Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Kajang Pak Malau kajang berlipat
Kajang hamba mengkuang layu
Dagang Pak Malau dagang bertempat
Dagang hamba musafir lalu

Kalau ada jarum yang patah
Jangan disimpan di dalam peti
Kalau ada silap & salah
Jangan disimpan di dalam hati

Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah
Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
Hancur badan dikandung tanah
Budi yang baik dikenang jua

Tuai padi antara masak
Esok jangan layu-layuan
Intai saya antara nampak
Esok jangan rindu-rinduan

Musafir lalu pulang ke permastautinan…

Buah cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan
Saya budak (orang) baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan……………


Friday, November 18, 2005


It's already 8.48 pm..

Still in the office doing some work. (arrgh)
Al-Hamdulillah coz my stomach is full right now, have no worry about dinner already as our company just had our open day.

Dr Fadzillah Kamsah was here yesterday to give talk to my divison.
Gonna share with you people later about some of his ideas.
I've tried some, it seems to work-out. Not bad.

OMG.. i might need to come to the office tomorrow to do some work..
How am i going to go to all the open houses? uhuks....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tulisan Lama

Cerite ditulis sewaktu tgh bercuti..tapi tak sempat nak upload..
Bacalah yer spekulasi serong saya, tapi jgn percaya sgt... :))

Sunday, Oct 30th
Alor Gajah, Melaka

It has been four days I came back to my hometown. But I felt like I just came back yesterday. Uh, uh.. the plan did not went well. Lain yg dirancang, lain plak yg jadi. For sure, I slept a lot as if recharging my body during a long holidays, hope that I will have enough energy when I come back to office in 2 weeks time..

I type these words while waiting for the break-fasting on Sunday evening, and listening to the radio and pleasant sounds of birds chirping at the nearest tree .. aha, forget about the green leaves and colourful flowers from my mother’s small garden.. a pleasant evening..

Unfortunately, I seems to not having any ideas to talk about this time. Surprisingly, I seems to loose ideas and forget how to think and talk. I guess no wonder recently my boss asked me to think, and not to stop thinking.

Now I have to admit that I am a bit jealousy t Mr Rollie as I figured out he wrote a lot nowadays with a lot of topics, but I can’t find one that suits my thoughts now..

Hmmm hmmm..let see..

k. I found one suddenly. May I talk about one of the issues that is currently still a big interest in our society..? About Oil Price (Minyak)

Siti and I went to help Pn Hany at her home last Sunday by taxi where the taxi driver was so friendly talking and sharing his experiences and ideas with us. As he told siti not to look people with one eye only, he was a frequent traveler to few big foreign cities and countries such as Germany, UK, Italy etc. I did not underestimate people.

Part of our discussion was about the standard of living for Malaysian, This Uncle said that he brought a Germanian, who told him how lucky a Malaysian is as we are able to have more than two cars a home while he who people perceived as ‘rich’ even still using public transport back to his mother country. He said the price of oil there is much higher, thus it is cheaper to travel by public transport. For Malaysians, this Uncle said that whenever we have higher paid, we will opt for own transport resulting in severe traffic jams (we was stuck in a traffic jam at the Mid Valley when he said this). He then compared Malaysians with other citizens in Indonesian and India who have to pay higher amount for oil. Still, Malaysians are complaining for the hike price of oil, and traffic jams.

Maybe, maybe.. I have another view. But, not to argue a lot with people I just shut-up my mouth. Sometimes, silence is better. Sometimes, I may learn to listen instead of talk. Sometimes, I knew that I might learn something by just listening instead of talking. But, I still managed to split in the middle of the conversation by saying “sometimes, our public transport is not that reliable though”. Well, as usual it was just like angin lalu…

By the way, I am not trying to talk about the public transport matters, nor did I want to talk about comparison of oil prices between countries.. I believed a lot of people have been discussing these in their writings.

