Friday, January 26, 2007

Tunggu sebentar

Posting kali ini banyak bergambar. Ambil masa 4 hari baru siap. Maybe 4 minggu lagi baru posting seterusnya?:P Selamat membaca dan melihat gambar;)

gambar hiasan - merenung langit

Ada orang suruh saya menulis begini…
“Saya bertemu dengan seorang putera kacak di sebuah istana lama.. Sungguh tidak disangka2 dia muncul, setelah lama saya menunggu.. Dia adalah seorang Prince Charming yang saya nanti2kan”

Saya rasa jikalau saya bermula dengan bercerita begitu, mungkin sebenarnya saya sedang berfikir untuk menulis novel. In which, I am really not good in writing about feeling towards the opposite gender. After all you wont think I am writing this kind of stuff after a long silence, would you? heheh tak mengapa, saya sendiri sudah tergelak besar dan rasa nak 'pengsan' bila disuruh menulis itu atas nama saya. So since menghargai rakan yang memerah minda memikirkan ayat2 itu, saya quote sahaja daripada dia:P.

Oh, another news.. This time my writing will mix a lot on English and Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia?). I’m sharing my experiences and point of view. Jadi maafkanlah saya yang mencampur-adukkan bahasa.

So what was actually happen?

Last weeked (From Saturday to Monday), I am considering myself as utilizing my leave and visits to Ipoh to really explore the places there. Went to Ipoh initially for a wedding dinner of one very close colleague (her love story itself already feel like being in a film), we (me, my junior/friend Laili and her brother) started our journey by car a little late at 2.30am in the morning of Saturday. Arrived there at about 5.30am in the morning where I was really sleepy (and tired). It was an adhoc change of the original plan to go back by early Saturday’s morning, due to urgent matters we were rushed preparing our luggage – Thank Allah for everything was in. After Subuh prayer, we have a rest (in peace). At about 11.30 am, we had our brunch at a café/restaurant next to Open University in Ipoh before continue our explorations.

Saturday, 20th
I did not planned to go for shopping in the first place. Our first location was Greentown Shopping Complex. Did some window shopping there, ended up bought two blouses. After that we went to Jaya Jusco. Was looking for one good camera, and in need of it since I want to capture my trip this time. After quite sometimes I managed to get my own digital camera. I think God knows better, at last I believe I get the best one as this is among the latest edition. Watched in a Korean drama about the camera used in the drama that can be attached to the TV and use remote control to play it back (is it already here for quite sometimes already?). My camera is something like that. AlHamdulillah. After all the money I save to get this. :) (but still I think I can get better offer and free bits if I bought it in KL.. if I have more time to negotiate with the salesperson..)

Went out from JJ Ipoh, arrived to the house at about 7.30pm, rushed preparing ourselves for the dinner. Arrived there at about 8.30 pm, saw familiar faces among the crowd. There were so many people attending the wedding. As this is the first time I attended an Indian wedding, we were kind of lost. I tried to ask around (as the bride informed us she already reserved several tables for us) and we managed to get our seats. Had some chit chat, ate and took photos.

After the dinner, we went to the town to have a drink with my colleagues from KL. Went to one of the warung near Saloma Bistro (not sure if the Bistro is still operating or not) Someone stopped my friend and I, asked us about the Royal’s family names. We were a little bit confused, answered few of the questions and unable to answer the rest. My friend is from Ipoh. So she knew at least the name of the Sultan (King) and Permaisuri (Queen). I knew the King’s name and the King First Son’s name only. Hehe Kuala Lumpur and Melaka has no King after all. Had teh tarik and sotong kangkung, my colleagues invited me to join them staying at Casuarina hotel. Apologized to them as we already had our own plans.

After that, they went back and we (didn’t went back obviously) with our traditional baju kurung and kebaya went to the Night Market. I mean, it was in the middle of the night and it is still operating the business. It is a real Night Market. Most of the stuff avaialable are handphones casing, handbags, bags, shoes etc. Did some survey to find a handphone and camera’s casing. I bought one for my camera.

I forget what time did we arrived home, went to sleep and woke up in the morning of Sunday, 21st.

