'.. so saya rasa cam lain sket.. hahahaha

errrs.. pjg plak cerite ari ni? heheh ke, sebenarnyer saya dah pernah cerite before this? Ermm..takpeler..refreshing memory:p.

In the end, it doesn't even matter!!! :))

So, pilihlah.. mana satu ek?;)

Thursday, June 30, 2005


I faced with quite terrible headache started from Monday evening, made me took one urgent leave on the Tuesday. Missplaced the medicine suggested by my doctor, i slept for more than 30 hrs in 36hrs. Luckily, at last (on the Tuesday nite) i found back the medicine. But then the effect was quite strong made me feel a little bit *erm how to say that, somehow looks like air-headed* for 2 days. Continuous headche for few days, and when i was almost recovered i feel how much i grateful when i am in a healthy condition... I should be more grateful. Al-Hamdulillah.

Contrary to my headache (or is it because of that), usually my working place are full of papers, files, documents etc (senang cerita macam sepah2 sikitlah). But this morning my colleague was suprised to see how clean and tidy (heheh) my workplace is (maybe a little bit messy now, but not as messy as usually). She betted that this evening it is going back as *normal*. hehehe i bets her that it is all depends on the work i need to do today. :P

And in return for the suprise, i received 2 pieces of currypuff (karipap) from her. Yeah yeah, alHamdulillah. My hunger has been demolished.

My apologize for unable to write as much as i did before. Time constraint for me, not being around my pc at a lot of time, have no new ideas to put down the words, and ... maybe now i surf ppl's blogs a lot, letting my blog un-updated. hehe lagi bestler kaco org dari dikaco kan ainul?:P

If i am missing in action again, thank you for dropping by. Thank you to those who silently read my blog and just informed me that they did visited my blog once in a while. :) Thank you my friends. May you gain some knowledge here. Insha-Allah i will try my best to do some updating at least sometimes in regular.

Godek godek..kemas2 brg2 lama ..looking for my TEKNIKA 1996 (majalah sekolah) so that i can post requested poem on *Apa-Apa* from brother yassir arafat (yassir, majalah tu tak jumpalah. Still waiting for you to email me poem Apa-apa tu:P ), instead i found a piece of typed words. On the other page, it wrote this:


First time listening to my *old* buddy (oh, no no..we are not old, it just the friendship age is long. We are still young..hahaha) read this words, i just like it.. the words sounds *plead* while at the same time *advice* and some *try to inspire*. Oh, do not ask me what is that mean by this word and that word (some of the words are arabics) as i don't know it also. HEheh sesape leh tolong translatekan certain part yg takde dlm kamus dewan? nanti saya upah belanja lunch ek?:P So here it is to share with you all...

To Brother Mizie, thank you. :)

So, here you are for this week (last but not least la..not sure esok leh update ke tak:) ):


Setelah melihat dunia di sana dan dunia di sini tiada lagi nilai nilai kehidupan yang mulia untuk diabadikan, tiada lagi contoh dan arah hidup yang bermatlamatkan keEsaan Tuhan dan mirip Rasul junjungan…

Hidup bertuhan tidak lagi jadi motto perjuangan. Hanya mahu mendewakan syaitan dan membesarkan nafsu. Lantaran itu, hidup bergelimpangan dengan dosa dan noda. Nilai hati dan budi musnah dan punah bersama haluan hidup yang semakin bercirikan kehaiwanan.

Di tengah-tengah itu angin yang sekadar sepoi-sepoi bahasa membawa mesej mengembalikan hidup insane bertuhankan Allah, bernabikan Muhammad SAW dan berkitabkan al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.
Angin itu melanda ke seluruh dunia.. Ia membawa mesej baru untuk umat di akhir zaman. Mesej yang membawa mereka ke alam yang terang dan gemilang. Mesej yang memberi erti kepada penghidupan di dunia yang sementara. Dan di Negara akhirat yang kekal selamanya!

Mesej itu pasti hadir….
Di gelanggang ini,
Kembara kami pernah melakar sejarah
Pada helaian episod zaman…
Kami pernah mengatur mujahadah nafsilah
Dalam halaqah zikrullah…
Kami pernah mencari hakikat harga sebuah perjuangan
Dalam halaqah usrah…
Dan kami pernah melukis warna keinsafan umat
Dalam halaqah tazkirah..

Wahai kuntuman iman
Kita masih menghanyut mimpi ke laut opera
Kita masih menghayun impi ke pentas seloka;
Kita lupa..
Sejarah peria-peria kita yang dibunuh
Dan senjata Hulago Khan tidak pernah malu
Mencincang rintihan Kota Baghdad
Sehingga Sungai Furat dan Tigris
Menghirut tinta dalam lakaran kenangan
Dan kita lupa!
Sejarah wanita-wanita kita yang disembelih
Di hadapan gerbang istana Baitul Maqdis
Sehingga darah melimpah ruah
Membasahi tangisan..

