Monday, June 25, 2007

wish comes true? a wish, by the way?

i dont know where to start and what to write.
so many things happened in my life lately. well, somehow i am a kind of person with a lot of imaginations.

once, i imagined having a boyfriend who i am deeply in love but cannot made his decision on our relationship. feeling hurt, i left him - because there is nothing i can do, neither i can push people's heart... hopefully by being away from him i will be able to turn on a new page.. since then his life was in chaos, incomplete. only to realize how much i meant to him. in the end look for me, really hope to be back together.

yeahhh right!! watching to many romance movies/drama i guess..:P
somehow this wish. it is becoming true. only then the perspective is different.
a friend of mine already laughing out of her chair upon hearing my story.

i was thinking why cant them let me doing my job here, with freedom.

to make it short and simple. this is my last week in malacca.
i am being called back to KL last thursday at 4.40pm , and official letter landed on my table on friday, 10.50 am.

ok now where should i stay?