Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mencari jawapan

{1} Siapa Sarah?

Puas sudah saya berfikir, siapa Sarah? Puas juga saya berteka-teki, bertanya kepada empunya cerita . Tapi masih belum bertemu jawapan.. Kucing, katanya bukan. Haiwan peliharaan, juga bukan.. Manusia? Lelaki atau perempuan belum ditentukan.. Saya fikir2 si penglipur lara ini dimensinya selalu berbeza, pasti sesuatu yang jauh melangkaui kebiasaan. :p

Boleh awak bantu saya? :D

{2} Lawatan Perdana

Osmet saya (baca: teman serumah) memanggilnya Incik J. Saya kira, ada juga yang memangilnya Mr. P. Sejak akhir2 ini saya lihat Incik J ini sering kali singgah di tempat saya. Aduhh, sukar juga saya kira sebabnya tidak tentu arah kalau dia datang melawat. Sudahlah begitu, datangnya beramai-ramai pula. Lepas satu, satu yang datang. Saya pusing kepala selalu.

Sudahnya hari Ahad yang lalu, dia datang lagi. Kali ini satu sahaja, tapi kerana tidak pernah menerima kunjungan yang begitu saya rasa terseksa. Amat! Sudahlah merah-merah warnanya. Makin hari, dia mengambil tempat yang makin luas, makin besar. Sudah bermacam-macam saya lakukan, namun dia masih di situ. Pulak begitu, dia kelihatan sangat nyata.. Semua yang lalu di sisi saya akan menegur tentang dia.

Uhuhuhuhu... apa patut saya lakukan sekarang?
Dia duduk bermukim di atas hidung.. taknak hilang2.. : ((
Incik Jerawat, cepatlah pergi!!

{3} Mimpikah saya?

Pelik.. tapi benar.
Sejak dua hari ini, saya lihat network kami membenarkan access ke semua laman. Pelik, tapi benar2 saya melihatnya. Wahh apa sudah jadi? Mereka terlepas tengok kah..atau mereka mmg sudah melepaskan untuk ditengok?

Apa2 pun.. yaaa saya akan berusaha untuk kerja dengan baik juga walaupun dugaan yang menarik itu banyak di depan mata.. Dugaan, dugaan..

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jangan Buat Lagi

[1] Kena Tegur

I have totally forgotten that we had our regional meeting this morning. My boss seemed to be frustrated as most of us did not turned up on time. I was the last to be in the meeting, 1/2 hr late due to unforeseen circumstances. Was being advice and alert on the important of being on time. Felt quite uneasy, as usually i have no problem to be on time. What is happening to me? Guess the motivation level is not to the par yet. I feel tired already...

[2] Young Ages..

Courtesy of Shizukana Studio

Take into account 5 things before the next 5.

It has been my wish to actually do something big or significant in my life before I turn 30. I wish i would be able to contribute something to the society. I am going to reach that age soon, but not so much progress, not so much things i have done. I feel I have not done anything yet. It seems that i have no planning yet, when i am actually running out of time...

Wish only, but no work is not something to be proud off, kan?

[3] Putrajaya

I thought i will be able to run away a while when i was there. Only then to realize that my time has been fully utilized. I have not had the chance to even walk around the hotel; only be at 3 places: level 3 - the lobby; level 1 - meeting room and hotel room (they were located in front of each other) and level 1 - coffee house area for breakfast/lunch/dinner. So, all the facilities: swimming pool, spa, sauna, health-house, gym - i was unable to identify the exact location yet.

The place is nice actually. Received feedbacks that the workshop has achieved its objective, that the workshop was the most focused and properly planned they had attended.. I feel all the sleepless hours, tiredness and efforts are worthwhile. Now it is time for the post-workshop work! (uhuhuh banyak juga keja, ingat dah sudah dah....)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Brief Introduction to a Scripture

[1] Pulau Lang Tengah
Last time i used to go on vacations with friends to Islands in Malaysia. Part of the trip is for snorkelling. I have not going to any island these few years (Pulau Langkawi and Nami Island in Korea not considered that island) and i am kind of missing the scenery.

Pulau Lang Tengah..

I really wish to go there now, but nobody is around to go with...

