Thursday, January 31, 2008

Multiplier Effect

In the concept of economy, a multiplier effect is usually refers to the concept of spending a one-ringgit (or dolar or pound etc) will leads to value of hundreds of ringgit (i forget the formula, maybe 1/m, where m= percentage of required reserved in bank).

For example:
Assume that everybody will save 20% of what they received., ceteris paribus (dush! i havent use this term for such a long time - referring to assuming no other things change; double assuming in economics:p)

if you were given RM10; you will keep RM2, and spend RM8. The next person received RM8, will keep RM1.60 and spend RM6.40; Next person received Rm6.40 will keep RM1.28 and spend RM5.12 , and the list goes on..

Taking the list above as an example, in the case of having RM10 will leads to RM8+RM6.40+RM5.12 = RM19.52 +++ (as the list goes on) transactions and RM2 + 1.60 + RM1.28 = RM4.88 ++++ (as the list goes on) ... total up these 2 actually the value of RM10 has become RM24.40 by the 3rd person..

Following this concept, that RM10 can goes up to RM50 in value (RM10/20% = RM50).

Have you understood about this concept now?
Let see what is the definition of this term in economy words:

Multiplier effect is the expansion of a country's money supply that results from banks being able to lend; with the weightage of the effect depends on the percentage of deposits that banks are required to hold as reserves.

The bad thing about this is, when there are too many money supplied in the market, the value of the money will drop, inflation will rise and people will have less buying power - leads to economy downturn.

What is the point here?

The same matter actually circulate in daily life and routine. This if i would be able to say is part of the nature itself...

The effects of doing one good thing will leads to doing many good things, so thus the effects of doing one bad thing will leads to other bad effects.

If i can give an example of a life scenario :

People A... If a teenager who is highly discipline, hardworking, behaving good and intelligent becomes an adult; meet another good partner and the couple is married, there will be probability for their children to be as good as them. Let say 3 out of 4 children inherit those excellent quality. (I left one for uncertainty, as we cannot divide person in %). In this scenario, from 2 good people we have 5 of them.

This is a wonderful story for most people. If we multiply their existences, we will add more good people of Group A.

Another example, for People B: a teenager who is 'naughty and adventerous' grown up, get married to another hip-hip-hooray spouse, this couple have 4 children of which 2 become as problematic as they were when they were young. Worst when the parents have not realize their mistakes, drag along the children mind/behaviour/perspective and spoilt them .. and at one time when the parents want to advice the children, they will reply back with "as if you were never did this when you were young", obviously the parents will shut their mouth up.

And here, we will expect more people from Group B exists through marriages/birth.

Considering the facts that as the negative elements can easily influence people who do not have good foundation, with percentage one out of 3 being easily influence, the people in group B will increase by taking out the people in group A. In the end, more people will be in group B...

Now when we look around we see cases and immoral behaviours once upon a time was rare things become common things nowaday, we know it is part of the multiplier effects of what happen in the past.

Way(s) to solve it?
In economy way of handling the situation of surplus money supply in the market is by increasing the interest rate (where lead people to buy less and save more), and increase the bank reserve rate (where more money will be kept instead of spend), until it is break even - the inflation become deflation, demand for money is parallel to supply.

How about to apply this in our society?
What do you think?

I'll let you know my opinion later...

Notes: all of this except on the matter of economic's theory is my personal opinion... please dont take it hard, but not too light.

P/S: Mudin, if you are reading this - i would like to let you know i cant read or give comment in your blog as the link will return as white page.

p/s 2: As, i am sorry baru baca blog As selepas sekian lama. Takziah untuk As dan keluarga. Moga rohnya dilimpahi rahmat Allah SWT, and may Allah give peace to your heart too.. AMiiin.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Root Cause

Last night i had a conversation with my housemate. It was (later) dragged to work matters, and i suddenly expressed to her that i am not feeling quite 'well' for the past few months; especially since i changed to new department.

I have to admit that my stress level kept mounting every day; to the facts that i made a number of mistakes in my job; and the customers have been waiting for my responses; and the non-stop work that keep on coming to my desk and my email but my inability to fully understand what is it all about or how to do it; and when i'm needed in the meeting with the customers and i totally felt lost while at most time will be saying this in my heart "what the h*ll these aliens are talking about"....

