Monday, October 19, 2015

Math on Time of Infinity

Once i read somewhere.. That it was written upon the day of rise, the Prophet SAW will gives his syafaat to 70,000 followers, and another 70,000 on top of that 70,000. That will make it look like this:

~~ 70,000 + (70,000 x 70,000) = 4,900,070,000.
Alhamdulillah, it seems so many right?

It has been 1436H. Meaning the generations change for the last 1436 years exceeding 57th generations already.

Considering that many syuhada since the Prophet SAW passed away.. How i look around me - those people on war upon themselves the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Afghanistans, the people in Egypt etc.. Not to mention those involve in accidents and natural disasters like those in Acheh on tsunami, the recent incidents in Mina and inside Masjidil Haram itself during Hajj, things that happened there before this as well, the normal vehicles accidents, those who fights for the righteous and for the benefits of other people.. The liat goes on and on and on..

Made me realize even further.. That i am actually becoming lesser and lesser on the priority list. In comparison with all the things i have now that i am even reluctant to letting go, that i cannot imagine how to live without one.. My heart cries with so many mixed feelings.

Dear My Rabb..
Forgives me and erases my many sins. Forbid me and those i loves from the fire of the hell. 

Friday, June 05, 2015

Blessing in Disguise

You know how difficult it is when you have all the spirit to move on and istiqamah (continuosly doing it), but somehow in the middle of the road you found some obstacles.. Like mine, perhaps it was the computer that suddenly kept on hanged, or the surprisingly unstable internet connection thru WiFi.. Wow, it is not easy to write. How does those mommies out there did it huh? Found my friends with juggling between office works, meetings and datelines, house works and handling children able to write much more plus their family trips, cooking, workshop etc. I am so envy with their strength hihihi

On February 3 years ago, i was assigned to assist on development of new business wing for an organization in East Coast region. New business start up that will be a pilot test for other branches. As earlier we found the local team in difficulties to make it move, so the CEO asked me whether any possibility for me to overseeing that project. Of course i have to get consent from my husband, and it was lucky that the place is nearby my husband's hometown - the parents in law house. So he said yes, and i gave condition to the organization it should be a max of 1 year and i shall be coming back after that. No staying there forever.

During that year, i travelled a lot from and to KL and KT. I frequently went for outstation in KL, well as you now..outstation means your time will be fully utilize at the office. I was in the office from 8.00am to 9.30pm every outstation day in KL. I barely had time to 'watch' my house in KL, i wont be able to cook, clean up, arrange things or even sweep the floor.. So, yeahhh i do missed our little house here a lot.

It was a long distance relationship, since my daughter and I were in KT and my husband was in KL. We met mostly on average of once in 5 weeks, and fill up those other days through phone calls and rarely videos as internet connection at my PIL was only 516kb. Often when we met, either one side of us will be exhausted due to long distance travelling. Imagine that the travel time by road was about  8 hours at that time. Even if i was the one coming to KL, i was already overwhelmed by many tasks that need to be completed at the office.

Blessing in Disguise.

I would say that as the parents, our daughter missed her dad the most. But she was loved more (less misbehave & mess making in front of the dad, thus less scolds haha) As a couple, it was the feeling of longing for each other. We quarrel or being in disagreement lesser (or almost none?) so in a bit of harmony life.. As a daughter in law and grand-daughter, we developed good relationship with not only the PIL but my husband's side of extended families.

Of course about the work experience. I learnt that if i am focus enough, with blessing from husband and family and of course with The Almighty's will.. The sky is only the beginning.. (hahaha!!)

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Bad Habit

When reading is no longer considered a good habit:

Reading The FB's Newsfeed

My love for reading is something weird even to myself. I will stop to read (or try to read) any written things that come across my eyes. I mean literally almost all things, even in language that is alien to me, I will try to read it (Haha (laugh) or Huhu (cry)?). Whether i understand it or not will be a second matter.

