Thursday, July 27, 2006

out of office

was not in the office for handling training non-stop for 4 weeks and 3 days..
and today is the cut-over for the new system implementation, will be held this morning at 10.00 am..

and then, i will continue with another 4 weeks-non-stop-training which means i will be out of the office again..

unfortunately i lost my words to update things on blog now..
but i believe so many bloggers for which u can get so much info..
insha-Allah to see me in the future..
meanwhile, peace upon all of you.

Monday, July 03, 2006

which jersey?

last friday
after few hours looking for a jersey on the prev day
i choose Argentina's jersey at last...

so many people were smiling when they saw me wearing the jersey
and those wore germany's jerseys were having this kind of look to me, 'whoah, see you tonite'-look.

my brothers were asking me a lot of questions on football
'cuba ckp, siapa pemain argentina?' he asked
'Van Nistelrooy' i answered
So there my brother ketawa tak henti2...

yup, i am not choosing the jersey because i knew the team..
But it was because the jersey's color is nice.. ehhehe
and the name just appeared because i think i step so many times in the office lift with his picture inside.
sorry laa.. maybe i need to learn more for the next year.. or actually is it the next 4 years?:p

btw, my transfer matter.. it is still hanging.
nobody is calling me yet to clarify on the planning. :)