Seems like I am the only one believing that the oil price is going to decrease within 6-12 months. I have one theory here, but not sure whether it is reliable or not. As I mentioned, when everyone around me thinks that the oil price will still climbing I seems to think the other way around. Unless, if the people behind the speculation of oil price think otherwise. However, this is just MY speculation. MY thought. Perhaps it is logical, but it may not be true too…

Why I said such thing?
The Speculation Country is not the main Producer Country.

The speculation mostly came from Western (specifically from US), even about Pinatubo and Karakatoa which have not yet meletup can be the reason for speculation to increase the oil price. A natural disaster.

I talked about this with a friend of mine who is working in one of the oil company. We believed that part of the reason for the speculations is to retard the economic development in developing and 3rd countries- in which most of these countries are Muslim Countries. By increase the price of oil, small and medium industries will face difficulties to stay in the market for a long-term thus have to move out or close down. When these industries close down, the workers which are Muslims will be terminated. The living standard will be increased too and the people ability to buy things will decrease (declining of Consumer Price Index). In the end, the Muslims countries will stay as a poor country..

Now, the speculation country is facing with Beautiful-Names-Hurricanes; Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Alpha etc. And the effect was terrible. For the speculation country to be able to build up back the country, they need to circulate back the resources, money and generate back the economy. Since most industries still using petrol and gas to operate, the high price of oil will limits the production. So, for that needs the price of oil and gas need to be lowered.

I believed if the price of oil in the future is really declining (even though it may not been the same as before), the Producing Countries also play their part by increasing the supply. I believed that the cooperation from Asians Countries (which are being affected the most) will think on how to manage this increase.

Err.. did any of us pray to Allah SWT in Ramadhan hoping that the price of oil will decline? Why did only in the last day of Ramadhan that I thought about this other idea…? Errr….

(this posting was completed on Wednesday, 2nd Nov 05 in Lanchang, Pahang)


I made a vow to myself before not to lie anymore.

But yesterday, i broke my vow. I was bluffing to someone, for it was the easiest way to stop things from becoming worse.

God, please forgive me.

But, because of that i feel relieve.. Erks it is not supposed to be like that, isn't it?:p

Monday, November 14, 2005


Apart of the nice wedding, beautiful bride & bridegroom, small alumni.. someone asked me why I looked sad, as it was obviously seen even from far. Hopefully, nobody’s misunderstood it. I am happy for my friends’ wedding. I’m happy to meet all of you. But something happen in the middle of the event. I’ve lost something put under my responsibility by the pengantin under my own nose. It is truly sad. I apologize for that. Nasib baik pengantin cool. I am not sure whether they found the thing back or not. I hope and pray may they find it back.

Sorry ek kawan..

P/s: to all my readers, sorry ek. Tetibe 2-3 posting cam sedih jer bunyinyer..

Friday, November 11, 2005

Secret Recipes

Agaknya my previous posting secara tak langsung/sedar mempunyai unsur2 kesedihan berlebihan? : ) Apa2 pun, thanx all friends for your Doas for all the singles out there.. he he he.. sabar ek kenkwn, Quwatul Intizhor (Kekuatan Menunggu) ;)

OK. Since taknak menghampakan beberapa org pengunjung, di sini kite nak kongsi resipi mudah dan sedap melibatkan ikan.. hohohoho

Jenis Ikan yg Sesuai utk Masakan2 ini: Ikan Siakap, Ikan Kerapu

Ikan Berasa-Rasa (ubahsuai dr 3-Rasa)
Resipi ni gabungan 2-3 resipi ikan 3-rasa..