Blame it on the active facebook users who keep on sharing so many interesting topics, new info, hot news, gossips and scandals.. or blame it on my own fingers which seems so itchy to scroll up and down my phone screen. Perhaps, we can put the blame on that high speed broadband thingy that gives me access to many things and enable me to view movie clips without the lagging, buffer time.

Please do not blame me for being silent all these while, i have been busy readings. Not until my other half asked me when would i start writing back perhaps on journal of our children's development so that one day they may refer to my writings here about them, or my non-stop babbling about this issue and that matter.. Not to mention on that many times i loudly vowed my intention to write , write, write and record things that happen in my daily life.. Thus serving the purpose of this blog's creation awhile ago.

Since the engine has been kept cold for quite a while, believe me it takes a while to warm up. I will have to ensure to stick up that mental note on my brain - Write, as 'Like' in facebook is not a post. Share, not to pleased but for exchange of knowledge. Enthusiasm. not to die cold as the journey is still long... InshaAllah.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

2 years of Parenting

I found out that i never tell this story here..
Perhaps for a record, when one day i might not remember it this clearly anymore.. I may be able to refer it here..

I vividly remembered the series of events on the very same date last 2 years...

It was in the holy month Ramadhan..
My parents in law just came back from Umrah, and i was heavily pregnant on my 36th ++ week. Due to that plus hectic busy week for both of us, we have no chance to pay them a visit, even when they were on transit at the KLIA. On Friday's morning 4th Sep, my mother gave us a call that my parents will come to visit us over the weekends. Considering that someone will be around to see me, my husband decided to fly back home town for two nights.

We went to send him at the airport on Saturday evening, and headed back to KL. I remembered we bought the famous sate at Nilai on our way back.. oh, by the way this sate is the same sate if you are on board of MAS first class or business class seat. Unfortunately, the seats are beyond our budget but the sate from the supplier is affordable to people like us.. :p

It was on the evening of Sunday, 6th September that i felt lesser movement from the baby inside my womb. I was not that worried, thought that perhaps the baby was grown up and bigger now that the space for him/her was lesser. But, that was the only movement i felt for the last 5-6 hours that made me really worry. I kept on tapping my fingers on the big huge belly while whispered to the baby inside 'please make some move so that i wont be too worry about your condition'.. After almost half and hour, the baby made some small movement. Nights before sleep were usually the most active time for the baby to move, but not this time which was the reason for my worries.

7th September 2009 was the public holiday for Selangor for Nuzul alQuran. It was 17th Ramadhan, and my check up date. The worries that i had the night before, made me unable to properly sleep. Thus, i became the first person to visit my doctor that morning. Her office opens at 9.00 am, but i was there since 8.30am. and still fasting. Accompanied by my father.
It felt so long, time has stop to wait for her. It seems forever... When at last the doctor came in at about 10.00 am claimed that she had few labours since last night to take care of. My heart was both pumping fast and relieved to see her.

After some questions asked by her.. included where was my husband. I told her that he is coming back on that night, with my mind reminded me that i must grab myself the doughnut at the airport when we fetch him later (he is supposed to fly back by fireflies, subang). So the doctor asked me to lay down and said "Doktor nak check ye. Kalau bukaan dah 3cm, kita tahan masuk wad terus ye"..

Mind you, that i was expecting a one week mc from the doctor (she promised me on my previous visits heeh); where in my 1-week plans included preparation for the hospital bag, bag to hometown, what type of medication to use to face the labor pain and learn how to give labor. Yes, you read it right.

Guest what? Suddenly the doctor said "Eh.. dah buka 4cm ni.. tak rasa apa2 ke".. i was like, whatttt? oh no.. hubby is not around... oh my.. and the conversation went like this:

Pn Kompius: Apa maksudnya tu doktor?
Dr : *blank mula2* awak dah nak beranak la ni..
Pn Kompius: Err saya dah kena masuk wad sekarang ke doktor?
Dr: Haah la.. kan saya dah ckp tadi..

