Monday, October 19, 2015

Math on Time of Infinity

Once i read somewhere.. That it was written upon the day of rise, the Prophet SAW will gives his syafaat to 70,000 followers, and another 70,000 on top of that 70,000. That will make it look like this:

~~ 70,000 + (70,000 x 70,000) = 4,900,070,000.
Alhamdulillah, it seems so many right?

It has been 1436H. Meaning the generations change for the last 1436 years exceeding 57th generations already.

Considering that many syuhada since the Prophet SAW passed away.. How i look around me - those people on war upon themselves the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Afghanistans, the people in Egypt etc.. Not to mention those involve in accidents and natural disasters like those in Acheh on tsunami, the recent incidents in Mina and inside Masjidil Haram itself during Hajj, things that happened there before this as well, the normal vehicles accidents, those who fights for the righteous and for the benefits of other people.. The liat goes on and on and on..

Made me realize even further.. That i am actually becoming lesser and lesser on the priority list. In comparison with all the things i have now that i am even reluctant to letting go, that i cannot imagine how to live without one.. My heart cries with so many mixed feelings.

Dear My Rabb..
Forgives me and erases my many sins. Forbid me and those i loves from the fire of the hell. 

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