Wahai kuntuman iman,

Bekalkan mahkota ikhlas dalam istiqamahmu,
Serta mautziah hasanah dalam muamalahmu,
Oleh itu marilah kita cari sirah yang benar
Pulang ke asal bukan satu kekalahan
Maka carilah kemuliaan ukhrawi
Dan tanamlah bunga yang baru
Kelopakmu biarlah yang segar
Dahanmu biarlah yang gagah
Biar..biar lautan dunia sekali lagi
Melaung buat dunia ini
Bahawa kita masih punya
Wira segagah Salahuddin al-Ayubbi
Atau sehandal Thariq bin Ziyad

Dan lagak pak turut berkiblatkan nafsu
Pada hari ini..
Bukan lagi caranya.

Thursday, June 23, 2005



itulah yg saya rasa semenjak takde henpon ni.. blank kejap.. kire idea nak tulis blog pun semakin blank.. aiyarks.. so ape nak buat sekarang? tunggu sampai ade idea lah ek.. :P

so inilah gambar2 yg sempat saya upload ke pc sebelum hp hilang.. kongsi sama ya.. he he he

Nilah ofis tempat saya kejer.. uhuhu gambar waktu malam..

Gambar Birthday Girl of the Month..ahhaha

Ni pernah jadi teman baik masa kat kampung.. anak ex-jiran sebelah rumah yg petah berkata2.. namanya Izzati..panggil dia Adik shj..

Ni plak.. masa beberapa bulan yg lalu die pernah jadi buah hati saya.. err sekarang jadi buah hati mak die ajeler kot.. ehehe (kak lin, gambar lain tak sempat upload laa dah ilang pun.. isk, gambar ni jeler ade:D)

and.. gambar perempuan mana ntah ni..kat ofis die..hehehe:p

udah2ler tu... tunggu ade henpon kamera ler lenkali eks.. ehhee

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

One, Two, Three..

{** ONE **}
Penyejuk Jiwa, Penyembuh Duka...

Sekadar mengubat hati...

Note: The difference of meaning in every al-Quran verse is due to difference understanding/substitution of words in translating the meaning of the verse (but still each constituted the same meaning)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Malay: Bukankah Kami telah melapangkan bagimu: dadamu (wahai Muhammad serta mengisinya dengan iman dan hidayah petunjuk) ?
YUSUFALI: Have We not expanded thee thy breast?
PICKTHAL: Have We not caused thy bosom to dilate,
SHAKIR: Have We not expanded for you your breast,

Malay: Dan Kami telah meringankan daripadamu bebanmu (menyiarkan Islam)
YUSUFALI: And removed from thee thy burden
PICKTHAL: And eased thee of the burden
SHAKIR: And taken off from you your burden,
Malay: Yang memberati tanggunganmu, (dengan memberikan berbagai kemudahan dalam melaksanakannya)?
YUSUFALI: The which did gall thy back?
PICKTHAL: Which weighed down thy back;
SHAKIR: Which pressed heavily upon your back,
Malay: Dan Kami telah meninggikan bagimu: sebutan namamu (dengan mengurniakan pangkat Nabi dan berbagai kemuliaan)?
YUSUFALI: And raised high the esteem (in which) thou (art held)?
PICKTHAL: And exalted thy fame?
SHAKIR: And exalted for you your esteem?
Malay: Kerana sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan
YUSUFALI: So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
PICKTHAL: But lo! with hardship goeth ease,
SHAKIR: Surely with difficulty is ease.
Malay: Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.
YUSUFALI: Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.
PICKTHAL: Lo! with hardship goeth ease;
SHAKIR: With difficulty is surely ease.
Malay: Kemudian apabila kamu telah selesai (daripada sesuatu amal soleh), maka bersungguh-sungguhlah kamu berusaha (mengerjakan amal soleh yang lain),
YUSUFALI: Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,
PICKTHAL: So when thou art relieved, still toil
SHAKIR: So when you are free, nominate.
Malay: Dan kepada Tuhanmu sahaja hendaklah kamu memohon (hendaknya kamu berharap).
YUSUFALI: And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention.
PICKTHAL: And strive to please thy Lord.
SHAKIR: And make your Lord your exclusive object.

**English translation was taken from: http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran/094.qmt.html

** Khas utk org2 yg mengalami kesukaran. Moga2 kelak kesukaran kita digantikan dengan kemudahan. Amiin. Mizie, utk ko sama. Moga2 kan.. :p

{** TWO **}

Early in the morning (of which is the day i came couple of minutes late to office) i received this from one good friend (CT pun dpt kan?:P). Maybe, maybelah.. Betul kot? Heheh amat terpakai untuk saya. Tapi maybe la sebenarnyer pun belum bertemu jodoh yg sebenar. Allahu'alam.

TOP REASONS why LADIES today are still SINGLE
  1. The nice men are ugly.
  2. The handsome men are not nice.
  3. The handsome and nice men are gay.
  4. The handsome, nice and heterosexual men are married.
  5. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men, have no money.
  6. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men with money think we are only after their money.
  7. The handsome men without money are after our money.
  8. The handsome men, who are not so nice and somewhat heterosexual, don't think we are beautiful enough.
  9. The men who think we are beautiful, that are heterosexual, somewhat nice and have money, are cowards.
  10. The men who are somewhat handsome, somewhat nice and have some money and thank God are heterosexual, are shy and NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!
  11. The men who never make the first move, automatically lose interest in us when we take the initiative.

"Men are like a fine wine.They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into somethingyou'd like to have dinner with

{** THREE **}

Al-Hamdulillah.. Allahu Akbar...