Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seoul 2

One of the billboard there..
Not sure what was written.:P

But i guess it sounds like Nong Soo San Hom Syo Bing. :D (hopefully it was correctly spelt)

Much awaited posting..
My journey in Seoul continues here…

Did I mentioned that on the departure day I was rushing with a training; a bad headache; and not-so-well stomach that made me vomited twice on my way to the airport? I thought I won’t be able to make it to Seoul. I can’t eat anything because everything will comes out. But alHamdulillah, after Isya’ pray at the airport and (yes, solat hajat and lots of Doa for me to be able to go to Korea without much problem) I gained back my health. Only then I felt hungry; bought a sandwich; but only managed to eat half of it since (1) just vomited twice, so cant eat much (2) it was night, felt so sleepy- prefer sleep to eat (3) there was food provided inside the plane – Korean Air.

And yes the stewardesses are all beautiful. But not all of them are Koreans; some even from Malaysia and India. They have this collaboration between airplanes service providers.

Next.. you may view it through my previous posting here

And continue the reading here..
(Remember than my camera was out of battery, so some of the pictures here were taken from the net)

It was freezing cold. I can’t enjoy the scenes and places there much since were always looking for heater. But the buildings inside the studio were nice. They even displayed part of the movies scene (of course with replicas people and items); and the type of foods prepared for the king and royalties. Memang banyakkknyaa!! So many varieties of foods for the King! I don’t remember all but a set of meal for the king must have like a cold dish, hot dish, soup dish, combination dishes etc. etc. about 12 kinds of dishes.

Surasang: Royal Dishes and Table Arrangements

Click to view bigger size.

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Courtesy from: Tour2Korea (

Also, at one corner of the kitchen area there were big pots (in Malays we called them tempayan) arranged and stored. These pots are called ‘hangari’, used to store sauces like soy sauces.

Courtesy of My Korean Kitchen (

There were stalls selling foods along the road to the studio. Since our delegation consists of about 120 people with families, there were also teenagers in our group. (I consider those with school uniforms as teenagers; and those not have to wearing it anymore are adults:D). One of this boy was asking to the seller what kind of food they are selling. One of them said; this is chicken, and this is vegetarian food. This boy’s father was asking what is next to that vegetarian cake/kuih (cooked on a different pan), and the cook answered that was pork. So they refused to buy (besides that ‘ayam katok’ – the name given by the families ). The seller persuaded again that the food is vegetarian. Guess what the answer of that boy’s father? ‘Yes I know, but they (are) seated near, so they are friends.. Cannot cannot.. friends already..” while showed his left and right index fingers together. It was funny, isn’t it! I bet the lady didn’t understand the correlation.

During that visit, it was strawberries time. Every where they were selling big strawberries. If you go to big supermarket like JayaJusco in MidValley you may found this strawberries from Australia with big size, and reddish colour. The strawberries there were like that. And it tasted sooo good, so sweet. I felt like eating strawberries ice-cream.

Everyone was talking about why they cannot received their roaming (phone) there. The reason was because the advancement of telecommunication technology there. So if you roaming your phone and go to Korea, please use 3G phone or else you won’t be able to use it there. Only 3G phones (or higher) are acceptable there. Lower than that, sorry to say. Some of them rented the phone there (at the airport). I don’t roaming, but my father’s friend borrowed my 3G phone. Which later I figured out actually I did some adjustment on my phone’s camera settings and forget to change it back.

I have forgotten where we went after that. Oh yes, so it was almost lunch time. We had mushrooms for our lunch. A big round pot with a lot of mushrooms and varieties of it was put on fire (how do I describe this.. suddenly out of idea). Served with a bowl of rice (Korean rice – a little bit sticky, but delicious) and side dishes consists of Kimchi (spicy fermented cabbages - jeruk kubis cina), fried big bean sprouts (taughe kasar goreng), dark green seaweed (not sure whether it is cooked/boiled or raw) and crunchy seaweeds mix with mayonnaise.

We were seated 4 in a group, to each pot. And using Korean dining utensils of 2 long chopsticks made from metal was quite hard. I meant it. The chopsticks are in the shape of rectangle, so you have the tendency to drop your meals if not careful enough.

No wonder they seems to be so behave and polite during the meals as the utensils used really thought you to be one.

I guess that’s all for now since my lunch time already come to the end.
More to come…

Friday, April 20, 2007

Here i come

It has been officially 3 days in the new office.
Yup, 3 days. Since Malacca was on public holiday on Monday; and i went to KL for a meeting/briefing.

So far so good. Still try to adapt to the environment here.
Have been moved around fast when i was in KL, so i guess (and i hope) my staff won't feel suprise with my pace. he he he.. have told them that i used to be fast (speedy?) when i was in KL, and if i am going too fast please stop me and slow me down.

a lot to do. a lot of time also. meaning i may not have to rush.
unfortunately, the KL people doesn't want me to loose my pace so they already assigned few assignments to be submitted soon. on top of that, the people in my big team also have their own assignments and assigned me to be part of their group members. Do not know whether i can perform best or just good enough. Pray the best for me. Hope it will be the best for you too.

people keep on asking when can i update my trip to seoul. i'll try. soon. insha-Allah. for the time being, i still cleaning and arranging my items and my things from KL. Tomorrow will have the big operation to re-arrange things inside my parents' house to fit in my things. Also operation on finding losing boxes (there are so many boxes, i cant identify which located what .. since i need few documents badly, by-hook-or-by-crook have to start the BIG Operation tomorrow).

lastly, but not least.. congratulations to all the parents with new born babies - zeireal & wife; kak suhazlin & husband; mizie & ida; aida & husband.. my friends; sorry for unable to respond to ur msg. anyway, i did congrates you all inside my heart (hope you can hear them:P).

till then...