We went to have breakfast at the café next to the Open Uni, which is near to Lokin (not sure how to spell it). This cafe actually owned by the brothers of my friend. I tried one of the special menu - roti bakar with special homemade jem. A must to try. Highly recommended. Jem istimewa diperbuat daripada buah2an tropika.

Lokin, also known as Memory Lane is a place where you can get all sort of things from the antiques to the latest items.

I saw a number of antiques lamps, typewrites, old coins, knives, keris, parang (panjang pendek semua pun ada), needles, benang, lampu, wayar, spannar, candle light stands, old fashion handbags, shoes, used shoes, old magazines, dulang, periuk belanga etc etc. banyak betul barang. Dan dalam senarai2 barang lama itu, guess what did I found? This 1 set VCD of latest drama/soap opera Korean Movie: Fireworks , currently playing at NTV7 every weekdays night. Peminat2 barang2 lama mesti berminat nak berjalan2 di sana. Duit syiling lama boleh dapat pada harga RM2.50 sekeping. Oh, ya antara barang pelik yang saya jumpa ialah kupon letak kereta lama…

duit-duit lama & syiling lama close-up

perhiasan dulang lama

What did I bought? Buah salak. :D

Middle of the day, we went to Muzium Ipoh. Unfortunately, it was close due to maintenance and will be opened only on middle of February. Ada sebuah kubu persembunyian semasa serangan udara di sana. Kami ambil gambar (dan bergambar di situ juga). Inilah rupanya tempat persembunyian itu. Batunya keras dan tebal.

kubu persembunyian serangan udara

Then, we headed to Stesen Keretapi Ipoh. Took some picture of a tree named 'Pokok Ipoh', planted in the middle of small taman in front of the railway station. So, the place was called 'Ipoh' by the name of the tree. Reason? Maybe because of the tree's benefits. Read down here..

stesen keretapi ipoh (under renovation)

pokok ipoh

info pokok ipoh

After that we went to OldTown Café (3 tingkat youuu..) at Greentown Business Center. Had the famous White Coffee and Toasted Bread there. The dishes price there is OK, menu is just like the other kopitiam (chiness coffee house). It is air-cond, nice sofa, nice interior design, and the waiters/waitresses are all equipped with small walkie talkie (just like the one used by the bodyguards)..wahhh hebat.. eheheh .

I went there with my friend and her younger & youngest sisters. The youngest sisters (called herself ‘Ya’) is a 15-years-old girl who is very active in Basket Ball. A player of her school, she ordered one bread (I don’t remember the name.. something more or less like ‘iron bread’ and ice-blended hazelnut coffee. To her the ice-blended tastes a little bit bitter, but to us the adults we feel it is nice. Her sister was teasing her saying that she needs to get used with the bitter taste if she wants to grown up. She responded with, “Kalau macam ni, taknaklah besar sampai bila2”. Nevermind, we concluded that she has not fully developed her coffee cells in her body yet.

signature dish for OldTwon WHite Coffee - toasted bread

..... the iron bread...... eaten by Ya...

Laili's sisters

Later, my friend and I went to err… tak tahu nak panggil apa, tapi kedai yang jual pasu bunga, dan bunga dan juga perhiasan untuk perkahwinan. The prices there are not bad. Quite cheap. I bought two stroll of ribbons (untuk perhiasan bila beri hadiah). Then we walked to another shop and another shop, bought few more items. About 45 minutes there, we went to Gunung Lang. Laili’s sister accompanied and showed us the place.

Gunung Lang.
It has a small lake there, with really Big fishes. I think the height of the fishes on average more than 1 meter. The counter sells fish food at 50cents per bag. There is an island, a small one in the middle of the lake. To go there by boat, you need to pay RM5 (pergi-balik) for return-ticket. But not so much activity to do here. Children playground, and nice view. . There are a lot they can do here to put some attractions, such as service for kayaking, water-bicycles, horse/donkey riding etc. I think there must be a reason for not offering that kind of services to the visitors. I heard the boat-rider talked about mysterious lake-animal that appeared at night time, or latest by the time they close the place. Last boat back to the land is by 6.30pm.

view from a tower on the island

to penonton Meteor Garden: jalan ni mcm dalam cerita tu kan?