[1] A Brief Introduction to A Scripture
Received this in one of my mailing list; have not been active lately (or for a long time huuhuh) in the group. Hope i will be able to joining them back soon... Worth reading! : )


Written by alFaisal

Edited by Habibah Binti Abdul Razak
17 April 2008/
10 Rabiul Akhir 1429

Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, "It is the duty of every cultured man or woman to read sympathetically the scriptures of the world. If we are to respect others' religions as we would have them respect our own, a friendly study of the world's religions is a sacred duty."

If you do not agree that it is a duty, then just take Gandhi's words as an advice and consider it as one of the options for peaceful interfaith approach.

To me, the idea of a religion is reflected from every single message within its scriptures, since the scriptures are able to speak to us much more than what we can see from its followers. And yet Malaysia , for a country which is so rich with its multi ethnic and multi religion communities, is very lacking in people who would actually take the initiative to embrace the spirit of what Gandhi had called upon.

But not so for Ash. A man with brilliant thoughts, a good friend and my rap guru, he's the very first person I've known who has made a genuine effort to study the scriptures from other faiths. He's a Hindu and yet that does not stop him from reading the Bible and the Quran. I was only a young teenager back then, and I couldn't bring myself to even touch any scriptures other the Quran. There had always been a permeated sense of how taboo it is to read other religion's scriptures.

But as I grew up, I finally gave myself a chance to see what the scriptures besides the Quran have to say, to help me in understanding about other people's faiths. But it takes more than just a simple reading, having a clear perspective of the history and background of the scriptures is very important in understanding it.

For example, to read the verse of 1 Corinthians of the Bible and simply assume that the whole book was written by Jesus Christ, would be terribly erroneous and a severe case of ignorance. Lack of interest in research and exploring the background of a scripture would definitely lead the reader towards confusion and misconceptions.


This is an invitation to learn briefly about Muslims' Holy Scripture, the Quran. You don't have to become a Muslim or a future Muslim to know this. Regardless of what your opinions are about Islam, you still have every right to know this information.

Quran is an Arabic word, which literally means 'the recitation' or 'the reading'. Muslims believe that it is the Word of God, which He had revealed to His Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. It was memorized by Prophet Muhammad and then was dictated to his companions.


Before analyzing the Quran or going deep into its history, a question should be asked. Are the words in the Quran that we have today exactly the same with the ones revealed to us through Prophet Muhammad centuries ago? This is an important issue to resolve, because there would be no point in discussing the Quran itself if what we have today has been changed from its revelation to the Muslims during the time of Prophet Muhammad.

In order to answer that question, we need to look into the methods on how the Quran has been preserved to this very day, which includes:

[1] Memorization

[2] Recorded in writing

It is through the combination of these two elements that has ensured the preservation of the Quran.


The literacy level in Arab back then was not like what it is today -- not everybody had the ability to write down the revelation. But everybody was able to recite the verses and commit them to memory.

Prophet Muhammad had encouraged his companions to learn and practice each verse of the revelation and transmit it to others. To recite the Quran regularly is an encouraged act of worship. Besides that, it is also compulsory to recite the Quran in the daily ritual/prayers called 'solah'. In other words, the verses of Quran were repeatedly recited by the believers, memorized and used in the daily prayers (solah). And everything that I have just mentioned is still happening to this day.

During the time of Prophet Muhammad (even before it), memorization was like a second nature to the Arabs. Dr. Michael Zwettler, an expert in Classical Arabic language and literature, as well as in pre- and early Islamic culture and civilization had mentioned:

"The poetry of Arabs, in the ages which preceded the rise of Islamism, was perpetuated by oral tradition; for in ancient times, when writing was not used or scarcely used, memory was exercised and strengthened to a degree now almost unknown."

If it has crossed your mind on how impossible it is to memorize the whole Quran, consider this. Today, when the literacy level is far better than centuries ago, we still have hundreds of thousands of people who memorized the whole Quran. And each Muslim would definitely memorize at least one or two Surah (chapter) from the Quran.

For the early Muslims among the companions of Prophet Muhammad, it was much easier for them to memorize since the Quran took approximately 23 years before the entire revelation came to an end. With the Arabs' memorization culture and the capacity of time in over two decades for them to absorb the Quran, nothing is impossible.


