Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shinies Diaper

Seperti dijanjikan, here is the shinies diaper..
Open for Pre-Order.. InshaAllah will be here by early/middle of Feb depending on if i can enough people..

You may visit here to find more: :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Things

[1] New Layout
I thought of doing some changes here... As the layout is for me already outdated.. :D should changed the theme from an empty chair with calm background to something new.. as my life has changed now. but of course i cant put a chaotic theme as it is not only makes me more chaotic, but mess other people's eyes too... So let's pray i will be able to complete the changes soon. Oh yes, your name will be included in the list soon. I do not have enough time to complete the transfer last time. :)

[2] Cloth Diaper
It came to my mind one day that i'll spend an amount of money to buy diapers and throw it to polute our lands. I always asked myself if there is any way for me to reduce the contribution on amount of rubbish throw daily by people. I was so touched by one of the posting on environment by a friend of mine, As. So i thought of finding alternative way to diapering my future little one when i came accross cloth diaper.

I guess so many of us are already used to cloth diaper.. Yerp, it is so much cheaper now on diapering as we use Disposable Diapers only for the babysitter or when Humaira stays with her grandmothers. We noticed that whenever we continuously using Disposable Diapers on our daughter for like one-two weeks, she develops nappy rashes. It seems controllable when we only use the DD at day time (working days) and CD at nights.

Right now i have few brands of cloth diapers, all are one size CD.. Coolababy, Kasihku Sayangku, GFH, Shinies and BUMS Genius.. with a total of 12. Here is my review:

1. Coolababy - If compare with the normal/traditional lampin, of course this is way better as it absorbs the liquid and make my child's dry. Only then, as my daugther is quite a heavy wetter, with one insert can only last for less than 2 hours. So i have to use two inserts which at least lasted for 3-4 hours, give me some times to take a rest in between. I also happens to face leakages once in a while. Rate: 3/5

2. GfH - OK la.. the material seems to be a bit better than coolababy.. Material used seems almost the same, but the colour is more pastel. This is a velcro type. So i don't take much time to zip and zap my girl. Still, i am using double inserts. Rate: 3.5/5

3. Shinies - This is a different design where it uses zip instead of button to adjust the size.
The material used is different from Coolababy, as the inner and outer feel smoother and 'gebu' (apa ayat ni dlm BI??). The sewing is neat. I personally likes the material as it seems comfortable. It seems shorter but if you pull it along, it will have the same length as BUM Genius. The reason is because they sew the side nicely which prevented the leakages. I use only one insert which lasted for about 3-4 hours. There was one time that i was too tired and forget to change my daughter's CD. Only woke up in the morning (like after 7-8 hours) and found out that she was dry with no leakage. Surprising (and happy of course not to wash the entire bed items.. hehe). Rate: 4.5/5

4. Kasihku Sayangku is a bit pricy. The outer is thicker than coolababy and GfH. The design is almost similar to BUM Genius only that the insert is a different. Performance wise is not bad and i am using only one insert. Rate 4.5/5

5. BUM Genius - of course by its name it is quite pricy. We were lucky as my husband's friend thought of doing cloth diapering but unfortunately the idea was not well accepted by his wife. He was selling a new set at a very attractive price, which is a bit higher only from Kasihku Sayangku. So, my husband bought it as a present to his little princess. Performance wise is great, with pastel colours, wide width and 1 insert is good enough for my baby. But do not think so lucky to have the chance to buy a new one at the price anymore.. Rate: 5/5

I thought of having some additional Shinies but looking at the price RM38 each without postage.. Hmm i am calculating my budget.

But if you would like to try one too, we can get it in bundles at a price of RM33 each.. So let's see anyone is interested to try??
Do let me know! :)

p/s: I'll share more about it , the picture and colour availables soon..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kes Hilang Lagi

Ya Allah.. ada lagi ke kes macam ni? Daripada sibuk gi membaca dan mencari pesalah di facebook, mungkin mereka2 ni patut juga berusaha sungguh2 selesaikan kes2 kanak2 hilang..