Lewat petang.. kami pulang..berehat sahaja. Tidak ke mana-mana.
Rancangan asal akan pulang di malam hari. Usai mandi, kami menonton CSI di Astro. Duduk2 sambil minum teh dan makan roti bakar, i can't stand my eyes. So at about 12.00 mid nite i excused myself, informed Laili to wake me up when they want to make a move, went back to the room to have some short sleep. with full attire, and socks as well. lastly i found out i woke up at about 6.00 am and was still at the same room.

We started our day with a breakfast at the same cafe. I choosed to have the bread with special homemade jem because i knew that it's gonna take some time before i can taste it again.

Discussed about our next 'check point', Laili proposed to go for Mee Kari /BeeHoon Soup at Megoplax Shopping Complex. So there we were, after some went-a-around and sure-or-not-this-is-the-way since the pilot appeared to be consufed with the roads. hehehe. She claimed it has been sometimes she went there, and usually she didn't go out much if she came back hometown. OK, you are forgiven dear. :P

After had our meals, we walked aroung the place. I saw ice-cream counter selling my hard-to-find ice cream flavour there.. Chocolate Mint. Requested for the ice cream, unfortunately it was too hard to scoop. The counter lady suggested other flavours ice-cream, but i just want to have that flavour, not ice cream. Sadly, i cancelled the request. Gosh! Kenapalah sesuatu yang saya suka tu susah betul nak carik.. :P

Walked around and did bought some cookies because they look cute. hoohoh i just want to taste those cookies. Those cookies were in the shape and colours of apple, corn, strawberry, pineapple etc. I bought the corns. Actually it is a pineapple tart. But it is very nice. The taste, a little bit sweet.

Next, we moved to Kellie's Castle... (the place where the 1st paragraph mentioned).

Kellie's Castle aka Istana Kellie

I took a number of pictures there. Laili asked why i took every corner and every room inside there, i said i might want to have my own castle. hehe OK sebenarnya saya rasa sangat menarik sebab bangunan itu masih lagi kukuh berdiri. Selepas lebih 100 tahun. Bayangkanlah. Bangunan sekarang tak sampai 10 tahun kadang2 sudah mengalahkan bangunan antik rupanya. One more thing, rekaan tingkap-tingkap berbentuk kubah. I wonder, why. Bila diselidik, rupa2nya ada unsur2 senibina Islam. Dan 'istana' tersebut mempunyai sistem pengaliran udara yang sangat baik. Sesuatu yang boleh diselidik untuk rumah2 zaman sekarang. Sebabnya bila berada di luar, cuaca terasa panas. Tetapi sejuk bila masuk semula ke dalam rumah.

reka bentuk tingkap dan pintu berbentuk kubah

Ada banyak papan tanda/penerangan di situ. Salah satunya mengenai jalan ini..

Jalan di koridor bawah... dan koridor atas...

jangan biarkan hidup anda diselubungi misteri...

Dikatakan, ada orang selalu nampak roh tuan rumah berlegar2 di jalan ini. Betul ke tidak saya tak tahu. Tengoklah gambar kat atas, mana tahu nampak sesuatu? :P

Rumah ini sangat tinggi. Ada 4 tingkat. Dan tingkat teratas, kita boleh naik lagi sehingga ke bumbung. Di atas tu tiba2 saya rasa salah satu fear factor saya ialah tinggi. Saya rasa gayat. Tiba2 tidak boleh berdiri. Tapi ambil gambar macam2 pose kami buat di atas sana. Kelakar juga. Sebabnya ada sebatang pokok yang sangat menarik, kami jadikan latar belakang gambar2 kami.
Kediaman Kellie ini ada dua bahagian; bahagian baru adalah istana 4 tingkat dengan beberapa belas bilik. Bangunan ini tidak pernah siap sebenarnya, sebab tuan rumah tersebut meninggal ketika membeli perkakas rumah di luar negara. Bangunan kedua yang bersambung dengan bangunan baru melalui jalan luar adalah rumah asal keluarga Kellie. Bangunan tersebut sepatutnya 2 tingkat, tapi tingkat 2 sudah hampir tiada. Ada 3 terowong rahsia dibina semasa pembinaan Istana Kellie. Untuk pergi ke sini, perlu melalui jambatan batu yang merentasi sebatang sungai yang dalam. Ada pengurusan yang menjaga kawasan ini, untuk itu setiap pengunjung dewasa dikenakan bayaran RM5.00. Ada juga kedai makan. Jadi tak perlu risau lapar dan haus.

