Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm back.
For a while.

I know .. I know.. I have not been very good in updating my blog anymore. Not after I were married. Where were I all this while? Do you believe me if I said I were abducted by an alien and put on hold for months? Well, do believe me..
When I first encountered the existence of the alien, I thought I will be intact but it remained temporary only as later I was strike by the sickness. I figured out that the alien has implanted on me a special devise that instructs me to follow the rules and regulations under the nation of outer space. There goes all the Dos and Don’t list. No fast foods, no soy ketchup, no bad smells, no chicken, no cooking, no house cleaning, Whenever I tried to break the rules, the sky will suddenly change and I see lightning coming towards me. Later, I’ll be blank and toilet will be the next top destination to be visited.

Sometimes, I asked for the favour. Who knows, the alien will allows me to break the rules once in a while. I will be really2 begging for it, or gives the reasoning in a soft voice (of course I am doing it with a sincere heart.. you know, the alien can even detect whether I really meant for it or just a sweet talker). At a certain time, when i was lucky i'll get it my way. But at most time, you can guess it..that i dont get it my way... not anymore.

As the arrival of the alien in our life were although not plan in the first place, but anticipated. My husband was earlier being freaked with what happened to me, perhaps he did not understand how complicated it is. So, I negotiated with the alien perhaps we should give him a dose or two of what I am having. He did, was injected with the dose, only a mild one and he looked terrible for a week or two. Ha ha ha . Opss.. I mean I should be thankful he understood the situation better now, and has been very supportive to me. Thank you, dear :p

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love the alien anyway. I am so used to having it near to me. I think the alien loves me too… especially after the incident. Have you encountered a situation where you were having a bad dream and suddenly become half awaken, half asleep? You seems to be awake from your sleep, but seems to still have part of the bad dream.. That is when you can’t move your body or talk, but already half conscious. I was making funny sounds, actually asking for help from my husband to help me fully awake. It was then I felt the alien in it soft movement moved around me as if worry for me, and tried to help me become fully conscious. How sweet... I felt touched with that ‘wonderful’ gesture. will be thinking when the alien be coming back home? I do not have the exact answer, perhaps earlier or perhaps later than the tentative date. I was informed that the date will be few days after Hari Raya.. Oh, thinking about that we thought of celebrating Hari Raya this time in KL only. Who knows, in case of emergency the road to the hospital is clear on that day. Only then, we should pray that the doctors do not clear their offices also...