Terima emel di'forward'kan pagi ni..

May be you can help. God Bless U.

Dear All,

At 2pm of 7 Jan 2010 , my colleague received a phonecall from her
nursery that they have lost her daughter, aged 8, Malay at Sri Damansara area. Her name is Nurul Lyana. Nurul was out to buy ice-cream together with another little girl at around 12pm , but didn't go back to her nursery after that.

As told by the other girl, an unknown makcik brought Nurul to see puppy cat.

Please forward this to as many as you could, we need to save her!!!
Please help. If you have any information, please call me at 012-3877510 or Esther at 012-660 6052.

Huang Lee Meng
Gadang Holdings Bhd

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

End of Journey?

Humaira is 4 months and 12 days old today.
So far she has been exclusively breastfeeding. I am not sure until when I will be able to hold her from formula milk. I am struggling to pump milk for her, besides my struggle to handle her active character. In the end, we bought a small tin of FM just to have some peace at mind worrying that I can’t pump enough milk for her and she will be hungry. So far, the small tin that cost us almost RM30 is still there for about a week.. Not intact, not open yet, but has been eyeing by Nenek Humaira who happened to visit us here, and did not went back to my hometown until end of the week with us.. Feeling some sadness thinking that i have to mix her meal with my milk and formula milk, but i have no option for that.

It never came across my mind before that I will be facing challenges in wanting to exclusively breastfeed my child, internally and externally. One day I knew I was pregnant, and when I felt like I was quite stabile from the morning sickness I surfed the net to find info on how to handle life after delivering the baby. Overwhelmed with too much info that I never knew before, I was almost having panicked attack when realizing I have 5 months to understand, absorb and apply all that. That is when I understand what it means by susu ibu. OK, u may laugh at me for did not understand its meaning in the first place (before I was married and in my early pregnancy) because I thought that susu ibu means susu yg ibu2 minum (blank.. how did I get the idea?) Perhaps because I am used to the term ‘susu badan’ (or in my husband’s hometown is referred to ‘susu dada’) .

Things were moving very fast for me, from getting to know my husband, meeting both parents, merisik, preparing for the wedding, getting married and pregnant which occured in less than a year. Time was fully utilized in my case. On handling the milk for the baby already made me dizzy.. the bottles need to be strealized, the milk, expressed milk, techniques for breastfeed..bla bla bla.. then here comes with cloth diaper, baby rash, items for baby, clothing, hospital, doctors....and on and on... i never really pay much attention to any post on these things previously wrote by my friends as i thought i'll learn it later or perhaps not within a short period of time.. God knows better.

Now i understand the needs for a support group for breastfeeding mothers.
I am lucky that my husband stands next to me and support me well so far.
But now i am wondering..if the journey is going to end soon?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


My dear daughter turned 4 months old yesterday.
I still have some (or is it often) tough time yet with her.
I thought that when she grows up, it will be much easier to handle her. Now that we realize that she is so demanding too.. Is that normal for a 4 months old baby to 'instruct' us to follow her wants and cries out loud if we do not fulfill the request? These few days it seem that she needs to cry every time before she can goes sleep.. Few hours before, she requested me to hold her up and walked around the house. She will cry out loud if i put her down, or i sit down holding her. After few hours doing it, i'm really tired and cant hold her weight anymore.. Oh gosh.. and then she started to sing her song along with the anugerah juara lagu show on the TV. he he suddenly i felt funny, laughed a little and smile a lot while watching her cry. Am i 'not centered' @ crazy for being like that?

Here is her picture tonight after all the cries..
She has been sleeping for more than 2 hours and a half now.. with a minimal movement. amazingly. hehe i told my friend, there is only one reason that we can stand all the tantrums all this while.. only one out of 99 'pusing kepala' things that being part and parcel with our lives.. that make us cant wait to see her again after a long working day despite of expected terrible events that awaited us.. That is because of this:

Her smiles!! So cute, isnt it.. :)
so, this is how it feels being a parent? hehe