Thursday, August 28, 2008

How's Life

People said that my blog reveals a lot about what is happening inside me..
That it is easy to guess when i'm in a good mood, or when i do not have the motivation..
When i am upset or when i am inspired by something, someone or somewhat..
And those who are close to me said it is easy to say whether i have a complex deep thinking or that i am having an innocent simple brain execution.

I have never thought it is that easy to know me. :)

Anyway i understand that it has been quite a while (or is it that long?) i do not post anything inside here. Until recently i found out that i will go blank when i am trying to type the words. Surprisingly, i forget how to write! (and share things with people?)

Well, things may not be that excellent, but they were not that bad too. Before this, i have lack of time as I was (and still am) too busy with my workload that sometimes i forget when the time goes by. Since furthering study, my condition somehow becoming worst as i forget when is the night and when the day has come. I forget how it feels to sleep in long hours, to have rest on your weekends, and to eat food with feel and utmost pleasant.

Almost 2 months-and-a-half after the first class started, i already took 7 days leave for study reason. The subject will continue from one syllabus in a period of time, with another syllabus/subject in another period of time which continue right after the end of other subject. Things becoming quite messy with us when at the end of each subject, we will have a final exam (to study), presentation (to prepare slide material) and to submit assignment paper (research and readings). I get headaches for these, not to mention always feel like having fever on each time i took leave to complete my assignments, presentation slides and syllabus to be in the exam.

I have not read enough newspaper, unable to go back to my hometown for almost 2 months, and lack in handling my personal life properly. I am learning and trying to adjust my life now to the new environment.

So, forgive me for unable to share my point of view at the time being. I love reading your updates once in a while, when i feel so tired. I would love to share more things with you. InshaAllah the day will come again when i am really active in updating this blog again. ;)

Till then, take care everyone.

p/s: Did i mentioned that i am going to be transferred (yes, being transferred not request for a transfer) to another division soon?