Belum habis mengambil gambar, tiba2 bateri kamera sudah habis. Kami berehat sebentar di wakaf berhadapan bangunan. Sambil minum dan makan makanan ringan yang dibawa. Melihat jam, rupa2nya sudah hampir 3 jam kami di situ. Panas dan berpeluh, saya buka cermin mata. Kami berbual2 mengenai istana, kawasan sekeliling dan membayangkan apa yang pernah berlaku di situ dan bagaimana keadaannya kalau istana tersebut siap.. Ketika itu kami lihat segerombolan orang lama sekali di kawasan hadapan, di atas jambatan.

A: Apa diorang buat tu? Lama betul kat sana...
B: Entah, ambil gambar kot. Tu banyak kamera.

Tiba2 ada seseorang datang ke arah kami. Dia tengok kami, kami tengok dia. Dia senyum, kami senyum balik. Dia tengok bangunan dan ambil gambar di sekeling, kami tengok bangunan dan tengok dia balik. Cerita bangunan tadi sudah berubah.

A: Tingginya orang tu.
B: ..Hmm..
A: Rasa2nya dia tinggi tak?
B: Tinggi.
A: Angguk2..
B: Dia main futsal.
A: ?? Macamana tahu? (takkan kenal kot?)
B: Kaki dia panjang.
A: Oh, yer? Kenapa futsal?
B: Sbb orang yang main bola, kaki dia lain.. (dua2 blank...) Ok, dia seorang outdoors.
A: Setuju yang itu..

Kami diam. Kemudian tiba2 ada suara.

A: Agak2 dia dah kawin?
B: Belum. Mungkin dah.
(selepas bertukar2 pandangan...)
"Dia mungkin dah kawin. Mungkin belum. Kalau belum, rasanya dia sudah berpunya".
Kami bersetuju.

Kenapa tiba2 dia menjadi perhatian?
Sebab dia mengingatkan saya kepada orang ini..

Kata kawan saya, sebenarnya saya obsesi terhadap orang* di atas. ehhehe
Saya fikir mungkin juga.

Tapi kata lain, saya menghargai kecantikan sebenarnya. Orang yang kami temui ini (tidak diketahui namanya), antara orang2 yang Allah kurniakan kecantikan. Kerana saya pernah terfikir betapa cantiknya (kacak?) Nabi Allah Yusuf, betapa indahnya para malaikat yang menjadi dugaan bagi Kaum Luth, bagaimanakah gambarannya. Dan melihat orang2 yang cantik (perempuan sudah ramai kan?), terus mengingatkan saya betapa kerdilnya ciptaan saya ini. Jadi kalau ciptaan yang di hadapan mata sudah sebegini cantik, bagaimana pula dengan Nabi Allah Yusuf, dengan Rasulullah SAW dan tentukan betapakah cantiknya Sang Pencipta itu sendiri?

CSI semalamnya berkisar seorang suspek seorang jurugambar profesional; dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan gadis bawah umur. Gambar2 di rumahnya banyak gambar2 gadis bawah umur dalam keadaan b*gel. Simpan gambar2 gadis bawah umur boleh dikenakan tindakan, tapi tidak jika atas nama seni. A tiny line between these two conditions kan..?

Dalam perjalan ke Clearwater Sanctuary (saje nak tengok tempat apa ni..rupanya Golf Club & ada juga tempat memancing); kami sambung berbual.