Bawang Besar
– dihiris bulat

Bawang putih
- dimayang halus

4-5 batang cili padi
- dipotong2

Sos Cili (dlm 3-4 sudu)
Sos Tomato (dlm 2 sudu)
Sos Tiram (dlm 3-4 sudu)
Sos Cili Thai (dlm 3 senduk)
Minyak Bijan 1-2 sudu (optional)

Cendawan Butang
-dibelah dua
Hirisan Nenas (Optional)

Garam secukup rasa
(but tak perlu garam sgt pun, sbb sos tiram dah memasinkannya)

1. Ikan dibersihkan dan digoreng dengan kunyit dan sedikit garam dlm minyak sampai garing. Abgkat, toskan dlm pinggan
2. Tumis bawang besar, bawang putih dan halia sekejap. Masukkan semua sos2 tu, kalau terlalu pekat tambah sedikit air.
3. Masukkan cili padi, cendawan butang dan nenas. Biar sehingga masak/mendidih.
4. Tuangkan kuah atas ikan.
5. Siap utk dimakan dengan nasi panas.. yum yum yum..

Ikan Kukus Special
(Ni secret recipe family ni tau.. usually kalau nak buat kena dtg rumah belajar, tapi takpeler kongsi ngan korang:p )

Bahan A:
Bawang Merah
Bawang Putih
- semua di atas ditumbuk halus

Serbuk Lada Putih/Lada Hitam
Sos Tiram
Bunga Kobis (Cauliflower) – potong kecil
Broccoli – potong kecil
Cendawan Butang – belah dua
Batang Saleri – potong serong

1. Campurkan bahan A dengan serbuk lada putih (atau gantikan dengan serbuk lada hitam. Guna salah satu atau sedikit lada hitam dlm lada putih sbb takut nanti ‘pedas’ sgt). Agak2 laa dlm 3-4-5 sudu..
2. Campurkan sos tiram. Kalau ikan siakap besar kat pasaraya dlm 300-400g tu, campurkan dlm 3 senduk sos tiram.
3. Lumurkan bahan semua tu ke atas/dalam ikan
4. Masukkan ikan dlm bekas untuk dikukus. Atau boleh juga guna aluminium foil letak di sekeliling pengukus buat macam bentuk mangkuk.
5. Masukkan sayur2 di atas ikan
6. Tuang sos tiram di sekeliling sayur2 dlm bekas.
7. Tutup pengukus. Masak dlm api sederhana dlm ½ jam. Lepas tu boleh dimakan. Usually mmg confirmlah dah masak time tu.

1. Usually sos tiram yg akan saya gunakan dlm ½ - ¾ botol
2. Jgn letak garam atau air sbb sos tiram akan memberi perasa kepada ikan, dan air akan terbentuk melalui pengewapan & dari ikan (mcm kelas sains plak)
3. Kalau suka rasa manis (mcm letak gula sikit), masukkan sebiji asam boi masa mengukus.

OK selamat mencuba dan menjamu selera!:D

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mix Feeling

I went to Along (Azreen) and Cheng (Hasry) ‘s wedding at Tangkak last Sunday. I brought my parents too; apart of the reason nak ajak mereka makan nasi minyak kawan, it was because I do not know how to reach there via public transport.. But I guess it was not a wise decision. Not now.

I left my parents to eat first while I went inside to meet Along- the Bride. I met Bush- the-Bride-mate and almost-8-months-pregnant-Gina. When Cheng arrived, I saw Tapai-the-Best-man, Ayil (the payung holder?), Rumeg-the-photographer, Rodek-the-actor and few other familiar faces.. Sorry guys, I dun really remember ur real names. I thought Ecah might be around since her husband came too, but I didn’t catch any sight of her. Along and Cheng looked beautiful and nice. Mcm tak percaya pula mereka berdua. Kalau dah jodoh kan. Apa2 pun congratulation to both of them.

So back to the story. I was standing in front of the main door looking at the newly wedded couple and then turned to look for my parents when I saw my father stood nearby. I went to my mom just to find out she seems to cry, surprised with her reaction I asked why she was crying. And she said, it was because of my father. My father told my Mom that most of my friends are married, and I look older now but still didn’t get married.

Pening jap kepala aku.