And then it happens... I started to miss my previous work; where i felt i am better on and well verse ....

i received these bouquet of flowers and a present on my last day at my
previous unit..

This is the risk of changing your expertise to a new different experience. I thought i wont last long, because the frustration and dissapoinment in myself is almost there.. Thank you, to my housemate that she told me to find the root cause of what happened. I then realized that i never had a proper training and info on my tasks, plus never i had a good understanding and picture of what i am doing. It became worst when i am so used to proper process and procedure, but it seems to did not exist here. Culture shock, i supposed.

But i am ok now, better off.

Just trying to relax myself, and forgive myself for not able to do things which is beyond my knowledge. (This suggestion really work on me, i got better sleep last night). Now i am working out for increasing my knowledge, and brush up the proper process to be enforced here, not to all but at least to what i am doing..

Thanks, everyone.. Those around me are very helpful ..
Thank you, Allah for make it easy for me when requesting for other's assistance.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ke Mana Menghilang..

Ke mana menghilang..?
ramai yang hairan saya kira, blog ini macam tak berminat nak update..
dan yg bertanya , eh terlalu sibuk kah? atau sudah hilang?

kalau kiranya tak salah untuk saya pula bertanya, ada yang rindukah?:P

Menulis, menaip, berkongsi idea (ide?) dan pengalaman saya kira adalah sesuatu yang mampu membuatkan otak dan minda saya bergerak lebih efektif. Sebab kehilangan, entahlah. Setiap sedikit faktor bila dimasukkan mungkin nampak macam tak relevan, tapi agak memberi impak kepada saya..

Satu, saya sedari saya kurang gemar dengan blog skin yg lepas. Lepas seminggu dua terasa kurang berminat terus menjenguk... Ya, ada yang bertanya kenapa blog saya semuanya warna2 suram dan gelap..tak berminat dengan warna2 terang dan ceria kah.. sukar nak menjawab.. mungkin saya sendiri yg agak misteri.. (misteri kah? hahaha) atau minda saya bergerak dengan lebih baik jikalau menggunakan warna2 yang 'tenang' (i am at most time a chaotic person..) cuma warna kali ini lebih natural.. harap2 lebih cerah, mungkin? Bagaimana, sukakah dengan wajah baru ini kawan2?

Dua, saya kira kalau dikatakan saya orang nomad.. mungkin saya setuju. Tahun 2007 tahun penghijrahan saya dari satu tempat ke tempat lain... Berpindah ke selatan hampir pertengahan tahun, kemudian masih ada banyak kerja di K.L... hanya selepas hampir 2 bulan baru saya dapat menyusun dgn kemas brg2 saya di pejabat baru.. hampir 3 bulan kemudian, saya dapat notis seminggu untuk berpindah semula ke K.L. agak tertekan juga saya kira dlm masa terdekat perlu mencari tempat tinggal juga pindah pejabat lagi.. alHamdulillah ada kawan yg sudi menumpangkan (i.e. sewakan bilik yang kosong di rumahnya). Cuma agak terasa hati bila emak menangis waktu hantarkan saya ke KL semula...

Tiga, kerana rasa bersalah, saya kerap pulang ke kampung setiap minggu terutama di bulan puasa. jadi semua kerja perlu disiapkan segera.. di bulan puasa, saya pula diterbangkan hampir seminggu ke Kuching untuk audit unit di sana.

Empat, selepas raya.. saya berpindah unit. Bulan November mula rasmi di tempat baru.. Mencari pengalaman baru, kiranya sudah cukup tempoh saya di tempat itu. Rindu juga, sesekali terasa ingin mengajar semula.. Tambahan bila kita sudah cukup mahir dengan kerja itu.. Dan tempat baru terasa sangat mencabar, kerana seolah2 saya baru bekerja semula. It is like 90% different from my previous task. So i have to learn everything especially it involves some technical matters. Juga, bermula November saya berpindah ke rumah lain.. Seharusnya tinggal bersama adik, tetapi atas sebab2 yang tak dapat dielakkan akhirnya saya tinggal bersama rakan2 lama (sudah hampir 10 tahun rupanya kami berkenalan...).

Lima, saya kira cukuplah empat cerita pendek ini dahulu.. kiranya menghilang lagi, saya kira itu adalah semangat dan 'penyakit' baru yang dihadapai sekarang..penyakit malas. sedang berusaha membuang kemalasan dalam diri.. doa2kan.. :)