So it was quite a panic situation (but funny now i think). Rushed to call my dad whom doctor wanted to meet. Doctor prepared all the necessary documents for me to get into the labor room. I called my husband at about 10.30am told him i am about to explode hahaha. He went to become Mr Kompius now asking me what to do, and i told him please come back as soon possible. Then rushing to the airport to check the earliest flight to KL.

I went back to pack up my bag, brought to the hospital. Where in the labour room, i put on the wrong side of the maternity dress. Sorry ye, tak tahu ..tak habis belajar hahaha. Then i opened my laptop with intention on googling 'how to give labour' but realized there was no internet connection. Later, i held my handphone while thinking who can i refer to this time around. I called Siti Zurina told her that i was in the labor room and do not know what to do now.. Asked for her advice, but instead she told me "ala..camne aku nak ajar ni.. ko redah ajelah". hahah

my husband reached the hospital at about 5.50pm. i was almost crying because i thought that i might deliver the baby without him around. dont feel much pain until the doctor came in at about 10.30pm . she told me that it was already 7cm and the water bag broke. so funny that i asked her before if she wants to induce me. remember, i tak habis belajar tadi. and she said no, your water bag will break soon. i heard the 'ploop' sound and water came out. nurse came in asking me if i would like to have any medicine, and i said what are they? hahahah so tak tahu konon2 amiklah option natural.

it was almost 12 mid night that i started to feel the real pain. My legs were shaking to handle the pain. Wow.. takleh tahan, so i requested for a help. Nurse came in and inject me with something. Pethidine kah kawan2? Gitulah rasanya. I did not realized when i felt asleep and suddenly had a weird dream..

I was in the animal kingdom. Where the king is a fierce lion that eat meat, and the bodyguards are all big, black, horror snakes that can eat you just like that.. it was in a group of 'small and fragile' animals consists of cow, buffalo, goat, fish, turtle, kancil..telling each other how hard life has been that the water is almost out, the grass dried out, tanah 'kering kontang' and there is little food around.. In order for survival, we must see the king. But to go to the place where the people eat 'people' like us is scary enough. We go anyway, for the sake of others. But some of them are hiding behind.. When the lion asks why we are there , i was shouting to call the other members to join in :ikan, ikan, kambing, air..

I opened my eyes to see my husband's confused face for me calling those names. and i was like "oh bermimpi..abaikan" and tido balik..

The funny thing was when i felt the urge to push at about 3.30am. Nurse rushed to call for the doctor, another nurse was there to help. But i was telling myself that i want my doctor to sambut the baby, not the nurse.. during that time, only i knew how to use all the things on that bed. rupanya kena pegang alat penahan tangan tu nak meneran kekek . with all the kalut, and the gas i was supposed to 'sedut dgn hidung, dan hembus dengan mulut' turned out to be the other way around. It was quite a while when i asked for water from my husband. He told me "mana boleh minta air sekarang, baby nak keluar tu" and i told him (dlm mamai la ni kan terlebih gas), "nak air nak air juga.." Doctor said Ok, but dont hold for too long. Only after that, i felt a bit better. Baru macam bangun.. dan boleh push.. and the rest is a history.

Now that little girl turns 2 today.
Despite of the up-and-mostly-down time to handle her who apparently love to cry out loud ahahha, but we had and are going to have so much great time with her too. Where her smiles and laughs really make our days..

Happy Birthday my dear, Humaira.
We love you much.
May Allah makes you the best person you can be in this world, and the world after. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pray, Food, Medicine and Supplement

Continue from the previous posting..

I summarize it again in Bahasa now.. (for the purpose of sharing the info with those who search the net).

