Tuesday, March 27, 2007


One of the places that most of my friends and I want to visit. Reason? Takde reason lain kecuali sbb byk sgt tgk cerita korea. hohohohoho

My flight schedule was brought forward from 1.00 am on 8-3-07 to 12.30am on 7-3-07. Since i only took leave on 7-3-07 for preparation, and only knew about the changes quite last minutes i was rushing to prepare everything only to know that the weather was still cold at that time. It was supposed to be aroung 3Celcius - 12Celcius; but turned out to be -10Celcius. So i have to request my father's assistance in bought me few extra & special clothing. Total cost of clothing to go there already make me blinking my eyes so many times infront of the cashier. tapi sbb nak pergi juga kann... oklah (with the hope to go to some winter places in the future:P). BTW i spent more than RM600 for the clothing itself.

Arrived there in the morning of 7-3-07, watched the beautiful scenary of sunshines from above the sky. Tak tahu nak describe macam mana, tapi bila berada di atas langit tu nampak cahaya warna jingga satu lapisan, kemudian warna putih satu lapisan dan atas sekali macam warna keunguan sebelum jadi betul2 cerah. Unfortunately tak boleh ambil gambar dalam flight sebab masa tu airplane dah nak mendarat.

Sampai2 kat airport, dah tgk beberapa male tourist guides (TG) korea yg wajahnya not bad la.. pandai marketing diorang ni. sbbnya the main TGs were actually elders people. These young guys (BTW, diorang panggil i Nu-na* :P) were photographers that accompanied us for the visits.

From the airport we went straight to the MBC Studio, to visit Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in The Palace) shooting location. It was so cold, i don't wore enough cloth, plus my camera was suddenly out of battery. My handphone camera suddenly seems like not OK anymore (i thought it was because the phone was aging since the colour of the picture was blur). So terrible coz i saw Kang Ji-Hwan picture but unable to snap with 'him' (:P); I tasted Dragon Beard - according to the TG it is a snack for the emperor made from flour, sugar, peanuts, honey etc. It priced 8,000 won for 1box/12 pieces (10K won = RM38. Convert la sendiri ok). One piece tu sekali ngap je. Sedaplah juga.

To be continued....

p/s: Hari ini ada orang belanja saya makan. Meraikan perpindahan kata mereka. (huuhuh mcm nak suh cepat gi je..ahah:P) tapi best juga sbb dapat hadiah - salah satu buku yg ada dlm checklist utk dibeli. lama dah tak dpt hadiah, terima kasih yer kawan2. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Year end tour..anyone?

Sorry friends.
Unable to update much, share the experiences and photos taken.
So many things happen while i was away. About one week away, and it seems like so many things have changed. Now i guess i understand why some people said it is much different when come back to the country after being so long overseas.

here some of the news:

my transfer letter on 16th March was pull back. It was postponed to 1st April; still waiting for the new letter.

so another person is quietly being transferred as well to a new place. Hope you will be happy there, abg faizal.

my primary school friend, Mizie is now a Dad. wahahhahahha tak sangkanya... lama dah daku kenal dikau yaaa pakcik. Congratulations.

another friend who was like attached to nobody before i went to seoul, announced her wedding when i came back (yes, i was shocked and thought actually it was a dream only..since i was still not well - maybe i was having hallucination. but then i've confirmed it several few times within several few days so it is confirmed.). Happy for them to get married. Even thou unexpectedly.

i am going to change the reporting boss. so to be, she's one of my good friend/colleague here. hoohoh no harm feeling, it is rezeki masing2. but i told her, i wont call her by status but her usuall name only (she said it is ok); and.. do not bully me, don't give too much work and pls approve my year-end-long-leave. hehhe because if she has the intention to not approve my year-end-leave; i am going to pull back from our trip group. :))

i'm saving my money now (of course since i am already broke from travel abroad).
and on top of that, my group and i are planning to have Oriental Tour on 20/12/07 till 3/1/08. Places of interest, the itenerary will estimated to be like this:
1. From KL to Macau (by Air Asia)
2. to Hong Kong (by Ferry) - stay a nite there
3. to Beijing (by train.. 25hrs journey..which add new experience to most of us)
- In beijing, travel there with tourist guide for a week.
4. to Seoul (to be determined later...whether by tourist guide or ourselves since i went there already and has all the maps for the city and subways ) for 2-3 days
5. to KL (of course by airplane).

so.. we are going to sit down tonight to further discuss, calculate ABC costing and come out with a good plan. insha-ALlah. OK. now we have about 6-7 members joining in. Anyone more interested? Pls let me know soon. Give me a call, since we are going to survey and if it is agreed to book some places on the Sunday during the matta fair now in PWTC.

Ok till then..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

in seoul..

i am really here right now.
it is so cold. and it is still snowing when it is supposed to not snowing,
because of the extra ordinary weather, we add one more to the itenerary..it is Skiing (am i typed it correctly?) . do not ask me to bring back anything, i can't. it is quite expensive here. but the fashion here is wow.. baju yg labuh bawah paras punggung banyak je sini.. tak cukup duit je nak borong, plus i am not so good in buying apparels...ahhahah .

ok. need to recharge my energy.
wish me luck here, esp. for tommorrow's ski activity.. ;)
(in case u have different thoughts in mind, i mean wish me luck not to become one of the giant snowball.)

till then.. ;)