Monday, May 18, 2015

A Bad Habit

When reading is no longer considered a good habit:

Reading The FB's Newsfeed

My love for reading is something weird even to myself. I will stop to read (or try to read) any written things that come across my eyes. I mean literally almost all things, even in language that is alien to me, I will try to read it (Haha (laugh) or Huhu (cry)?). Whether i understand it or not will be a second matter.

Blame it on the active facebook users who keep on sharing so many interesting topics, new info, hot news, gossips and scandals.. or blame it on my own fingers which seems so itchy to scroll up and down my phone screen. Perhaps, we can put the blame on that high speed broadband thingy that gives me access to many things and enable me to view movie clips without the lagging, buffer time.

Please do not blame me for being silent all these while, i have been busy readings. Not until my other half asked me when would i start writing back perhaps on journal of our children's development so that one day they may refer to my writings here about them, or my non-stop babbling about this issue and that matter.. Not to mention on that many times i loudly vowed my intention to write , write, write and record things that happen in my daily life.. Thus serving the purpose of this blog's creation awhile ago.

Since the engine has been kept cold for quite a while, believe me it takes a while to warm up. I will have to ensure to stick up that mental note on my brain - Write, as 'Like' in facebook is not a post. Share, not to pleased but for exchange of knowledge. Enthusiasm. not to die cold as the journey is still long... InshaAllah.

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