Other than the companions who had followed Prophet Muhammad in reciting the text by heart, there were also some of them who were able to read and write. Those companions had acted as scribes and wrote down the verses. Prophet Muhammad was unlettered, he did not know how to read and write, and therefore he called upon numerous scribes to write for him.

But the Quran that was recorded in writings during the the time of Prophet Muhammad was not in the form of a book. The materials used to record the verses were many – stones bark of trees, wood, cloth and various other things. The task of collecting Quran as a book was undertaken by Abu Bakr, the leader of the Muslims after Prophet Muhammad's death.


Below are the simplified chronicles on how the Quran was compiled into the form of a book.

Abu Bakr (the first Caliph and successor to the Prophet) had ordered Zaid Bin Thabit to collect the Quran into one manuscript six months after the death of Prophet Muhammad. It was suggested by Umar al-Khattab (who would later become Abu Bakr's successor), worried about the great number of Qurra (memorizers of the Quran) who had been killed during the battle of Yamama.

A committee was formed to complete this task of collecting the written Quranic material in the form of a single book, led by Zaid Bin Thabit himself. The compilers had insisted on very stringent criteria when it came to examining the written material that had been submitted to them as a safeguard against any errors.

This manuscript of the Quran remained with Abu Bakr until he died. It was then passed on to and remained with Umar al-Khattab (successor to Abu Bakr). After Umar al-Khattab died, the manuscript stayed with Hafsah, Umar's daughter and wife of Prophet Muhammad.

The copy of the Quran that was prepared and compiled by the committee had also included the list of memorizers of the Quran who had been unanimously approved by the Muslim world. If the committee had made the slightest error, tens of hundreds of the Qurra (memorizers of the Quran) would be able to notice and correct it.

That is how the memorization and written records of the Quran complement each other, offering a check and balance method in preserving the Quran from any slight change or error during its compilation.

Until to this very day, anyone who tried to create a false Quran will fail miserably because any error is easy to be detected by the Muslims. Even if entire copies of the Quran today are burned until there's no copy left in the whole world, there's no worries at all since we would still have the 'copies' in the heart of those who memorized the whole Quran.


First of all, a person who studies the history of Islam should be very clear in making the distinction between Caliph Uthman and the caliphs of the Ottoman Empire . I've encountered who have made this mistake, when they heard Caliph Uthman had made an official copy of Quran in the Quraishi dialect (the dialect in which the Quran was revealed to the Prophet and was memorized by his companions), they thought he was one of the caliphs from Ottoman Empire.

Quran was originally revealed in the Quraishi dialect of Arabic. But God then revealed the Quran into seven dialects to facilitate the people who did not speak other dialects. During the time of Caliph Uthman (one of Prophet Muhammad's companions and the successor to Umar al-Khattab), the differences in reading the Quran among the different tribes were getting obvious. The situation worsened when each tribe started claiming that their way of reciting was the correct one.

Uthman then took a proactive approach by making an official copy of Quran in the Quraishi dialect. It should be noted that this compilation of the Quran by the Uthman Committee is not a new version of Quran. It is still the Quran with the same message that what has been revealed by God through Prophet Muhammad, and the purpose of this new copy is simply as an official standardization of the dialect.

In order to accomplish this, Uthman had asked Hafsah for the copy of the manuscript that had been compiled during the time of Abu Bakr so that he could compile the Quranic material in perfect copies. The early copy prepared by Abu Bakr served as the principal basis of the new one. He asked Zaid Bin Thabit again and a few other companions of the Prophet to rewrite the manuscript in perfect copies.

When it had been completed, Uthman sent the perfect copy to each major city like Makkah, Madinah, Damascus , Kufah and Basrah.

Uthman then proceeded to burn any other copies other than this final copy. Although the action was quite drastic, it was for the betterment and the harmony of the whole Muslim community. Uthman's action had also been unanimously approved by the companions of the Prophet.

BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5189938752205192802Uzbekistan - Holy Koran Mushaf of Othman

The final copy that had been perfectly compiled by Uthman can still be seen until today. The copy that Uthman had sent to Madina was removed by the Turkish authorities to Istanbul . The treaty of Versailles contains the following clause:

"'Article 246: Within six months from the coming into force of the present Treaty, Germany will restore to His Majesty, King of Hedjaz, the original Koran of Caliph Othman, which was removed from Madina by the Turkish authorities and is stated to have been presented to the ex-Emperor William II"." [Fred L. Israel, Major Peace Treaties of Modern History, New York, Chelsea House Pub., Vol. II, p. 1418]

The copy reached Tashkent in 1924 and it remains there until today. Visit the link below to see the news and UNESCO reports about the copy.

Tashkent's hidden Islamic Relic [click]

Uzbekistan - Holy Koran Mushaf of Othman (UNESCO) [click]


Sir William Muir in Life of Mohamet said, "There is probably no other book in the world which has remained twelve centuries (now fourteen) with so pure a text".

In Geschichte des Qorans (History of the Quran), the book written by Theodore Noeldeke, Friedrich Schwally (who had helped Noeldeke) had mentioned in the book, "As far as the various pieces of revelation are concerned, we may be confident that their text has been generally transmitted exactly as it was found in the Prophet's legacy."

I hope that this simple explanation and chronology of the history and background of the Quran would help my brothers and sisters from other religions to have a quick understanding about the Quran. I have tried my best not to burden readers with heavy historical facts and quotes. More personal research and endeavor are greatly encouraged for those who would like to gain more information than what I have shared here.

Galileo Galilei said, "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scary Movie

[1] Seram <--gimmick only

Some people in my office called me using my full name.
For me, calling me with my full name at most time giving me special feelings. Well, usually it will be the teachers or instructors/lecturers in the class calling the full name from the attendance papers; or my mom when i seems to ignore her message whilst she is talking to me or asking for my assistance. Some dear friends who are closed to me (especially this MakYong who seems to be on a really long-vacation from blogging) used this technique to get my attentions. They were really amused to see my reaction!

Typically, when my full name is being used i will feel the adrenalin goes up in my blood level, increasing my alert and automatically turn my head (no matter what i am doing at that point of time) towards the sound. But lately, one thing that make me feel a bit confused is that i heard my full name is being called by someone only then to figure out i did not see anyone there. Or no one is actually look at me indicating they are the one who called me. Did someone try to play a prank on me? I don't think so. The office is too busy nowadays to play this thing on people.

Considering my full name as a special name (hahaha perasan la pulak) where i am the only one there with that name, i do not think that i am hallucinating someone is calling me. or do i? hmm.. again, i sounds like i am lost.

Oh, please.. do not start to frequently calling me with my full name now... you are going to give me a heart attack!

[2] Kalau tak suka, pulangkan..
Pagi2 sabtu membaca blog Sikulat boleh membuat hati menangis.. Tak tahu lah samada cerita betul atau rekaan. Ada mesej yang hendak disampaikan. Sometimes, we never satisfied of what we have. Comparing things with others, feel unreasonably shames for something that is not that bad, setting standard higher above than the sky .. I did that on myself before. Years ago, when i felt too much pressure and gave too much as well to people around me. I learnt to accept things happen in 2 conditions, one we can control and one we cannot control. I feel more relaxed, and appreciate things better. At least, malas nak ambil pusing on small matters.

Now, i think i am more considerate. To the fact that one of the things i cannot control is my habit of falling down in front of many people. It happened so many time, at the LRT station escalator, at the IKEA, in front of the hospital.. uhuks. *malu nih* That will be the reason i said i want my life partner to be taller than me so that i can hide behind in case it happens in future (provided that life partner boleh buat muka relaks whenever i fall down la kan.. kalau tak, tukar orang! hahahaha)

Ops.. this does not serve the topic.. abaikan ajelah saya mengarut ni... :P
Anyway, kalau rajin pergilah baca cerpen ni di sini

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mencari Makna

[1] My Dear Friend
I have been receiving quite a number of question asking me who is her. Maybe to the fact that most of people here are somewhat related to each other, having someone considered 'new' to their eyes will spark some interest. he he he.. I guess it is the time for me to introduce another friend of mine to you all.

Cik As.
(Minta kebenaran ya..cik punya badan, promote sket:P)

We met in 2003/2004 (i cant remember the year) in a routine of 3 months-once- a-week-class of interfaith class. Cik As is not a person from the same school, university, company or home town with me.

