Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hijrah 2007

It has been confirmed yesterday.
Yerp, i'm leaving for good.

Actually, i do not want to tell people until that very last minute. But someone has steal the limelight by annouced it for me, so i am writting this to confirm on her posting. :P Thank you for your thoughts my friends, you are welcome to visit me there. and i hope i will be welcomed here too.

Mungkin itu maksudnya. Although my family is currently in Malacca, but i never stayed long enough there. We moved to Malacca when i was in the end trimester of my 1st degree year. i will say it is a real Hijrah from the familiar place and faces in Kuala Lumpur to a place we occasionally went and so many unfamiliar faces, to find a better place for living. AlHamdulillah, i think maybe our rezeki is really there.

Before the 'incident' that lead to this tranfer, i had a dream.

I dreamt that i moved to the office at a new higher building level.
There, i tried to look for praying room as i was already late to perfom my solat. I asked the senior executive there, she brought me to one of a small room. I said i would like to know if there is other available place, as i do not feel comfortable to pray there. She said Ok, informed me that the mosque is available but a little bit far. I said OK too.

So we walked together to the mosque. I bypass one mosque, made from concrete/modern look with open space. She said if i want to perform my prayer here also, is OK. I said it is quite open and difficult for me to take wudhu. Asked her if there is any other place, and she said in front of us will be one old mosque. I saw this mosque, the wudhu area was like outside the mosque and you have to climb stairs to go to the praying hall. The mosque was made from 85% wood, 15% stone/concrete. I said i would prefer to pray here. I also exclaimed that i felt like been here before; that the mosque looks exactly like the one in Malacca; that i felt like being in Malacca; and questioned her whether actually we are already in Malacca. (ok. no such mosque in Malacca. only in my dream i said that).

At that point of time, in real life we were instructed to move from Floor 4th to Floor 15th as the renovation took place. But the talk about the transfer was never in.
And it seems to be so fast. Few days after the dream, i was chit chat with colleagues and boss when suddenly the subject matter was raised up. I thought it was just a chit-chat; but day after day it became seriously and hugely discussed. The rest is a history.

I confirmed about this yesterday. and yes still waiting for the letter. :P

So, to all my dear friends. It is not that i am not going to be here anymore.
Not that we will be hard to contact each other. Not that i will be there forever. When talking about distance, it may sometimes suprise us. Only if we measure it by numbers.

I apologize for my bad behaviours, bad mouth, bad words. I apologize for things that i promised to do but never did it. InshaAllah if you remind me about that, i will try to fulfill them when i am able to do it. I hope we will see each other in the future; not that in longg term time but shortly.

I wont say good bye yet. As i will still come here when i am in need to conduct the training here. so please welcome me here when i am around ok:P

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Working Days' Stories

It was yesterday. Maybe to most it is just the same Wednesday.
For me, it is not the same Wednesday.

Still early of the day. In the morning. But i felt so worn out.
Maybe because i played badminton (was seriously playing it) on Monday
and went to visit a new born baby on Tuesday
My body felt a little pain (due to long time haven't move the muscles a lot)

And it was only Wednesday.
I cannot imagine, little did i know how to survive until Friday evening.

God knows better.
I replaced someone to a workshop.
OK. At least that is something.

There was a test. On how observant you are.
I, the youngest one in the team managed to pass the test.

Someone asked me: "What year you were born?"
I said: Year XY
She informed the person next to her; "She born in year XY. Memang muda pun"
The person expression was like "Oo"

I said: Why? Do i look older?
She said: No, i thought you were younger.

Well well well..
That is something in the end to make my day.
Now another 2 days to go shouldn''t be a big problem anymore. :P

Monday, February 12, 2007

Is it confirmed?

Since the past 1 year-and-a-half, I have been told several times about my transfer to other location(s) to support the unit there.

First i was told that i might be transferred to Malacca (South Area). It was cancelled because at that point of time, nobody to take care on my duty.

Then, i was told to go to Taiping to support the operation on one big project there. There were several discussions (without me) that they were also considering to have me in Penang (North Area). It was then cancelled since at that point of time we do not have enough expertise on new system in KL to support the needs; plus minor reason of my insufficient experience on handling operation center.

Later, there were several attempts from other units (in the same division) to have me in HQ. It was turned down due to the same above reason .

Heard that Kuching has vacant post for me, whispered to the unit head there if she wants me. She said she would like to and has no problem, but the possibility is almost zero - for the same above reason. It is OK actually as i was not serious about it.

Now , there is proposal to setup another center in the South specifically in Malacca. As there is no SME (subject matter expert) in Malacca for the time being, if everything's else being approved i may be going there as well (for how many times about me being transferred i have lost count already).

As for the time being, all i need to do is to wait if there is any official letter going to fly down on my desk sooner or later. I can't (and not supposed to move) until i have the black & white letter about the transfer.

Still waiting.
Will wait.

I will update the decision.

p/s: Jawab prev entry comment dlm ni la yer.
1. As, kalau kena pindah saya masih lagi dalam Malaysia. Memang di tanahair lagi. Masih boleh dihubungi dengan no. talian dalam malaysia tanpa perlu caj tambahan. :P
2. hany, kalau rindu cepat2 jumpa saya. Tempat kerja saya ni (organisasi hany juga kan:P) suka bagi last minute notice. ihihih

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pindah lagi..

hari ini pindah lagi.
Sejak setahun yang lalu memegang jawatan baru..
ini kali ke-4 saya berpindah..
kali ini lebih tinggi. di tingkat 15.

agaknya kali ke-5 pindah ke mana lagi?

kali ini tidak bergambar, sebab saya masih sibuk mengemas.. :P