But after awhile, she was OK. I told her I am not the only one yg tak kawin lagi. Pengapit dua-2 single lagi. I told her too nak buat macamana, jodoh belum sampai. But my father said ‘ awak tu yg memilih sgt’. I kept quite.

Maybe next time I shouldn’t bring them around or I should look for my own car. Korang (kwn2 yg tak kawin lagi), if in the future I didn’t manage to come to your wedding(s) for unspeakable reason..sorrylah yer.

They worry either nobody wants me or I didn’t want to get married. Keep on questioning me who is my boyfriend and what kind of man I want. Nobody perfect, said them. I said yes. I am not perfect myself. Terlepas juga kadang2, nak cari yg boleh beri ‘cooling effect’.. he he he

Not really. But a little bit guilty for make them worries about me too much. A mix feeling between guilty and not guilty. Last sekali cuma boleh ckp Sabarlah mak, abah. Insha-Allah sampai jodoh nanti. My mom is the third in the family. My first auntie’s daughter have three children, my last auntie’s daughters who are younger than me have 3 children altogether. My father is the 2nd, my sister is married and now pregnant. My cousin the same age with me also pregnant now, and my older-sister-cousin is going to get married by earlier next year. I? Still like that, seems don’t bother about that.

I have passed the ‘test’.

I made target last time to get married earlier by the age of 24, or latest by 25. Since I am already passed my age of 25 (although it’s 25 years-and-1-month old) but still have not found the One, I feel a little bit relax now. Maybe because I dun have to push myself anymore to achieve the target. Life must go on, isn’t it. I put my wish to The Almighty Allah because He knew better than me. If it is good for me to get married, then marry me with someone who is good. If it is better for me not to get married, then make me a good someone and make my heart strong. Amiin. Insha-Allah apa pun keputusanNya, saya redha.

I remembered what Rasulullah S.A.W said to Abu Bakar when they were hiding themselves from Arab Quraisyh in a cave. La Tahzan! (Don’t be sad)- because Abu Bakar was sad if Rasulullah was found and killed, Islam will be demolished. But the Prophet also knew that Islam will win and rise up in the future. Similar case, I knew that now or later I will meet the one created for me because Allah already told us that He created things in pair. If not in this current world, it will be in the next ‘world’.

To my unmarried friends, don’t be sad. You all are not alone. Insha-Allah your time will come. Sooner or later. Insha-Allah. There are lots of thing for you to do and to occupy your mind. :)

Maybe I should ask my Mom to read La Tahzan (Jangan Bersedih)’s book that I bought last time, but have no time to read accept the first 20 pages… he he he

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Working Again..

First day masuk semula bekerja setelah bercuti lama…

Bila teringat dah pagi, semangat je nak bangun.. tapi bile ingat hari ni dah mula bekerja tiba2 terasa berat nak bangun… Isk.. Isk..

Agak sibuk sepanjang raya. Raya ke 2 & 3 paling sibuk, akhirnya pagi raya ke-5 saya demam. AlHamdulillah tgh hari dah ok balik. Dptlah berkemas balik ke KL ptg harinyer.. Itupun byk lagi rumah sedara-mara tak terpergi kerana most of the time hanya berada di rumah.. Byk juga SMS tak terjawab/lewat sgt jawab, panggilan tak berangkat.. Ada org ‘merungut’ nak bercakap waktu biasa sibuk bekerja, hari bercuti pun sibuk ‘bekerja’ juga.. hehehe insha-Allah time lepas ni takdeler sesibuk seminggu yg lepas:D

Ramai juga yg bertanya “Macamana raya? Happy? Seronok?” Jawapan standard sudah diberikan.. “Sejak saya kena kasi duit raya, dah tak seronok.. Mungkin seronok balik bile dpt ‘kutip’ duit2 raya tu..” hehe yeaa yea.. thanx for those who wished me luck for my ‘investment return planning’.. :P

Ok friends. Need to stop a while to read all the emails, and start working….