A: Boleh tak kalau kita ambil gambar lelaki tu tadi?
B: Atas dasar apa?
A: Ialah, atas dasar seni. Appreciation of the arts. He's one of the arts. Bukan senang kan nak jumpa lelaki yang macam dia. Almost perfect creature.
B: Berlandaskan apa? Dari sudut yang mana..?
A: Kalau lelaki minta ambil gambar perempuan, macam tak susah atau pelik sgt kan? kalau perempuan ambil gambar lelaki? Kalau dari sudut Timur (ketimuran)?
B: Kalau dari (sudut) Timur, mungkin boleh. Walau macam tak biasa.
A: Kalau dari sudut agama?
B: Hmm..tak boleh, kot. ...
A: Yelah, rasanya tak boleh juga sebenarnya.
Rupanya ada hikmah kamera habis bateri.

Kenapa tak boleh? Tgklah pendapat masing2, tapi bagi saya takut ada masalah hati nanti. :) Sedangkan menjaga hati (dari mendekati sesuatu yang boleh mendatangkan kepada keburukan) itu juga perisai ilmu supaya tak hilang begitu sahaja dan diri supaya tak hanyut dengan fahaman sendiri. Lagipun nak dibandingkan ntah gambar sapa2 yang terjumpa di net dan seseorang yang kita tahu mana nak cari, yang kedua lebih bahaya kan.. ? Allahu'alam.

Teringat perbualan dengan Mudin beberapa tahun yang lalu. Tentang lelaki cantik dan perempuan cantik. "Perempuan cantik, bila berjalan ada satu syaitan bersamanya. Lelaki cantik, bila berjalan ada 2 syaitan bersamanya. Bermaksud lelaki yang cantik itu lebih banyak godaannya dari luar dan dalam". (betul tak Mudin?;) )

Jadi bagi lelaki2 cantik di luar sana, semoga anda tidak kalah dengan godaan & dugaan dan sentiasa mengingatkan diri anda. Dan bagi yg melihat lelaki yang cantik (saya jugalah itu) moga2 Allah pelihara hati2 kita.

Oh, ya..sebagai penamatnya, selepas Clearwater Sanctuary kami berkemas dan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur... Jam 10.30 malam Isnin terasa terubat rindu bila menjejakkan kaki ke rumah. After all, "Home sweet Home".


* Gambar lelaki di atas adalah Kang Ji-Hwan, pelakon lelaki Korea.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Luas Pandangan 2007

Salam buat semua.

Lembaran 2007...

Lewat sedikit saya menulisnya. Kerana perancangan agak kelam-kabut (masih) di sini. Tetapi saya juga tidak mahu perancangan kehidupan saya sekelam keadaan yang sedang dihadapai di sini.

Permulaan 2007..
Juga hampir serentak permulaan 1428H..
Moga2 lebih banyak kebaikan yang akan saya terokai tahun ini. Untuk menjadi penghuni kehidupan dunia yang baik, moga2 dapatlah sedikit sebanyak bekal dibawa ke sana nanti..

Tahun ini seperti tahun untuk saya berjalan meluaskan pandangan melihat muka bumi ciptaan Allah SWT dan mempelajari sesuatu darinya. Ada perancangan untuk pergi ke Korea Selatan (Seoul) insha-Allah jika diizinkan ALlah SWT; juga perancangan untuk perhimpunan alumni sekolah menengah atas dan dinner sekolah menengah rendah; perancangan bercuti ke Pulau Lang Tengah (ada sesapa nak join lagi?); dan mungkin ambil cuti sedikit lama untuk merancang perjalanan sendiri dari KL - Macau - Beijing - KL semula.

Minggu hadapan insha-Allah bercuti bersama keluarga ke PD untuk beberapa malam. (alasan mak saya: Iqbal, anak buah saya nak mandi di sana. Sedangkan Iqbal bercakap pun belum pandai. hehe nenek dia yang nak gi sangat ni kot). Tempat telah pun ditempah. Tak sabar nak jumpa anak buah dan mandi di sana juga.

Saya kira saya sudahpun memulakan acara percutian ini.
Bermula minggu lepas. Sehingga semalam. Di Ipoh.
Nak tahu ceritanya? Tungguu.. antara cerita itu ialah Cerita bertemu Prince Dowma (nama gelaran untuk seseorang yang kami tak tahu namanya:P) yang tiba2 muncul di celah2 masa akhir kami di sana.