Emak saya telah mengalami pembedahan membuang sel-sel kulit mati di kaki berpunca dari kencing manis (diabetes). Asalnya hanyalah luka kecil tetapi dibiarkan berberapa minggu sehingga ditahan di wad selama 3 hari. Hasil pemantauan dan ubat-ubatan yang diberi, emak semakin elok. Tetapi seminggu kemudian keadaan semakin teruk. Emak dimasukkan ke wad semula kerana demam panas, kencing manis dan disyaki masalah jantung. Puncanya adalah kerana makanan2 tambahan MLM yang dibawa orang ke rumah (ku sudah tak percaya.. sila berhati2 kalau makanan MLM itu kata boleh ubat kencing manis, darah tinggi etc.. huhu).

5 hari di wad, emak saya telah dibedah sebanyak 2 kali dan disuntik insulin. Tetapi paras gula dalam darah masih lagi tinggi sekitar 20-17. Paling rendah turun ialah 17 dan kemudian naik semula. Untuk orang yang normal, kadar gula dalam darah adalah pada 4-8 sahaja (jika tidak silap saya).

Setelah melakukan beberapa penyelidikan, kami telah menjalankan 4 perkara kepada emak. Hasilnya, alHamdulillah. 2 hari selepas itu, paras gula sudah berkurangan dan berada di paras terkawal. Catatan hari ke2 adalah 9. Luka juga sudah semakin kering dan sel2 daging baru sudah menampakkan pertumbuhan . Hari ke 4, air bisa keluar dari kaki.. Hari ke-10, emak sudah dibenarkan keluar dari hospital… Itu semua kurang dari 2 minggu bilamana org2 lain yg saya jumpa ada yg terlantar sehingga 3 bulan di hospital dan membuat pembedahan berulang2 kali sebelum dapat sembuh..

4 things that we did to cure the problem: Pray, Food, Medicine and Supplement (Doa, Makanan, Ubat dan Makanan Tambahan).

Pray, I believe do not have to elaborate more. But, it is important. To have faith in your heart makes one feel calm to face the situation. Allah will give strength to all who is facing that, the family and the patient., InshaAllah…

Food.. this is the first thing we googled. What to eat and what to avoid… So here I share what my husband and I found on net:

Food to avoid: Elakkan:
1. All sweets and sugar (including honey) / Makanan Manis dan gula (termasuk madu)
2. Red meats / Daging Merah – lembu, kambing
3. High sugar contained fruits / Buah2an yang mempunyai kadar gula yang tinggi – rambutan, durian, anggur
4. Rice / Nasi – kuantiti 1- setgh senduk shj
5. White bread / Roti Putih
6. Fast food (say no to kfc, McD, pizza etc..)
7. Can drinks (air berkarbonat)
8. Ice-cream
9. Junk food
10. Chocolate

p/s: Salah satu makanan tambahan MLM itu mempunyai kandungan glucose (gula), sebab tu la tak jadi makin elok..tapi teruk

Food to eat more: Lebihkan makanan:
1. Green vegetable / Sayur2 hijau – terutamanya brokoli
2. High fibre food / Makanan berserat tinggi – oat, barley/barli
3. Protein/Soya-based food / makanan berasaskan kacang soya – soon, fucuk, tofu, tauhu
4. Deep Sea Fish / Ikan laut dalam
5. Shitake Mushroom / Cendawan hitam (perlu direndam dulu untuk melembutkan)
6. Herbs / Herba2
7. Plain water / Air kosong – sebaik2nya air zamzam

Rupa ikan dory selepas dinyahbekukan.. Defrost dory fish..

Sayur2 hijau

So, jadi lah resipi2 ciptaan sendiri untuk orang kencing manis seperti di bawah ini yang saya masak selama beberapa hari untuk emak:
1. Sup air fucuk, soon, kentang dan cendawan shitake (every day)
2. Brokoli dan cendawan shitake bersos tiram
3. Tofu kukus bersama brokoli dan cendawan shitake
4. Ikan Dory goreng tepung
5. Ikan Dory masak halia (sbb musim CNY dan tak boleh guna gula, gantikan dengan beberapa ulas limau mandarin.. rasanya not bad juga laa..hhehe)
6. Sayur kacang goreng
7. Sayur campur (kacang, cendawan shitake, lobak dan brokoli)

Yang ini salah satu cara masak tumis air ini..

