Friday, June 05, 2015

Blessing in Disguise

You know how difficult it is when you have all the spirit to move on and istiqamah (continuosly doing it), but somehow in the middle of the road you found some obstacles.. Like mine, perhaps it was the computer that suddenly kept on hanged, or the surprisingly unstable internet connection thru WiFi.. Wow, it is not easy to write. How does those mommies out there did it huh? Found my friends with juggling between office works, meetings and datelines, house works and handling children able to write much more plus their family trips, cooking, workshop etc. I am so envy with their strength hihihi

On February 3 years ago, i was assigned to assist on development of new business wing for an organization in East Coast region. New business start up that will be a pilot test for other branches. As earlier we found the local team in difficulties to make it move, so the CEO asked me whether any possibility for me to overseeing that project. Of course i have to get consent from my husband, and it was lucky that the place is nearby my husband's hometown - the parents in law house. So he said yes, and i gave condition to the organization it should be a max of 1 year and i shall be coming back after that. No staying there forever.

During that year, i travelled a lot from and to KL and KT. I frequently went for outstation in KL, well as you now..outstation means your time will be fully utilize at the office. I was in the office from 8.00am to 9.30pm every outstation day in KL. I barely had time to 'watch' my house in KL, i wont be able to cook, clean up, arrange things or even sweep the floor.. So, yeahhh i do missed our little house here a lot.

It was a long distance relationship, since my daughter and I were in KT and my husband was in KL. We met mostly on average of once in 5 weeks, and fill up those other days through phone calls and rarely videos as internet connection at my PIL was only 516kb. Often when we met, either one side of us will be exhausted due to long distance travelling. Imagine that the travel time by road was about  8 hours at that time. Even if i was the one coming to KL, i was already overwhelmed by many tasks that need to be completed at the office.

Blessing in Disguise.

I would say that as the parents, our daughter missed her dad the most. But she was loved more (less misbehave & mess making in front of the dad, thus less scolds haha) As a couple, it was the feeling of longing for each other. We quarrel or being in disagreement lesser (or almost none?) so in a bit of harmony life.. As a daughter in law and grand-daughter, we developed good relationship with not only the PIL but my husband's side of extended families.

Of course about the work experience. I learnt that if i am focus enough, with blessing from husband and family and of course with The Almighty's will.. The sky is only the beginning.. (hahaha!!)

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