We strengthen our friendship relationship through enhancement classes, chatting, changing of ideas on net, towards blogging. I was so excited and happy (and still actually) when she informed her wish to join bloggers, as i think she has a lot in her mind that is valuable to be shared. I am never wrong on this part actually, because (now it seems i declared it publicly:P) i love the way she writes and present her writings. one of the person that makes me enjoy reading her words, and always waiting for her updates.

In a way, i observed she and Pn Hany shared the same value. Who said engineers cannot express their feeling well, because these two ladies tell they are different from the generalization assumption. Oh, yes ladies. I also think that you too can be good friends. ;)

Lain2 tu rasanya , biarlah cik punya badan yang ceritakan. Rajin2lah melawat dia di situ.. Ya Cik As, kenal2kanlah diri.. mereka semua ni peramah. tak makan org. eheheh

[2] Mencari Makna Dalam Diri
"Tidak dijadikan jin dan manusia kecuali untuk beribadat kepada Allah SWT"

The last few days i felt like i just awaken from a long dream. I knew that i was not dreaming all this time, i knew i was awake. It is just that suddenly you have this kind of feeling, and it goes like *blink*. And i started to ask question that i have not asked myself for years. "What am i?".

I am lost.

I guess i am going to start my journey soon, to find my way, to search for myself.
I hope i will find my destination soon.

Mencari makna dalam diri. Mencari makna dalam jiwa.

[3] Alert
How do i supposed to know if someone needs my update or if it is ok i don't update for a while? Just like i used to be... Sometimes i will ignore my own blog visiting others blogs, one day they do not update their blogs and i said if they are all right, when later i figured out people indirectly in their emails or conversations or sms inform me if i have 'retired' from blogging. The shoutbox has been blocked. I have no intention to replace it at the moment. So, in case i have been idle for a long time and you wish to see some updates would you please shout at my comment box and i will try to scratch my mind to share anything with you?

[4] Updates on Life
I will be having a business workshop one-week next week in Putrajaya, going to stay there through out the week... Really hoping i will be able to motivate myself back after the event. So, any good suggestion to do there? :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008

opss.. I did it again

Related link: Kisah Pelbagai

I am not sure how do i updated this.
But basically it was quite an adhoc decision. I received SMSed at 6.30 in the morning from Cik As asking if we want to meet or i have the intention of going to the KLIBF; and i decided to say OK because after reading Hany's blog i feel like having my own book of Ibn Battutah.

And then.. There i was with Cik As, went to Hall 2 (the place i missed on my last visit); it was my luck actually (or is it because Cik As' luck that thrown into me) i got special price (really special!) on Ibn Battutah's book. Thanks a lot to the person at the booth, because of him i managed to buy more books.

Here is my other book lists, on top of previous visit:

From bottom:
1. Pengembaraan Ibn Battutah
2. Sejarah Rasul Ulul Azmi Terbesar : Nabi Muhammad by Tarikuddin Haji Hassan
3. Magazines (price at Rm1/mag):
a) Milenia Muslim (Feb 2008) Cover Story: Hentikan Sensasi Media Malaysia-Indonesia
b)Aniqah Feb 2008 Cover Story: Kanser di kalangan kanak2
c) Forward OCt 2007 Cover Story: Malaysia's Invicisble Street Children
d) Forward Nov 2007 Cover Story: In the Crosshairs:Muslim Charities
e) Forward Feb 2008 Cover Story: Siti Hasmah shining bright under Tun's shadow
4. Kaum-kaum yang pupus by Harun Yahya
5. Detektif Indigo Kembali (3rd series of remaja indigo) by FT
6. CD Muhammad Utusan Terakhir
7. CD Raihan Rangers
8. CD Ana Muslim (Singer Cheb Ali)
9. Free CD on A Call To ReOpen: The Sept. 11 Investigation - Confronting The Evidence

Well, supposed i want to take picture with the winner of Calon Menantu Episod 1 (met him at the Saba booth) , but i managed to snap a photo with FT only.. Courtesy of Cik As' camera as i did not bring my camera.

So i guess..i am really broke now..
Anyone to offer me lunches for a week or two, perharps?