Kalau cara saya:
1 ulas bawang kecil - dihiris
2 ulas bawang putih -dihiris
1-2 keping halia - dihiris
sedikit ikan bilis - ditumbuk

tumis bahan2 di atas sehingga garing/naik bau. Masukkan air.

1 biji kentang dipotong 4
beberapa keping cendawan shitake
(kalau yg kering telah direndam dahulu selama 2-3 jam dan dihiris halus. kalau yg fresh, hiris halus aje)
fucuk (telah direndam dahulu dalam 10-15min)

Apabila kentang telah lembut, masukkan lobak yang telah dipotong serong/ brokoli.
Biar seketika. akhir sekali, masukkan sedikit garam dan soon (juga telah direndam seketika). kacau seketika dan tutup api.

Senang sahaja masak org sakit ni.. Cuma jgn letak gula. Sos, kicap dan sos tiram kalau boleh jgn letak atau kalau perlu letak sedikit sahaja.. So far feedback daripd abah, emak makan semua lauk habis.. kira ok la tu kan hahahha

Yang ketiga, medicine atau ubat2an.. Sila makan ubat yang disediakan doctor sahaja.. jgnla makan ubat2 lain sewaktu dgnnya waktu ini…

Supplement.. ok .. ini la yg saya buat. Kerana dua perkara, pertama kerana supplement ini terletak di bawah kategori makanan yang elok dimakan (sayur/vege and herba/herbs). Yg kedua, kerana hadis2 Rasulullah yang memuji makanan ini.. iaitu bahan dari pokok zaitun (pohon yang paling banyak keberkatan) dan biji hitam habbatus sauda (biji yang menyembuhkan segala penyakit kecuali maut/mati).. Mula2 beli dulu sebab teringin nak anak ku jadi cerdas.. ikut la petua2 mama darwisya/darwish.. Jadi, ku beli extract daun zaitun di sini ; dan minta kak Jawahir belikan minyak habbatus sauda gred A. Harga ekstrak daun zaitun ni di luar adalah RM109 kalau tak silap, tapi beli terus dari pengilang dapat la harga murah sedikit. Kalau sesape mahu, ku ada beberapa botol lagi beli byk haritu utk dpt harga murah + kasi kat beberapa org ahli keluarga.. bolehlah try test cuba.. hehe

Inilah ekstrak daun zaitun tu.. Nama jenama ni Olive Oleo. Yg sebelah tu ialah habbatus sauda (bentuk serbuk), ada jual di menara TM ni.. tak jumpa plak minyak nak beli..

Cara makannya ialah ekstrak daun zaitun dimakan satu sudu teh setiap kali selepas makan (3 kali sehari). Pada waktu malam selepas makan, minum satu sudu teh daun zaitun dicampur 3 titik minyak habbatus sauda.

Oh lupa pula, satu perkara lagi.. Ini terpulang kepada pesakit juga la.. Oleh kerana pembedahan, kaki tidak dapat bergerak seperti selalu. Oleh itu kaki kena diurut setiap hari dengan minyak panas, secara perlahan2 di betis, lutut dan paha supaya darah dapat mengalir dengan baik. Emak pun agak rajin berjalan perlahan2 mundar-mandir di keliling wad di waktu pagi dan petang.

Kita berusaha.. Allah yang menentukan. Alhamdulillah setakat hari ini emak dah boleh berjalan walaupun masih berulang2 alik ke hospital membuat 'dressing' / cucian di luka. Sudah 2 -3 minggu dan daging pun sudah banyak yg tumbuh.. Kalau ada sesapa ada masalah yg sama, cubalah yer.. inshaAllah.