Cuma bersedia, untuk membaca catatan panjang lebar itu.. :P

Untuk waktu sekarang, saya perlu melihat dulu apa2 yang belum dibereskan kerja. Minggu depan seminggu tiada di pejabat kerana kursus DAN SEMESTINYA kerana bercuti...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Di Bawah Bayu

hari ini satu hari saya dengar orang suruh saya bersabar.
dan beristigfar.

mungkin mereka tak pernah melihat saya semarah & sebising ini (untuk beberapa ketika). tapi saya memang geram yang amat. saya katakan kepada mereka jangan tanya banyak2 dekat saya sebab sekarang saya sedang berada 'di bawah bayu'. oh, ya peribahasa itu sudah ditukar keperluannya. dan memang tidak diiktiraf di mana2 institusi rasmi. biasa dengar orang kata bila marah - 'naik angin' atau 'hangin satu badan'. maka sbb bayu tu ada unsur2 angin (mungkin bayu sbb sejuk aircond atas kepala kot?) so saya gunakan perkataan itu untuk gambarkan tahap angin saya.

Nasib baik ada punch bag yang tergantung di sini. Saya pinjam punching gloves dan pukul punch bag tu kuat2.. lega sikit.

pasal apa? pasal apa lagi.. pasal diorang la..
rupanya bila masuk dunia korporat yang satu lagi ini..
lebih ramai manusia yang tidak boleh dipercayai. lebih ramai yang berbohong dan tidak tahu bekerja, kemudian mengatakan sesuatu yang buruk/tidak benar tentang orang itu semata2 kerana tidak bersengkokol dengan kemahuan mereka. sudah lah begitu, berpura2 baik di hadapan rupanya sekam di dalam api. sedangkan terserlah ketidak-ketahuannya itu. lebih ramai yang hanya tahu untuk permudahkan diri sendiri, say one thing yet not doing it. say it once more and i'm going to quit to be with those people. i will.

sejak 2 bulan ni tahap haba dalam badan saya memang tidak pernah turun. selalu membara. terutama jika berada di pejabat. jadi jangan2 ada yang cuba buat provokasi. nanti takut ada yang terbakar. atau tiba2 terkejut melihat semangat bercakap.

saya minta maaf.
jika keadaan masih belum tenang di sini, masih belum teratur, mungkin jangan cari ketenangan di halaman ini.

apa yang saya nak buat?
saya mungkin masih ada sedikit kesabaran.
tapi saya sudah tidak boleh senyum.

Monday, January 15, 2007


when you are stucked for what you need to do...
when you do not know what to do...
when you do not understand the matters, do not know how to do..
what will you do?

at the moment, i have no manager. at most time people are going to refer to the most senior person in the unit. and at the moment, the most senior person is happens to be me. and it seems havoc. everything seems to be in a little adhoc. i am facing difficulties to understand their needs. the needs from their boss and theirs. do i need to open a literature/languange study class just like what we used to have during our primary and secondary school time?

i do not know what else to do. they do not want the work. they dislike the task. yet they are bounded to work. they want to change the task, but we cant do anything about it. it is all about attitude. teach me how do i manage attitude? do you have idea..? can you share it with me?

year 2007..
it made me feels i'm losing people at work whom i can discuss things. especially exchanging ideas on work and tasks. or simply new fresh ideas.

everyone's rushing here and there.
it is still cloudy here.
do not know what to do, at least i should, and that is what i am doing.
i'm waiting.. the next thing to happen.


Friday, January 12, 2007


Ada orang tanya bila nak update

Saya terdiam lama..
Bukan taknak update. Mmg rasa hati bersalah ada hasrat yang tak tertunaikan. Saya kira sebab paling utama ialah, saya masih belum jumpa semangat baru lagi. Ralit membaca blogs orang lain sahaja. Juga, idea yang ada bersepah2. Tak tahu hujung dan pangkal, tak tahu relevan dikongsi atau tidak. Juga idea2 agak personal, untuk tatapan diri sendiri dan sebahagiannya makluman yang terdekat sahaja.

Apa2 pun sedang mencari sumber inspirasi.

Tunggu, sebentar ya. :P