Missing him

"Yom, Jom!"
That will be one of his favourite quotes at all time, for me.
I would have to call him everyday, or else if he is the one who called me, i will be disturbed by at least 3-4 times a day. So, if i were the one to start first, we will talk at most once a day, or seldomly max twice a day.

I did traveled every week just to see him. Especially when he made the phone call and call my name with the soft sound "Yom..." ; and i felt like flying to him now and then. Now, i barely had enough time to go back seeing him.

I enjoyed very much hearing stories he keeps on repeating my name at home when he is playing by himself. I played hide and seek with him, over the phone and he did actually searching for me when the people around him asked him what he is looking for by leaving the phone there. (ha ha ha).

His loves for airplane started with me. He associates anything on plane on me. So does the sea and the sky, and Ultraman, and Shreek and CalCium! He talks on fish with me. He imitates my words, he repeats sounds i made, he shouts telling my mom i'm back when he sees me at the front door. He eats what i eat, make my mom confused because he usually does not want to eat it. He sleeps like me (when i was small:P).

And today he is TWO.
Yes, i am missing him today.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Better Days

After several months and weeks of highly tense atmosphere ; plus the non-productive , almost non-existence ability to perform and 'i can't think straight now, let me clear my cloud first' things..

These two days seems to show better lights on my work here. I feel more productive, as i managed to complete more tasks and doing more things, getting used to some pace.

Well, except to later time in the afternoon.. But then, it is all right.
Today, I achieved better than my own expectation. :p

Thursday, April 10, 2008


[1] Hampir Kemalangan

(gambar hiasan)

Pagi tadi sewaktu melintas jalan menuju ke LRT, saya hampir2 'accident'. Sebuah motor tiba2 memecut di waktu saya hampir tiba ke hujung jalan, bilamana motor di hadapannya sudah pun berhenti/memperlahankan enjin.

Apalagi, hampir berlaga kami. Saya terkena di bahu, nasib baik ada lemak-lemak yang melindungi tidak ada apa2 berlaku pada saya. Motor tersebut terjatuh dan terbalik..

Sedikit sakit di bahu dan belakang lengan kiri, tapi saya berlalu pergi sahaja. Sudahlah orang sangat ramai sewaktu itu, saya tidak tahu apa yang berlaku kepada si pembawa motor itu.
Setakat ini, kecederaan luar tidak ada. Tetapi kecederaan dalaman dan kecederaan-kecederaan yang lain tidak dapat dikenalpasti.. huhuhuh

Bersalahkah saya pergi begitu sahaja...

[2] Penyeluk Saku

Jiwa masih berdebar-debar di dalam sewaktu menaiki LRT. Sampai di Ampang Park, tiba2 seorang pakcik di belakang saya menjerit "Hoi!" Lepas itu diikuti suara seorang perempuan "sH*t!" dan kemudian orang bergegas keluar diikuti suara pakcik itu sekali lagi "cepat! Cepat!" . Rupanya seorang lelaki telah membuka beg perempuan itu, dan mengeluarkan dompet dari beg tangannya. Saya yang masih terpinga2 kerana kejadian awal, jadi sedikit tergamam dengan kejadian kemudian. Orang ramai terpinga2 juga.

Tidak tahu apa jadi pada perempuan itu, tapi saya berharap dia sempat mengejar si penyeluk saku itu , mendapatkan balik purse tangannya serta penyeluk saku itu ditangkap polis..

Macam-macam hari ini..

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lempengku Hangus

Sepatutnya saya menulis tentang ini sejak lama dulu. Sebulan yang lepas. Namun, sebulan itu macam-macam perkara telah berlaku membuatkan saya tidak dapat memikirkan dengan baik bagaimana menulisnya.

AlHamdulillah, sudah sebulan hampir kita selesai pilihanraya. AlHamdulillah tidak ada apa-apa perkara buruk yang berlaku setakat ini hingga melibatkan rusuhan, tumpahan darah dan pergaduhan kaum yang kritikal walaupun dilihat pada awal media massa kita seolah-olah mengapi-apikan isu perkauman.

Teringat kata-kata ini, tentang janji Allah bahawa apabila satu kaum berada dalam kemungkaran dan di antara mereka ada yang menginginkan kebenaran , Allah akan gantikan kaum itu dengan kaum yang lebih baik kerana mereka mencintai Allah dan mencintai kebenaran. Doa saya sejak lama dahulu bertahun-tahun sebelum pilihanraya sekali lagi supaya Allah melindungi saya daripada orang-orang zalim, menjadi zalim dan berada bersama golongan yang zalim. Jadi bagi saya, tidak kisah dari mana asalkan bukan orang-orang yang zalim kerana Rasulullah sendiri pernah berpesan supaya takutkan doa-doa orang yang dizalimi. Mereka tiada hijab antara Allah. Doa mereka kepada orang yang menzalimi mereka akan terkena kepada orang-orang yang zalim dan juga mereka yang bersama dan menyokong kezaliman itu. Allahu’alam. Saya bukan ingin menceritakan soal perihal zalim di sini, sebab saya bukanlah ilmuwannya.

Apa yang ingin saya sentuhkan di sini sebenarnya adalah tentang sewaktu di awal pembentukan kerajaan negara kita ini banyaknya orang yang berasa risau. Risau kerana sewaktu itu kita sendiri tidak boleh menyangkakan apa yang akan berlaku, risau kerana terlalu banyak dimomokkan yang bukan-bukan oleh media kita. Ya, saya kira mereka tidak salah. Kita menilai dengan apa yang berada di sekeliling kita. Cuma bezanya sebahagian menilai sehingga ke akar umbi, dan sebahagian menilai dari atasnya sahaja.

Melihat sejarah negara kita, contohnya Melaka (tidak, bukan kerana saya orang yang tinggal di Melaka, tapi kerana sejarah itu sudah terbukti). Kita fikir bukankah masa itu begitu ramai manusia di Melaka, dari segenap pelusuk tempat. Bukankah masa itu semua dilayan saksama, semua dilayan seadilnya kerana bagi sesiapa sahaja yang berada di bumi Melaka waktu itu dianggap berada di bawah naungan Melaka dan berhak dilayan di bawah undang-undang Melaka. Bahkan ada yang membina penempatan di Melaka. Adakah orang-orang Melaka takut perniagaan mereka hilang, atau tanah mereka hilang , atau harta mereka dicuri orang? Tidak,kan. Bahkan ramai juga yang bercampur –gual dengan musafir-musafir pedagang, berkahwin dan beranak-pinak sehingga darah Melayu ini sudah pelbagai.

Mengapa tidak takut di hati mereka? Kerana itu janji Allah selagi mana mereka mengikut sebaik-baiknya hukum Allah dan tidak melakukan kezaliman, Allah akan menguatkan mereka. Kalau diikutkan sejarah Melaka secara halus kita melihat ada unsur-unsur kezaliman yang ketara kepada Allah dan rakyat jelata, maka seluruh negeri tunggang terbalik. Apapun, sekali lagi. Saya bukan sejarahwan.

Jadi kalau sejarah sudah membuktikan kemampuan kita, jangan takut. Kalau kita pegang kuat-kuat pada ayat-ayat Allah, maka inshaAllah kita harus mempercayai selagi mana kita mahukan kebenaran kerana Allah maka Allah akan mempertahankan kita. Dan jikalau kelak Allah ganti dengan kaum yang lebih baik setelah kaum yang terdahulu tidak berusaha menjadi baik, maka kita harus mempercayai dan berdoa kita termasuk dalam kaum yang lebih baik itu supaya kelak kita tidak hancur. Untuk itu, kita juga perlu berusaha untuk menjadikan diri kita lebih kuat dan lebih baik, seperti kisahnya yang disebut dalam sejarah kita...

Oh, ya.. lempeng saya sudah hampir hangit kerana menulis ini.. Sekali lagi, saya bukanlah tukang masak yang baik.. :p

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Long Leave

Had 4 consecutive days on leave make me wish to have another 4..

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kisah Pelbagai

[1] Kisah Awan

kisah ini,
kisah diawangan.
pada dua dan yang menghampiri lapan,
tiada padanya keliru atau resah.
kerana awan itu..

dah sungguh,
tidak tersangkakan,
tiba pada dua dan yang menghampiri lapan.

kisah ini.
masih panjang ceritanya,
kerana awan tak pernah berhenti satu di tempatnya.

[2] Kisah KLIBF 2008

Took leave, and went there on 4/4/08, when the ladies friend pushed me to buy a book: Surat Ungu Untuk Nuha by Noor Suraya. They highly recommended this book.. Seeing the book at first, i have this kind of look on my face. I would consider myself quite a 'heavy reader', and i touched story like this once in a while only. But as Aida stressed out i will like it, so i just give it a try. I was lucky indeed, the writer was there.. She signed the book for me with this message:

Salam sayang buat Zue Ika,
Benarkah tidak semua laut akan menemui pantai?

Noor Suraya.

i don't have the answer.. do you?

p/s: Aida eyes go green on me.. ahhahaha kalau tidak ibu2 mau pulang cepat, dan saya dah start sakit kepala , tentu dah minta mereka pulang dulu nak beli buku lain..

ok, ini buku2 yg saya beli..

1. A-Z Sulaman Manik (jgn tanya kenapa beli, sebab saya pun tak tahu..hahahah)
2. Siri Tokoh Cendekiawan Islam by Sulayman Fayyad:
a. Ibn Battutah Pengembara Islam
b. Ibnu'l -Awwam Tokoh Pertanian
c. Jabir bin Hayyan Ahli Kimia
d. Ibn Malaka Tokoh Ilmu Kinetik
(mmg cita2 nak kumpul kisah2 mereka ni, mana tahu boleh guna kemudian hari. buku nipis2 oklah utk orang2 yg lambat membaca macam saya:D )
3. Yang Bernama Cinta (beli nak cukupkan kuota masuk pertandingan cabutan bertuah, tapi tgk2 bahasa dia pun ok..)
4. 366 Cerita Rakyat Malaysia ( nak baca pada anak buah..hehehe tapi saya pun dah habis terbaca cerita rakyat Iran, 3 biji limau, mcm best jugak..:D )
5. Badai Semalam by Khadijah Hashim (percaya tak, hanya RM2 aje..)
6. Rona Bosphorus by Zaid Akhtar
7. Surat Ungu Untuk Nuha by Noor Suraya

Banyak buku saya tak sempat beli, buku Astronomy di MPH penuh bergambar, cuma RM40 aje. Buku Pengembaraan Ibn Battutah (nampak Hany ada beli.. hint hint * nak pinjam nanti2* ehhehe) , ingat nak cari juga buku yg Incik Rol reviewed, tak sempat cari. ada rasa nak pergi lagi, tapi tak tahu ler sempat atau tidak.. : )

Buku2 FT? saya menantikan Remaja Indigo, buku2 lain hampir semua dah ada kecuali Karbala..
Di tangan pun, banyak buku tak terbaca habis lagi.. Dibeli sejak beberapa bulan lalu adalah beberapa belas, dan baru habis beberapa.. wahahhaha adoii, baca cepat jgn tak baca..

[3] Kisah Kita

Dah buat kiraan Income Tax atau belum? Jangan lupa (termasuk yang menulis ini), tarikh tutup akhir bulan ini.. :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Without You..

I was speechless reading the comments in my previous entry.
Thank you.
Such a short sentence, but means infinity in my heart.
Never had i received such a long comments, as if you people were there.
And i did not thought that i am actually that great as described by you. he he he. yeah, yeah, some of you really can be good motivators. Jom bukak motivation company sendiri nak?

Ni yg bersemangat nak sambung belajar ni..chewahh..
Tak sempat nak update blog lagi, but this is specially dedicated for you, all my friends..especially those put down their comments in this blog and in their hearts. i can sometimes read people's hearts too ;) Well, after all I just can't smile without you... ;)

p/s: This is a song only. If you cant hear it, sing it by your heart with the lyric down here..

Can't Smile Without You

You know I can't smile without you
I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel sad when you're sad
I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile without you

You came along just like a song
And brightened my day
Who would have believed that you were part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away

And now you know I can't smile without you
I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel sad when you're sad
I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile

Now some people say happiness takes so very long to find
Well, I'm finding it hard leaving your love behind me

And you see I can't smile without you
I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel glad when you're glad
I feel sad when you're sad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile without you.